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1 hour ago, FoolTrottel said:

It is a good idea.

And quite doable as well, if only we had a fine GB mission builder in our midst!

True... I do remember flying one evening (my time) on a DF map created by a DD member..just don't remember who. TOAD was there so I will ask him.

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We might soon be able to do campaign coops :) quote from Pat Wilson

That is in development right now.  PWCG currently supports coop with one squadron.  Unfortunately PWCG is a desktop application, so users other than the host have no UI.  They can only fly the missions.


First step (in progress) is to create a web based code that the host can run.  Players in the campaign will be able to access the servers on the hosts machine and interact with it to see the campaign in a view that will replicate the information available in the PWCG desktop app.


After that comes the more challenging part: extending PWCG coop capability such that any number of players can play for any side.  In 5.0 PWCG added the ability to handle ore than one human player, so that is already out there.  That concept has to be extended to human players in any squadron.  Some of the uses are obvious: a continuous campaign being played by multiple users.  It is not MMO - participation will be controlled by the host.  But once this is in place a group of fliers will be able to play either side.  Squads can use PWCG for online wars.  I'm sure that there will be any number of uses.


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The release order is as follows for vehicles, maps are harder to judge, but I won't put dates on any of them yet because they often change.


Me-262 and Fw-190 D-9 are slated to come together.


B-25 (AI)

Tempest Mk.V



Plus 8 more tanks in 2019

M4A2, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G, T-34 model of 1943, PzKpfw III Ausf.M to come together.

SU-122, PzKpfw V Ausf.D, SU-152, Sd. Kfz. 184 to come together. 


GAZ-MM + 72K Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38 (Collector Vehicles) to come together after tanks done. 


Plus 6 more WWI kites in 2019

Fokker D.VII and D.VIIF and Sopwith Dolphin

Albatros D.Va and S.E.5a

Brisfit and Halberstadt CL.II and CL.IIau


Plus 3 maps. Likely in this order, but this could change.

Prokhorovka Map

Bodenplatte Map

Arras Map



Bodenplatte Career

Bodenplatte Scripted Campaign

Another Payware Scripted Campaign or two from 3rd Parties

Tank Crew Scripted Campaigns

American and British Radio Calls

Air/Field Marshal Feature

Object Viewer

New MP Lobby  (Fingers crossed, this one won't be easy) 
PWCG Online Co-Op Campaign (Go chew on Pat about this) 

and hopefully many other tweaks and fixes etc. as we go along.


Lots and lots of stuff to come in 2019.

P.S. all this was announced in the beginning as part of our overall plan, but I've tried to give you some context. The order of the planeset releases is determined by what is possible when, no other reason. Planes can be restricted by the MP server operators if people complain. 





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