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Weapons group 3

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At last....found out what it does!!

For ages I didn't think it had a use but it does. So far I believe it's only on the Sopwith Dolphin.

Standard setup for the Dolphin is 2 x Vickers machine guns firing through the propeller. In it's list of modifications you can add 2 x Lewis guns on the lower wing and 2 x Lewis guns on the upper wing. These are mapped, in order, to Weapon group 1, 2 and 3. The upper wing guns are fixed angled upwards....allowing for less lead when aiming perhaps or maybe shooting bombers or Zeppelins from below? The lower wing guns can't be reloaded once the mags are empty.

There is speculation on the GBS forum that the use of Weapon group 3 will allow for the segregation of gun groups on aircraft that have a lot of gun combinations eg. Henschel 129 and the Me410....be good if it does. 

Weapons groups.jpg

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  • 1. DDz Quorum
10 minutes ago, Icer said:

Sheesh, can you set the wing guns to converge with the MG and cannons? What a plane shredder that would be!


I am thinking that the convergence setting sets them all at the same distance. Thing is though on the Dolphin the upper wing guns don't fire at the same place as the other guns so you wouldn't get all 6 firing at the same target. In game, firing 'All guns' together means that ammo is being wasted as the guns in Weapon groups 1 and 2 are aiming at a different aim point to those in Group 3....

However....a 410 would be a huge plane shredder if all aimed at the same spot....

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