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  1. bongodriver

    Any Flypast magazine readers?

    Check out the September edition (released August 1st?), I feature in an article about Classic wings Harvard....I feel all warbird piloty and stuff.
  2. Now that I can join back in to coop's with something that supports VR (have I mentioned I use VR and how awesome it is yet?) I'm up for BOXing, I can make any night on a random basis.
  3. bongodriver

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    I must admit I was a little semi watching that.
  4. bongodriver

    Who has what

    I have and yes it is much more enjoyable.
  5. bongodriver

    Who has what

    Aww bless!
  6. bongodriver

    Who has what

    Cough....Stallingrad premium...cough....but don't tell anyone.
  7. bongodriver

    We need to talk...

    you can't fly anything you don't own basically but you will see the entire plane set in multiplayer as AI or other players who own them.
  8. bongodriver

    French Spitfire comes a cropper

    Interestingly I got to hear from an official source the cause of this misshap, nothing to do with grass or brakes, the pilot who is a very experienced Sea Fury driver completely ignored/forgot the advice to not open the taps fully on a Griffon engine and simply torqued himself into the dirt. Same source also showed me the wreck which is at ARC Duxford being rebuilt for the owner.
  9. bongodriver

    We need to talk...

    Crash is on point as far as I'm concerned, have found it impossible to play anything let alone sims on 2D screen since I got VR. I may have to grit my teeth and install BoS as it apparently has VR support, the new IL2 franchise seems to be the future for the dogs ongoing shenanigans and Clod may even get the VR treatment, that will certainly lure me back into the fold.
  10. I heard the pilot was Mark Levy, gear was retracted deliberately and early assessment is the aircraft is quite repairable. Was a very frightening sight as it unfolded because from my vantage point it looked like he was going into the Airspace hangar.
  11. bongodriver

    Flying Legends 2017 Show News

    I got to watch the Berlin express arrive at DX, I have to say I'm baffled as to why they didn't put her in a shipping container but at the same time I am in awe of the adventure that epic flight must have been.
  12. bongodriver

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Still seems more appealing than Ryanair or sleazyjet.
  13. bongodriver

    Good News!

    oculus rift...cough!
  14. bongodriver

    I'll just leave this here....

    I'm a DCS WWII backer too so have a key already.....soooo excited!
  15. bongodriver

    Painless Lucky Bugger!

    I found a fantastic curry house in Reykjavik on a night stop there.
  16. bongodriver

    Happy Birthday Swooperton!

    Big 60! very happy birthday Sven.
  17. bongodriver

    Guess The Aircraft!

    a wha?
  18. bongodriver

    Guess The Aircraft!

    this ones going to be tough without cheating, needs a clue I think.
  19. bongodriver

    Best Twin Ever?

    arguably it is an evolution of the mossie, same manufacturer.
  20. bongodriver

    Guess The Aircraft!

    Reminds me more of a link trainer.
  21. Yes he did, showed me the log book entry, incidentally I took the author of that book flying on the same day as they had come as a group.
  22. I recently had the pleasure of taking an ex FAA seafire pilot flying in the Stearman, a chap named Keith Quilter, he brought along his logbooks and had some captivating stories to tell including the one where he was shot down at Tokyo bay in his Corsair, instead of bailing out he ditched so he could fly away from the mainland and was luckily picked up by a US submarine, he apparently has always maintained a soft spot for the Stearman from his days of training at Pensacola but hadn't flown in one since those days, it was nice that we have a Navy variant but sadly not one he flew according to the serial numbers.
  23. bongodriver

    The Future Of Airshows In The U.k

    Semi related and probably as influential in the CAA's decision making was the Gnat accident recently, interesting to read the pilot had a medical condition that got him chopped from the RAF and was never declared on his subsequent civillian medical examinations. AAIB report: https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/aaib-investigation-to-folland-gnat-t-mk-1-g-timm