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  1. No air action. Claiming a truck, an armored car, and a howitzer cannon.
  2. Half a dozen of us play most nights, 11 pm eastern time.
  3. Claiming 2 109 K4's Blown engine, landed safe at Keltz
  4. Nice. I'm renting this year so I'm down to 4 half barrel planters but I'm getting a decent harvest of cherry tomatoes, cucamelon and pole beans.
  5. Before I buy this does anyone have a copy they'd like to sell?
  6. Gotta ask .... wtf is a "damp course"? Sounds like it could be a hazard....
  7. Twilight Zone mission for me. Leading the formation about halfway to the front lines and suddenly everyone zipped out ahead of me with huge rubber banding. I said I would catch up and put in as much power as I dared getting the 38 up to 290mph IAS. The rest of the flight reported 250 mph and yet I still watched them pull ahead and disappear. I saw them on the return leg again but in spite of my indicated speed higher than theirs they pulled away again. I dropped down near the ground at an alternate base to see if I dared try landing the thing and the game crashed at about 1000' agl.
  8. No techno chat in that server though... If you think you put the gear down you better know where the indicator is for that airplane or it might go badly.
  9. RIP Painless. Should mention how effective the 1000 lb bombs were on the tanks. Near misses were kills.
  10. Thanks Sid, curious why I have trouble and was trying another browser (Brave) but it failed too after an hour at 150-300 kb/s. Noticed also that allied tanks only have a Cyrillic alphabet
  11. Always been there. Latest update however models fuel tank explosions to reflect how much room is in the tank for explosive vapors.
  12. So it seems we can have a new ID system. Numbers and letters in black or white as well as yellow and red. Rather than think what number is what player how about just using our names? For example I could be PRF Can you guess who are the players below? FRR SID FT PRT PAI CRS POK SQK SWP REG Squad leaders use red or yellow instead of white/black.
  13. I would have everyone in the same channel and each crew sets up a whisper key to their own crew. You'll want to hear all the chatter and especially when the first person calls out "I'm taking hits"
  14. 1070 myself and with zero prospect of getting anything better in the near future I figured I'm forced to hang on till we can get vid cards again.
  15. Biggest military fail. Had me laughing so hard the tears were rolling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jDbJbCuKl4
  16. Saturdays work for me. 11am Working steady evenings these days so no weekdays. No worries though, plenty of youtubes on the subject.
  17. Is the map running on DF server? Could go anytime for a drive. Or the map to download? Just need the spawn point. Or a couple.. when damaged by "invisibles" the crew isn't repaired, would suck having to start back at beginning
  18. The road network isn't nearly what it should be but that might not be so bad. The mission is the initial advance at the start of the battle. First a section of front line assets to overcome and then a race into the rear areas with plenty of supply and command stuff to disrupt and blow up. Stiffening resistance farther on, blown bridges....
  19. Advance through the forest against unsuspecting units.... get in their rear and cause mayhem... yep. German
  20. Bastone on the game map only has a single road going in.... not the 5 think it should have ....
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