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After Arras - North Africa

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Hello Guys,

I have been working on the North Africa Campaign and would like to present my scenario to see what you think of it as a working idea.

Picture 1  - This shows the overall map and probable starting positions. Pictures 2 and 3 give a bit more detail.

My idea for the Campaign is that Allied forces must reach the port town of Gabes, located on the South coast. The axis forces must stop this advance and push the Allies back over the sea.

I have two ideas on how to start the campaign.

1. The Allies have landed at either the north or the south landing point (if this scenario was to be used I am favoring the South landing site as it should provide contact / engagement quicker.)

2. The Allies have the option of staging a landing raid at either the north or the south (the location would be unknown to the Axis forces, although I would produce an "Alarm - enemy sited..." message). The landing spawn will only get enabled if a percentage of the landing craft arrive at the coast, lets say 50% for now. The landing craft would start out from the target approximately the same amount of time as it will take the Axis aircraft to reach the area once notified.

All towns once captured will trigger a supply convoy.

Airfields on the main land can be captured by enemy ground units. I have not worked on aircraft attacking and disabling yet. I have also not added the bridges yet. 

What do you think of the scenario(s)?

NorthAfrica Scenario-pic1.JPG

NorthAfrica Scenario-pic2.JPG

NorthAfrica Scenario-pic3.JPG

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Not just yet. I am going to add some bits to it, like skins. That way we can be sure we are all using the same version.

I am going to set a dropbox account and upload it when I am ready.

I will be putting up the un modded map soon for people to test. It will look like normal Kuban but the missions will still be the same.

If you want to have a read up on it this is the mod I will be using


I have removed the trees option.

Which is why I want to make a file available so that I know what people are downloading and enabling.




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