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Battle For Arras Campaign - Next Event Date

Next Event Date Sunday 31st July  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Are You Available

    • YES - I can make that date - count me in
    • MAYBE - I will have to check and can not commit just yet
    • NO - I already have something planned for then

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That'd be 22:00 Spain time me thinks. Same time as over here.

And that's mission start, it would be very good to join like half an hour early, for checks, preparation and overall good pre-mission tactics and general banter. (Disclaimer: I do not really know whether General George G. Banter will join TS)


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  • 1. DDz Quorum

If you are thinking of taking part you will need to download some skins as well.

The event will last 2 hours and is a dogfight map.

You must be on TeamSpeak by 20:30 

Please also make sure you have understood how the map works by reading the brief here...

Small edit we have done away with the re-fuel for tanks but you MUST set the fuel when selecting the tank or plane

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  • 1. DDz Quorum

The date for the next round has been suggested by 352nd for 21st August.

This should be a P38 date, would @DD_Fenrir mind postponing / brining forward a week to make this date available?

Is this date suitable for you guys?

Please post below to indicate if you are available please. If I get enough positive responses I will go back to Deacon and say we are on for that date.


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