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Our GBS Server: Two Missions/Maps running 24/7

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As of last weekend, our GBS Server is running two different 'missions' 24/7.

One rotating the set of 4 DF a/c oriented missions (90min rotation), the other running the 'Tankcrew Summer' mission, created/tuned by dd_Friar, with options to battle in open field and in towns, or to practice at a gun range. It will restart itself after 3 hours of running. Yeah, bad luck if/when you kill all possible targets on the map in the first half hour - you better go fly for two and a half hours. Note: Some targets will quickly  re-spawn after being killed - you cannot run out now!

Note: The TankCrew mission will not be running whilst we are doing the regular Sunday/Tuesday Coops, the PWCG campaign, and  any other special/custom stuff being created and hosted in between - like on a Saturtankday ... well, no problem, you won't miss that Tankcrew mission, as you are joining the event, for sure!

Have Fun!

Edit by Friar - The first couple of rows of targets now re-spawn so you will not be able to kill EVERYTHING!



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1 hour ago, Spinnetti said:

Hi, newbie.. Did a search, but don't see password to join your online server?



Hi Spinnetti,

The password to join our server is kinda secret you know... otherwise, why put a password on it at all! 

Our server is specifically for our group. 

If you want to join us, no worries ... just introduce yourself, tell us some things about you ... 



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36 minutes ago, Icer said:

But that looks like a channel on the Wing Walkers Server, no? 

Looks like it, but I bet it's just a link, a shortcut.

Double click on it, it should bring you to the TS server ... ?



Sorry - you are probably correct... ours is called DangerDogz Public Server

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