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  1. So I lived happily ever after on the minus side Yet Another P-38 written off
  2. I have booked for Saturday night only double room. We will see if anyone needs a bed.
  3. I was heavily damaged, lost parts of my aircraft and starboard engine on fire. I bailed out but dont know what happened after I left the mission. Am I dead?
  4. Are you sharing a room Chris?
  5. Crash

    Today I .....

    Today I........bought the Syria and Channel maps. Just for fun
  6. I might be interested in that Colin, how long would the session be?
  7. This only applies to the US. The Buttkicker is only available in one place in the UK and is very expensive for what it is and its limited supply there anyway. I imported the first version from the US for $45. By the time a voltage converted, import duty, VAT and "handling charges" it cost me at least $125 so I saved nothing as the UK price was about £130 I agree about how good SimShaker is with the Jetseat.
  8. As the drags are still on, I will be attending, arriving on Saturday PM. Will anyone be sharing? Colin?
  9. This will be taking place next Sunday
  10. To my great surprise, the controllers were recognised and unchanged when I moved the usbs around after my motherboard was installed into my new case. I would use your old hard drive as a location for downloads and plug it into your new set up.
  11. I think I have sorted my bouncy landings by means of full up nose trim. Seems to work fine
  12. Thank you young man The F-14 starts up and then taxies off the side of the carrier The F-18 launches and does the aerobatics but lands in the sea I think I need to adjust my settings as it was rather jerky but worth a go
  13. Due to the amount of data transferred to the headset, it is advised to use the cable. Some of the cheap cables dont give full performance There are several Quest 2 threads on here https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/community/virtual-reality.168/
  14. Not sure if we could make Monday and he goes back on Thursday. Thanks for the offers guys
  15. My son is visiting next week and I think that if I had a track of an F-14/F-18 doing launches and traps on the supercarrier it might keep him entertained for a bit. I take it that you can just play the track and not touch any controllers and it would give the full VR experience of doing it yourself. so if any of you gents could help me with donating a track (not the Syria map as I dont have that one) I would be grateful.
  16. Crash

    New Toy Mmm

    Ref the increased cost of graphics cards, an interesting chart in other news I am setting up the Reverb
  17. More stuff Hello Everyone! This week we are showing a Dev. Diary a little early because we have some vacation and Covid-related holiday time that interferes with our normal routine. So, before we take a little time off, here are some quick shots of the German Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 in the actual game engine. As you can see the textures are not anywhere near ready, but it is starting to become functional including some of the damage model and the gunsights. Once again, our partners at DigitalForms have done a terrific job on the model. In the images below you can see how a machine gun from a Soviet armored car shot up my engine and ended my mission. The sights on this German gun are quite different from the Soviet 72-K and maybe it’s a bit more user friendly? You’ll have to be the judge when you try it, but it sure is fun trying to knock down planes with either gun! Again, the textures are not done and this is just an early Beta example and we wanted to show you that progress is being made. The Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 will be ready for action later this summer. In WWII aircraft news – the P-51B/C is scheduled be the next aircraft released as we work on other things like the V-1 ‘Buzz Bomb’. The P-51B/C will be released late summer; the exact date is unknown at this point, but we’ll have updated pics for you just as soon as we can. In WWI aircraft news, Ugra Media is hard at work on several FC2 planes and the map, but the closest to release is the Pfalz D.XII. She will be ready for our next update. Recently, when I collected the USAAF squadron emblems for BON, created once again by our friend Isaac ‘Solidkreate’ Chavira, I was inspired to make another poster. This time for the P-47D-22 with all the USAAF Ninth Air Force squadrons that will be a part of the Battle of Normandy Career. There are quite a few that flew the Razorback during that period. ….. and finally, a shot that you have been waiting a long time to see. A Bf-109 with something new under slung its belly. Functional drop tanks are being worked on for several planes, but it will take time to retrofit the aircraft that need them. Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
  18. Crash

    New Toy Mmm

    The overpriced monster is now living in its new house. I will be watching lots of videos on setting up the G2. Hopefully it will be worth the vast expense.
  19. It lives It has got colour changing lights on it, its like a disco. Remember them? BB check your PMs
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