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North Africa - Testers Required Please (No Mod Install Necessary For This)

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I have this morning (Saturday) uploaded onto the server a test map for the up coming North Africa Campaign. I was hoping some of you guys would be able to help me test the map for design issues.

I have enabled ALL spawn points. There have been reports of floating vehicles so we need to spawn in at every location and check for a safe spawn in and that the parked convoy vehicles are not floating.

I also need confirmation that Allied planes can not take and single bomb of more than 500lb and that Axis planes can not take any single bomb of more than 250kg (multiple load-outs allowed for both sides)

I have left instructions about other features to test in the mission brief.

It would really help if anyone has some time today to take a look for me please?

Note: - The password is the usual dogfight / co-op one.



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I need to start gathering test results chaps;

I have a list of the spawn points below. Please update it to confirm if you have checked any of the locations. You can spawn in safe and that there are no floating vehicles. Please add "Spawn Ok / No Floaters"  for example. Thank you.

Jorf - checked

Al Ayati - checked

Ben Slama - checked

Boughrara - checked

Boughrara East - checked

Its A Khabab - checked

Dirka Dirka - checked

Gourine - checked

El Grean - checked

Bir Krenifis - checked

Bungalow - checked

Mtorrech - checked

El Amal - checked

Smar - checked

Gabes - checked

Bir El Hassei - checked

Sanini An Nahal - checked

Arram - checked

Arram West - checked

Sidi Makhlouf - checked

El Fedje - checked

Ejjfara - checked

Ejjfara East - checked

Tounine - checked

Lazaiza - checked

Mareth - checked

Kettana - checked


@26/10 - all checked - a few errors found which is great. many thanks to @Crash for his help.


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Morning Crash,

Ok I will put the server back up now (time now 09:03) so it is there for you.

Many thanks.


oops - just realised you have mission files. Do you want the server or will you do it on your machine?

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Test results

Jorfe OK

Al Ayati  Spawn close to road

Ben Slama Spawn close to road

Boughrara OK

Boughrara East  EXPLODES on first spawn  subsequent spawns  OK

Gourine spawn on road

El Grean spawn on road

Bir Krenifis OK

Smar OK

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