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Hello Pilots,

I know that there is a great deal of uncertainty for some of you as to the future of the IL-2 franchise. I will try to help ease some of that anxiety.

First and foremost, as he mentioned in his video, Jason actually left 1CGS back in late summer. BON was released on time and all the Collector Planes, Vehicles and modules with preorders started will be completed and released.

1CGS is still producing hardcore flight sims and Jason's departure doesn't affect the development schedule in any way.

Moreover, the development of the next project has already started as it was stated several times in Russian and English interview and podcast.

More info on the next development cycle will be shared in our Dev Blogs, streams etc.

And for those concerned about current events affecting anything, it does not. 1CGS is not affected by any sanctions.

And there will be a stream event next week with the development team that should provide much more detail on the path forward. The exact date is still TBD based on production completion.

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More news

Since this has already been posted on the RU side, I will leave this here. I had planned to wait until all the details were fleshed out to make a more informative post, but that ship has sailed. 

As of now, there is a stream planned for Nov 9th with Albert Zhiltsov and Daniil Tuseev. The tentative time for the ENG stream is 10-11AM US CST. The exact times will be  confirmed and re-posted as soon as we lock them down. But we are planning two, back-to-back streams. One for the English speaking community and another for the Russian speaking community.  

There will be no RU questions in the ENG stream and no ENG questions in the RU stream.

I'm sure everyone is anxious for more detail, but you have everything I have at this point. There is still some set-up work to be done, and if anything changes, I will post it ASAP.


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