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  1. Nice. I'm renting this year so I'm down to 4 half barrel planters but I'm getting a decent harvest of cherry tomatoes, cucamelon and pole beans.
  2. Before I buy this does anyone have a copy they'd like to sell?
  3. Gotta ask .... wtf is a "damp course"? Sounds like it could be a hazard....
  4. Twilight Zone mission for me. Leading the formation about halfway to the front lines and suddenly everyone zipped out ahead of me with huge rubber banding. I said I would catch up and put in as much power as I dared getting the 38 up to 290mph IAS. The rest of the flight reported 250 mph and yet I still watched them pull ahead and disappear. I saw them on the return leg again but in spite of my indicated speed higher than theirs they pulled away again. I dropped down near the ground at an alternate base to see if I dared try landing the thing and the game crashed at about 1000' agl.
  5. No techno chat in that server though... If you think you put the gear down you better know where the indicator is for that airplane or it might go badly.
  6. RIP Painless. Should mention how effective the 1000 lb bombs were on the tanks. Near misses were kills.
  7. Thanks Sid, curious why I have trouble and was trying another browser (Brave) but it failed too after an hour at 150-300 kb/s. Noticed also that allied tanks only have a Cyrillic alphabet
  8. OK. Still trying to dl skins....
  9. Always been there. Latest update however models fuel tank explosions to reflect how much room is in the tank for explosive vapors.
  10. So it seems we can have a new ID system. Numbers and letters in black or white as well as yellow and red. Rather than think what number is what player how about just using our names? For example I could be PRF Can you guess who are the players below? FRR SID FT PRT PAI CRS POK SQK SWP REG Squad leaders use red or yellow instead of white/black.
  11. I would have everyone in the same channel and each crew sets up a whisper key to their own crew. You'll want to hear all the chatter and especially when the first person calls out "I'm taking hits"
  12. 1070 myself and with zero prospect of getting anything better in the near future I figured I'm forced to hang on till we can get vid cards again.
  13. Biggest military fail. Had me laughing so hard the tears were rolling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jDbJbCuKl4
  14. Saturdays work for me. 11am Working steady evenings these days so no weekdays. No worries though, plenty of youtubes on the subject.
  15. Is the map running on DF server? Could go anytime for a drive. Or the map to download? Just need the spawn point. Or a couple.. when damaged by "invisibles" the crew isn't repaired, would suck having to start back at beginning
  16. The road network isn't nearly what it should be but that might not be so bad. The mission is the initial advance at the start of the battle. First a section of front line assets to overcome and then a race into the rear areas with plenty of supply and command stuff to disrupt and blow up. Stiffening resistance farther on, blown bridges....
  17. Advance through the forest against unsuspecting units.... get in their rear and cause mayhem... yep. German
  18. Bastone on the game map only has a single road going in.... not the 5 think it should have ....
  19. The Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, was a major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during World War II, and took place from 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945. It was launched through the densely forested Ardennes region in Belgium and Luxembourg towards the end of the war in Europe. The offensive was intended to stop Allied use of the Belgian port of Antwerp and to split the Allied lines, allowing the Germans to encircle and destroy four Allied armies and force the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in the Axis powers' favor. The Germans achieved a total surprise attack on the morning of 16 December 1944, due to a combination of Allied overconfidence, preoccupation with Allied offensive plans, and poor aerial reconnaissance due to bad weather. American forces bore the brunt of the attack and incurred their highest casualties of any operation during the war. The battle also severely depleted Germany's armored forces, and they were largely unable to replace them. German personnel and, later, Luftwaffe aircraft (in the concluding stages of the engagement) also sustained heavy losses. The Germans had attacked a weakly defended section of the Allied line, taking advantage of heavily overcast weather conditions that grounded the Allies' overwhelmingly superior air forces. Fierce resistance on the northern shoulder of the offensive, around Elsenborn Ridge, and in the south, around Bastogne, blocked German access to key roads to the northwest and west that they counted on for success. Columns of armor and infantry that were supposed to advance along parallel routes found themselves on the same roads. This, and terrain that favored the defenders, threw the German advance behind schedule and allowed the Allies to reinforce the thinly placed troops. The farthest west the offensive reached was the village of Foy-Nôtre-Dame, south east of Dinant, being stopped by the U.S. 2nd Armored Division on 24 December 1944.[15][16][17] Improved weather conditions from around 24 December permitted air attacks on German forces and supply lines, which sealed the failure of the offensive. On 26 December the lead element of Patton's U.S. Third Army reached Bastogne from the south, ending the siege. Although the offensive was effectively broken by 27 December, when the trapped units of 2nd Panzer Division made two break-out attempts with only partial success, the battle continued for another month before the front line was effectively restored to its position prior to the attack. In the wake of the defeat, many experienced German units were left severely depleted of men and equipment, as survivors retreated to the defenses of the Siegfried Line. The Germans' initial attack involved 410,000 men; just over 1,400 tanks, tank destroyers, and assault guns; 2,600 artillery pieces; 1,600 anti-tank guns; and over 1,000 combat aircraft, as well as large numbers of other armored fighting vehicles (AFVs).[4] These were reinforced a couple of weeks later, bringing the offensive's total strength to around 450,000 troops, and 1,500 tanks and assault guns.
  20. After turning the game sound to 100 I notice hearing explosions as I bomb ground targets or kill something with guns on the ground, aircraft engines in formation, other tanks if I shut my engine off. I attached my headtracker LED's right to the headset, powered from USB (one of my monitors has a USB plug) via a telephone handset cord coiled around the headset cable.
  21. Flares are pretty handy for getting location of friendlies. No server issues. Finally got the skins downloaded after half a dozen failed attempts. Great format for the mission - especially if we can pick up where we left off next session. Took the town, consolidate, resupply, fresh assault next day.
  22. I believe many of our sluggish handling losses like stalls and striking terrain on pullout are caused by simply having too much fuel on board. Full fuel is 1575L (416 usg) at a weight of 2,579 pounds. As seen below in the quote that is fuel for a 600nm radius of action or 1111km. Our last mission was (by my guestimate) the longest mission we've flown to date. Range to target area was almost 200k, return is another 200 for about 400km (240nm) round trip. Yet we carry fuel for over 1200KM ... 3 times the fuel we actually need... You would of course take more fuel for combat but if you added another 200KM range of fuel that still comes to 1200 pounds of extra fuel we were dragging around(picture a whale with wings).... again, this was our longest mission yet. I'm not just throwing numbers out there, one pilot actually did fly our longest mission ever beginning with only 50% fuel and still returned safely to base. And note below we can really stretch our range by reducing prop rpm to 1600 and auto-lean (33 mix). Of course the old argument ... "what if you're leaking fuel"? We haven't lost any pilots from a fuel leak, friendly bases are usually close by and our lines aren't that far away for a worst case bailout. We lost many that couldn't pull up in time. The standard calculation I would have used is to figure the range(one grid square = 10km) and for cruise use 1 liter per km for each engine. Using our last mission as an example, 200km each way is 400 x 2 engines=800 liters. I add 50% as a buffer/combat power reserve, another 400 for a total of 1200 liters or about 75% fuel, again for our longest mission yet. Yet we always take off with 100 fuel for much shorter hops dragging around 600 to 1200 lbs of unnecessary weight. If we aren't going to reduce our fuel load now lets at least start looking at how much fuel we're bringing back to base every time. With a light load the 38 is a remarkably agile fighter. It wouldn't matter if the plane just handles poorly but it's killing our pilots.
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