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I've had BoS since the early release of the Premium Edition in late July of 2014 as a birthday present to myself.  I got it from a M4T member who got frustrated and didn't like it.  And he was selling cheap.  He got permission from 1CGS  for me to use his key.  I also got founder status.  It sat on my HD getting very little use as I found the interface a bit confusing as well as setting up my joystick and keyboard.  Skinning was (and still is) daunting and only now I'm understanding how to do it although I probably take a few extra steps so I can use my PSP8 program that I am accustomed to.  And, as a mission builder in 1946 I found, and still do find, the mission builder to be quite complex compared to 46.

Anyway, I have recently got a renewed interest in BoX (Great Battles) and have been able to produce my first skin so I jumped in and got BoM and BoK.  If for some reason you don't have these yet, or want Collector planes at an incredible discount, NOW is the time to visit and get caught up on the cheap.  For me, getting BoM/BoK has spurred my interest even further.  I'm sure that expanding your GB install will do the same for you.

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