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DangerDogz Tank Crew Dog Fight Maps


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  • 1 month later...

Just updated the map with the AAA wagon and 5 circling Ju52's. They do not re-spawn when killed but working on it.

It is live on the server now as FT as done his magic again and updated the server.

For anyone with missions that you edit, you will have to use the tool to Re save all missions to update them.

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  • 1 month later...

Thought it was about time I updated the Dogfight map.

Changes in place from 17/6/2021

1. Moved the Tigers to new locations.

2. Increased the chance of a pair being spawned to 80%. The notifications now all display on the top line. Pair 1 in the top left if released, pair 2 in the middle and pair 3 on the right.

3. Made the first two rows of objects on the range re-spawn after 1 minute of being killed.

Any problems let me know.



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19 minutes ago, Friar said:

is that too short a time? I never actually tested it. I just put the logic in and uploaded it. Its what Microshaft does is it not?

It is! Both...

I dunno, I just think that re-spawn stuff isn't needed at all! There's so many targets in there. And should one find the range 'empty' one can return later (three ours re-start?) or go do town skirmish...


And yeah, one minute? Rinse repeat all over! :) 

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New Version Of Tank Map Released

18/07/2021 18:00 UK time

Spurned on by a wet dull Friday and no calls from my customers I decided to re-visit the Summer Dog fight map and can now announce some more changes.

1. The name has been changed to DangerDogz TankCrew Map

2. I have removed all of the icons, so even if you forget to load mods or the tank crew icon set, you will still not get any icons (no giving away where the Tigers are!)

3. On the subject of Tigers;

When they are spawned in, you will now receive a single message telling you the number of pairs that have been created, so even if you play the map a lot, you will now not know which pair(s) have been spawned in.

The trigger lorry will now re-spawn after 2 minutes so if you manage to kill all the tigers (yea, right) and want to go again, you can, or if you are a sucker for punishment and perhaps only get 1 pair, you can kill the truck and try again. When killing the truck all currently spawned Tigers are removed from the map to start afresh.

3. Town Skirmish

Another control point (flag) has been added.

They are indicated by a yellow circle around the point on the map if they are free, red for Allied or Blue for Axis. They will also have the Allied or German icon in the centre.

When the flags are captured you will now get a small squad made up of 1 or 2 AT guns plus some machine gunners to protect it. If you loose the flag your infantry will be captured (removed) and the enemy troops will take over.

4. Target Range

AAA targets. The height of the circling planes has been lowered so you should now have a better chance of hitting them with AAA truck.

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I am not sure if there is one "says it all" guide but the basic commands I think you need to map are;

Engine Start (same as key binding as plane controls), unlike planes you only have 1 engine to start/stop.

Engine throttle. (same as key binding as plane controls). If using a HOTAS. 50% is stop >50 is forward <50 is backwards.

Switch Position (same as key binding for plane controls). Default Left Ctrl+ C. Its like going from Pilot to rear gunner in a 110 for example. Tanks can have 2, 3 or 4 positions. T34 has Driver and Gunner/Commander. Sherman has Driver, Gunner, Commander, Radio man / bow machine gunner. Panzer 111 has 3, Driver, Gunner and Commander. Panzer 4 and 5 have 4 live the Sherman. There are key combo's available to jump direct to a position. For example to go from commander to driver without having to go via radio man.

Take Control of Position (Think its the same as planes, default "T")

Nestle to Gunsight. (same as key binding for plane controls). default Left Shift + T. It puts you looking in the gunsight giving cross hairs and where applicable (Panzer, T34), a range finder.

My Start Up process;

When you have selected a tank and game starts you will be in driver position. This is what I then do to make ready.

1. Start Engine

2. Move to Gunner Position

3. Take Control

4. Nestle to gunsight

5. Lower gun to horizontal position (if in Panzer 4). Others make sure you have control by moving left right a bit. Turrets WILL lock during play. Its a well documented pain the A**

6. Go to Commander position

7. Open hatch to stand up and look about ready to move off.

Turret rotate left, right, up, down. You can use your joystick for this if you have a twist grip. You have to enable joystick control in the game settings. I have twist enabled for left right movement and forwards and backwards for up down.

Weapon Fire. (same as planes) Primary weapon (Main Gun), Secondary (Co Ax Machine Gun). When in bow gunner it uses left mouse click as default,

Turning left and right. (Same as planes) I use rudder peddles. Push left to go left, push right to go right.

Open Hatch (Same as planes) open canopy.


Best thing is to arrange a session and we can talk you through the other bits, like adjusting range of gun sight in Panzer and T34

The DangerDogz Tank Crew Map is up 24/7. Hide the briefing, zoom in a bit and take the Target range icon. Once in drive into a tank position and blast away!

We can also multicrew which is a lot of fun (players take role of driver, gunner, commander etc in the same tank) getting blown up with friends is so much more fun... :)

If you want to have a watch whilst having a coffee try 


Look forward to seeing you on line soon.



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