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Ok Im in the market for a new flightstick, I was looking at the Thrustmaster T16000 Hotas but there appears to be precisely zero in stock anywhere in the universe.

whats everyones view on the Saitek X56?

What stick do you use for BOS? and why would you recommend? and I need recommendations for sticks that are currently available, I know a lot of you use sidewinders, but you just cant get them anymore.

Now bare in mind this is what I currently use, so its not going to be difficult to top...
its now a bit old and beat up, and has a twitchy rudder

I like twist handle yaw, rather than foot pedals, I have ants in my pants and cant keep my feet still when flying.

Budget im looking at about £220 max.

More importantly which sticks should I Avoid?


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Also, I am running low on USB ports, what would you recommend as a USB Bank/Hub to get? that wont lose power or fuck about mid flight?
A couple of the jacks on my PC are broken as the box is nearly 15 years old. so with my VR,  headset, joystick, keyboard etc.... I have very little room.

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do you have an recommends? as I have no idea what to buy, but that sort of thing is exactly what i need.
currently I have 3x USB 2.0 ports and 2x USB 3.0 working. but only one of them is on the front of my machine which is a bit annoying with wires etc.

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VKB Gladiator is supposed to be the best entry level stick these days. The x52 stick isn't the best but does have a throttle as well that can be used with a later stick purchase.


I used a x52 for a few years, now a CH stick(good and solid but low res sensors) and changing soon to a Winwing Super Libra

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Don't know anything about the X56 but an X52 is absolutely fine for what we do. 3 modes you can select 'on the fly' means you can triple the key bindings you have

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I have the X55 and it is good, the X56 is reportedly better quality, and has a thumb stick on the main stick too.
X55 did have cable issues, they can break after long usage (mine did) but I was able to take the throttle apart and rewire it.

Split throttle is useful too for multi engine, or chopper flying in DCS.

The software is pretty good, and easy to program for those that want more from their button presses too, especially with 3 modes.

For those that are adventurous I have a mod that can be 3D printed to mount the X55/6 stick on a MSFFB2 base too.

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yeah I liked the look of the split throttle on the X56 I have to say, but it did appear to have very few trigger buttons on the back of the head. for bombs/rockets etc... favouring hat switches instead.
mind you Im sure things like bombs can be mapped to the throttle device.

and yes that hat switch on the thumb looks quite nice too.

comparing the X52 and X56, the 56 has switches for modes rather than buttons, and may be easier to use witrh VR, not being able to see what you are doing...
unless you commit it to memory when you flip a mode.

I think either would prove a marked improvement to what i currently have.

For USB, I am looking at this one...


Mainly because I
use a drawing tablet and other divices for work, plus it would be cool to be able to charge my vape at my comp desk too. 7 ports is more than enough.

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