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  1. Well I'm not going crazy and my a/c recognition skills remain half decent, it was a 109 K4. Can't say I've seen the wing come off like this very often on a Messer though, new modelling? P.s. Just look at FT - the model wingman.
  2. A D9 huh? Could have sworn it was a 109, though it was downed from a couple of short bursts a fair distance away. Thinking about it now, I was surprised to see the starboard wing half fall off so easily, figured it was new damage modelling, but this was a quirk of hitting the ammo box of a 190 wasn't it? I'll have to check the track
  3. Welcome poobear, from a fellow bear! Your name could get a little confusing if someone is calling one of us, they sound more similar than they look... try it out aloud... poobear blubear poobear blubear. 🤔 How about greybear? Just a thought, as I see your name is Graham. Anyway, names aside welcome aboard sir, we're all crazy and now you are too!
  4. Hi Dave, I have a room, currently on my own... need a bed?
  5. Howdy gents, I'm going to have to give tonight a miss I'm afraid. Got Sarah's family round to watch the football and after driving back from Ireland last night, (+ foolishly working today) all I think I can muster is collapsing on the sofa with one eye on a lacklustre England performance. Should be good for Sunday though!
  6. I've certainly seen worse... (ahem red tails)
  7. Going to have to give this one a miss gents, sorry. Heading to Ireland first thing in the morning so will need my beauty sleep. Give em hell!
  8. Unreal amount of wing flex there when rolling through the canyons, watching the pylons twist and bobble. Man I need to get the Viper when it's on sale next, that visibility is unmatched.
  9. Took the Tiffie up for a spin today and I have to say, I rather like it. Feels sturdy, turns better than expected and expededly makes a right mess of tanks and trains and shift. Roll rate is terrible, but I did manage to shoot down a 109 on my first sortie. Definitely my favourite early access aircraft from BoN so far.
  10. Okay, I've cancelled my Red Lion booking and subsequently rebooked, saving £70! (Thanks Nick). Currently for Fri and Sat nights as before, but as I will probably cancel my annual leave for Friday now I'll no doubt whittle this down to just Saturday night depending on what happens.
  11. Great stuff Gary. p.s. I'll have you know at a spritely and *ahem* energetic 37, I'm one of the few around here keeping the average age as low as it is! 😁 Memory is awful though... now where did I leave my joystick...
  12. Aha, that's in the pre-mission setup screen of the aircraft, where you configure your ammo, skin etc. Next tab along I think from memory?
  13. Silly question, are 'Mods on' in the actual game settings?
  14. Best I've seen. Thanks mate!
  15. Welcome Gary! I find the P-38 is a breeze to fly and operate compared to some of the 'less complex' single engine fighters. Tricycle u/c = taxi like a demon, no ground looping or losing wing tips in this baby Counter rotating props = no torque, she flies on rails Massive fowler flaps = lands nice and slow, just make sure you round out and settle on the mains first This might help:
  16. Personally, as I only get one or two evenings a week free I tend to focus on what I'm enjoying the most, which has been the P-38 campaign and DCS on a Thursday for a good a while now. I had considered switching to every Tuesday to get the best of both GBS-worlds, as I do miss the variety and the banter with co-ops. Then my arm was twisted to lead the 402nd, so there is an obligation to stick with the campaign nights, especially as it is still seeing decent numbers attend. PS. Col - sorry to hear that mate, I agree with Mick in that you are not alone with this. I too have struggled, this year more than last year, especially with Spring being such a washout and plans being cancelled etc.
  17. Just a thought, although tickets have not yet been released, is it worth considering this? https://www.iwm.org.uk/airshows/duxford-summer-air-show It could of course also be cancelled, judging by the trajectory of current covid cases.
  18. That's a shame Skidly, could you be tempted to return to the fork tailed devil?
  19. The airfield will still be open as well, with a small museum and guaranteed activity from the resident aircraft. Could still be worth a gander
  20. We could hold out hope for the Duxford September show? Just a thought. They haven't released tickets yet. Other than that, some kind of dogz meet up would be a grand idea.
  21. Forfuckingfuckssakefucketyfuuuuck!* (*Sorry FT)
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