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New Game Launcher, New Set Up

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Dear Pilots,


Today’s DD is short and to the point. We have WIP pics of the Arado 234 B-2 cockpit that is being built by Phil and one of our new modelers Vasily. It’s looking good so far! An interesting cockpit for an interesting and ground breaking plane.


234_Cockpit_01.jpg 234_Cockpit_02.jpg 234_Cockpit_03.jpg 

234_Cockpit_04.jpg 234_Cockpit_05.jpg 234_Cockpit_06.jpg


Also, we have images of some new cloud formations, some thicker and some thinner at different parts of the day. Clouds are progressing. Not quite ready for beta testing yet, but getting closer.


Clouds_01.jpg Clouds_02.jpg Clouds_03.jpg Clouds_04.jpg

Clouds_05.jpg Clouds_06.jpg Clouds_07.jpg Clouds_08.jpg


And finally, you already have these in the 4.605b Hotfix we released yesterday, but we now have 4K skins for the Auntie Ju made by intrepid artist Martin =ICDP= Catney. Here are a few shots to show off some of his work. Almost all planes have now been brought up to the 4K standard. Really an awesome accomplishment considering the sheer number of airplanes involved and the time commitment! The template for the JU 52 is also now available. Thank you, Martin!


JU52_01.jpg JU52_02.jpg JU52_03.jpg JU52_04.jpg


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Dear Friends,


The team is on a well-deserved extended weekend and Jason is lost in the middle of America on a research mission, so today’s DD is very straightforward. Behold the jet powered Arado AR 234 B-2 bomber! What sleek lines she has! As you saw last week, the Arado’s unique cockpit is also in development. We are working as hard as we can to make her operational as fast as we can.


Arado_01.jpg Arado_02.jpg Arado_03.jpg Arado_04.jpg Arado_05.jpg

Arado_06.jpg Arado_07.jpg Arado_08.jpg Arado_09.jpg Arado_10.jpg

Arado_11.jpg Arado_12.jpg Arado_13.jpg Arado_14.jpg Arado_15.jpg


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Dear Friends,


The cold November is here already and we continue working on our projects. An important milestone for the Battle of Normandy is getting near - its map will be ready to a degree that will allow us to begin the development of Pilot's Career for this theater (meaning that settlements, airfields, roads, rivers and forests will be there). It will be too early to share the screenshots of the map itself at this point since the work on its visual part - texturing and finalizing landscape features, coast and additional detail - happens at the last stage of development according to our workflow. Nevertheless, this stage is not very far away either, since the map overall progresses according to the plan. Speaking of the map, we can say that creation of map objects is finished, including the new city blocks characteristic for Britain, coastal defenses, radar stations, farmsteads for rural areas and, of course, unique landmarks. For creating believable airfields, certain additional airfield objects were created which are characteristic of this theater of war.






The work on various naval and ground units for BoN continues - there are several ship types that participated in the landing, including landing craft and radar-equipped ones, and several vehicles like this British armored car Humber Mk.IV, which is ready for deployment.





The German heavy fighter Ju 88 C-6 and the legendary US fighter P-51B-5 are getting close to release. Progress on the P-51B has been frustratingly slow with several technical delays due to research and software issues. Anyway, it's Flight Model 99% done and only Malcolm Hood visual is on the finish line of production. Please be patient the early Pony will get here we promise!  Arado 234, Mosquito FB MK.VI and Me 410 are at earlier stages of development, but they are progressing according to the general plan. In the meantime, the work on the new fuel system is nearly finished and it will make its debut on Bf 109 fighters. As soon as it is ready we'll apply it to all the aircraft of the sim. This new tech will make the fuel system modeling more realistic, damageable in more detail and pilot interfacing with it will be recreated with more fine details. With this new technology up and running, we plan to switch to the development of the launch, guidance and warhead functioning of the V-1 vengeance weapon - its FM and 3D model, including the launch site, are already ready.






There is good progress in Flying Circus Vol. II project is well. The German two-seater recon/strike airplane DFW C.V is the closest one for the release - at the moment its 3D model is nearly finished while its FM is in the works - and we plan to have it in the next update already. Sopwith Triplane should be also released before the end of the year as well as the British heavy bomber Handley Page O/400. Early next year we'll have to finish German bomber Gotha G.V, Western Front map, and two Collector Planes, late WWI fighters.





In addition, there is a lot of WWI-era ground vehicles incoming -  for instance, in the next update, we plan to release Jeffery Quad, Benz LKW 1912 and Daimler DR4 in several modifications and tanks - Mark V female, Reno FT and Schneider CA 1. WWI aviators will find their life slightly more complicated due to the addition of the German 37mm automatic AA gun Maxim Flak M14.






All the things listed above are just a fraction of what we and our partners are working on at the moment, so please stay tuned - we'll be able to tell you more about the other development streams in our next Dev Diaries.


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Happy Monday to everyone! We have a short DD for you today that features the DFW C.V for Flying Circus Vol. II and new 4K skins for our old friend the Yak-1b which were crafted once again by our partner Martin “ICDP” Catney. The Yak-1b completes our initial goal of bringing all aircraft and tank skins along with their templates up to the 4K standard. It took several years, but what an accomplishment!! Thanks again to Martin, Francisco (BlackHellhound1) and Marcus (Raptorattacker) for helping make all this possible!




DFWCV_01.jpg DFWCV_02.jpg DFWCV_03.jpg DFWCV_04.jpg DFWCV_05.jpg DFWCV_06.jpg DFWCV_07.jpg DFWCV_08.jpg 

DFWCV_09.jpg DFWCV_10.jpg DFWCV_11.jpg DFWCV_12.jpg DFWCV_13.jpg DFWCV_14.jpg DFWCV_15.jpg DFWCV_16.jpg


Yak-1b 4K Skins


Yak-1b_01.jpg Yak-1b_02.jpg Yak-1b_03a.jpg Yak-1b_03.jpg Yak-1b_04.jpg Yak-1b_04b.jpg Yak-1b_05.jpg Yak-1b_06.jpg

Yak-1b_07.jpg Yak-1b_08.jpg Yak-1b_09.jpg Yak-1b_10.jpg Yak-1b_11.jpg Yak-1b_12.jpg Yak-1b_13.jpg Yak-1b_14.jpg


The DFW C.V, Yak-1b 4K skins and our initial release of our new clouds will be in the upcoming 4.701 update later in December. Which we pray to all mighty Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Zeus, Lucifer, Cthulhu, Thanos, General Zod or whatever powerful deity controls its fate, please give us the strength to finish the P-51B so we can include it in update 4.701! :dash:



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And there is MOAR

Hello P-51 Lovers!


We know you’ve been waiting patiently to see more of the P-51B, so today we show you what it looks like both inside and out! This new ‘Pony’ should be ready by the end of this month. It’s the Holiday Season and a time for giving, so there will likely be two updates in December! One with the new clouds and the DFWC.V and the other with the P-51B and maybe, just maybe new fuel systems and drop tanks for several Bf-109 variants. Of course, plans are subject to change pending testing. And as mentioned previously the Malcolm Hood has taken extra work to get it right, so that component is not ready to be shown yet. Without further delay…


P-51B_Cockpit_01.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_02.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_03.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_04.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_05.jpg

P-51B_Cockpit_06.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_08.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_09.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_11.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_12.jpg

P-51B_Cockpit_13.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_14.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_15.jpg P-51B_Cockpit_16.jpg P-51B_External_01.jpg

P-51B_External_02.jpg P-51B_External_03.jpg P-51B_External_05.jpg P-51B_External_06.jpg P-51B_External_07.jpg



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Dear Pilots!


Happy Holidays to everyone in the IL-2 Sturmovik community! May it be filled with good health, family, friends and lots of time to play your favorite virtual air combat simulation!


Today’s Developer Diary is a showcase of the beautiful P-51B which we are working very hard to finish for you by the end of the month. Just some minor bugs are left along with still finishing the tricky Malcolm Hood.


P-51B_01.jpg P-51B_02.jpg P-51B_03.jpg P-51B_04.jpg 

P-51B_05.jpg P-51B_06.jpg P-51B_07.jpg P-51B_08.jpg 

P-51B_09.jpg P-51B_10.jpg P-51B_11.jpg P-51B_12.jpg

P-51B_13.jpg P-51B_14.jpg P-51B_15.jpg P-51B_16.jpg


We also have some shots of some new combat vehicles for you to check out like the M8 Greyhound and Universal “Bren Gun” Carrier Mk. II. And we have a new good looking USAAF bomber crewman model to show you. The fur sure looks look warm!


M8_Greyhound_01.jpg M8_Greyhound_02.jpg Universal_Carrier_MkII_01.jpg USAAF_Bomber_Crewman_01.jpg


We’re working as hard as we can to end this challenging 2021 strong so wish us luck as we battle to get things done!



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