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Tank Range Finder

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Just uploaded a document to the vault. To use

How to use it?
Measure your targets size in the sim, using your tank's stadimeters, its

Start from the left, choose Front or Side, depending if the enemy is more facing you or is more sideways to you.

Then you move right to Size in Mil, and use the line most closely to the size of your target.

Then look for the column of your target tank and go down until it hits your targets Size in Mil.
Boom you got the range, set the gunfight and fire!




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Hello Friar!
Would it be possible to make a special map for target practicing and to get to know the gunsight? Using an exact zero-point, where you line up with your tank of choice, and then put up signs with different ranges, like 100m, 200m, up to 1000 meters. I don't know, of course, how to do the signs and so on. I have seen signs on the Quick mission map, but with arrows instead. Maybe use these?
On flat ground of course.

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I am trying to include a target range with exactly what you want, vehicles at set ranges 500m, 1000m, 1500m etc on the Tank Dogfight map but am having trouble finding flat ground on the Prohorovka map.

The practice mission Crash has given you does work a treat. Just do not move your tank out of the revetment, if you do the targets start firing back!

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Yes you are right. But one could learn how to use those little triangles and so on. If one could place a tank you know the size of, on each spot.. well that might be a bit too advanced, maybe

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