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New P-38/Tiffie Campaign Debrief Thread

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It is with considerable regret that the 402nd reports the death of Lt Roger Over in combat earlier today. Badly damaged by an unseen attacker, the aircraft went in vertically without the unfortunate pilot being able to regain control or bail out. His next of kin have been notified by the War Office.

His replacement, 2nd Lt Hugh Jampton, has been notified of his new posting and should arrive at the front by Sunday.

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Walter Moore

Ground: A strand of 78.5 Yards of disturbed ground and molten snow 150 yards short of the runway of Strassfeld airfield.


(For the third time in a row failed to protect my leader. I am hopeless in cloud, can read the instruments fine, as in able to conclude 'this no good' just in time under control to not auger in ... lost an aileron in the process. Got shot up a bit, then a bit some more where it was not a good idea to try and land on wheels ... Oh well)

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Sam Fox claims

Me109 damaged

FW190 destroyed



We were bounced by 6 enemy fighters initially.

Thanks 402nd, it was 4 vs 1 for a wee while there until you guys rocked up in your silver stallions . 👍🏻

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