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VR help, info etc

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As I mentioned last night

3Dmigoto mod is very usful for VR found here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened13-features/

What does it provide ?

  1. Icon/labels are masked by cockpit frame
    Toggled off/on by LCTRL+"U" key"
  2. Sight can be strengthened or disabled or displayed for one eye only to help their use in VR
    Settings cycled  by LALT+"k" key"
    default = right eye for VR a,nd standard for 2D.
    key press for VR = left eye =>  no sight =>  default sight =>  right eye.
    key press for 2D = default sight =>  no sight =>  modified sight.
    Strengthening settings are define for each family of sight (Ger, Ru, US, It, Eng)
    Defaults settings and cycle are different for VR and 2D and can be customize, see below
  3. Propeller can be disabled to avoid ASW problems
    Toggled off/on by "Lshift+k" key"
    Defaut = propeller
  4. Possibility to modify game rendering colors (brightness and saturation).
    Cycled (2 PRESETS)  by "Lalt+u"
    default = no color change.
    Brightness and saturation settings can be modified and different settings  inserted, see “customization section.
    sat =-1:
    Sat= 0 (standard):


  5. Instantaneous X1.5, X5 and X10 zoom to give same zoom level in VR as in 2D
    Activated  by "INSER" key for 1.5X, "HOME" for 5x ,"PAGEUP " for 10x.
    This feature is automatically disabled for non VR use.
    Defaults settings may not fit your IPD or mask, see “customization” section.
    A "binocular like" mask is provided and can be modified/disabled, see “customization” section.
  6. "IPD modifier like" that shift display to the outside and so enlarge the cockpit
    Toggled off/on by LALT+"Del" key
  7. Kneepad like feature
    Toggled on/off by 'j' key
    Image cycling up/down by LSHIFT+'j' and LCTRL+'j'
    5 image are handled and can be replaced with yours, see “customization” section
    Wonderfull Myscion "cockpit at a glance" sheets are included
    Size of the kneepad can be changed, see "customization" section.
  8. Label/Icon modification: you can either hide text, waypoint, or made color replaced by grey.
    All options are independent.
    Grey level can be modified and different settings cycled (eg: black for day and white for night), see “customization” section
    Cycled by LSHIFT+U
  9. Cloud fix : planes are far less masked by cloud behind them
    This feature is back with 10.7, I use another algorithm to improve visibility of planes.
    Anyway, most of problems occured if you are using settings lower than Global=> High AND Cloud => Med. Above (and including) these settings, planes should not be hidden by cloud behind them. So no more mod need.
  10. Map brightness can be reduced for night flying
    Toggled off/on by "Lshift+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "Lshift+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
    Brightness value can be modifyed, see "customization" section)
    Defaut = off
  11. Toggle technochat ON/OFF in flight
    Toggled off/on by "LALT+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "LALT+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
    Unfortunately, this can only be done in VR, I did not find a way to do the same in 2D.
    Defaut = on
  12. Sun "Halo" can be filtered by cockpit frame
    Toggled off/on by "LCTRL+q" key for qwerty keyboard and "LCTRLt+a" key for azerty keyboard (user_keymapping.ini.azerty must be rename to user_keymapping.ini)
    Defaut = On
  13. FoV rotation of 20° to help "check six" in VR
    Activated  by "END" key for left view and "PAGE DOWN"key  for right view.
    Rotation is limited to 20° because of optimization of IL2 engine : object farther are not computed.

Shortcuts summary:



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@ Crash - Looks very busy, are you using it? Would use it if I could just use the kneeboard. A mod to replace the minimap with the BoX Quick Guide sheets would be good.

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I am just using the defaults at the moment as I only got it working on Monday. I plan to get VoiceAttack to open the kneepad so I can say "open kneepad" and it will press LeftAlt +J then "page up" or page down" as required. I am pleased that the airframe blocks out the icons as it looked a bit odd.

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