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    TV show. "The Attackers"

    Got Amazon Fire Stick a while back. I found this Russian TV series about a WW2 Yak3 squadron. The flying sequences are laughable, War Thunder rendering or something. They have 5 or 6 non-functional Yak's but plenty of old trucks and equipment, German and Soviet both. Hannomags, Opel Blitz, at least 2 PZ IV tanks, AA guns and assorted kit. At least 1/3 of the actors are women. The Yak's are towed around giving the impression of taxiing and taking off but all the details are missing. They climb into a U-2 biplane and "contact". Jump in and start rolling but the plane doesn't rock at all and no prop wash. Plane stops and guy jumps out but the prop is still spinning wildly, obviously no engine there. LOL and the subtitles... guy crashes and crawls to a trench.. Normally it's "are you ok"... here it's "are your arms and legs intact?" Instead of "dismissed" it's "you may be free". Great comedy.
  2. Perfesser

    TV show. "The Attackers"

    Hmm. It's free content .... Amazon Prime and search for it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr-Zz5HbO7Q
  3. Perfesser

    Trim on British planes

    Doubt this could have anything to do with the server. It's also happening with the 109. Saitek. Ghost inputs.
  4. Fought this guy a couple of weeks ago.. wish I knew who it was.
  5. Perfesser

    Salute to this 109 driver

    It's not that so much as we fought hard and long and neither one of us was able to pull the trigger. We both tried vertical and horizontal scissors, energy tactics ... both of us working so hard we stalled out a couple times. Great, evenly matched fight. Salute to the pilot.
  6. Perfesser


    Salute! Thank you.
  7. I'm trying to help out some folks when I see they could use some. This is an in cockpit view of how to use lead and lag pursuit. https://youtu.be/oN0BV_p-tJI
  8. Perfesser

    Problem Accessing Forums

    In general its been slow to load but I have gotten a few "this page is not available" when clicking on a forum topic. Unable to connect at times
  9. As the title states. The lead/lag video was a good example of fighting with a plane of similar turning abilities as your own. With a poor turner like the La5 in this demo you just can't play the same game with a 109. You'll still use lead and lag with an energy fighter and use displacement turns with a good dogfighter when the situation dictates. If anyone wants the raw recording to see any of these training videos from different angles just ask. https://youtu.be/154u9FXZqoU
  10. You'll never sit behind someone that long in a fight. I passed up many opportunities where I would have been shooting. This is how to make those first shots count. The idea is NOT to sit in behind the bad guy in a sustained turn. There's no point in shooting if the bad guy is so far under your nose you can't see. Go lead pursuit, close the range then go lag pursuit so you have a low deflection shot. This demo makes it easy to see how lead and lag help your situation close in but in those long sweeping high altitude fights it's often the only way to get a shot at all. Next I'll start training exercises in shooting itself.
  11. Stalls and spins. I see too many stalling out and spinning in. Learn to catch it early and save it. https://youtu.be/z0G71_K_ndM
  12. Perfesser

    Watcha Got Cookin'?

    Temps are your guide I guess. Big differences between core temps or just high temps and you should do something. Mine was the stock cooler since 2012. Temps were 50's and up to 80 in game. Then I was editing a video and saw temps in the 90's. Bought a cooler (GAMMAXX 400) and installed that today. 37C at rest and 63 converting video. The old paste was poorly applied and quite hard, no doubt being baked on over the years. What do you see in the pattern?
  13. Perfesser

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    Funny you should say that. I just finished A Good Clean Fight a few weeks back. Pop quiz: your engine is running so rough that you can't read the compass at all to tell what direction is home. Do you: 1. climb till the engine quits and glide home with a stable compass 2. look at the sun and guess at a heading home 3. immediately bail out near the German base you just finished shooting up I can forgive some things in the interest of a good story but doesn't the Tomahawk have a US style compass that stays stable unlike the early navy compass the Hurri and Spit have? Oh it gets better.... the Germans send out a motorcycle and side car to check out the crash site visible by a huge smoke column and find the pilot walking. They can't seem to figure out the way back to their own base they just left !!! so they get the British pilot to navigate back to base for them.. (he's a pilot right... so obviously he knows how to read a compass.. I guess the German compass needs a decoder ring or an enigma machine).. they notice nothing as he takes them miles and miles and miles back to the British base....... The entire book on audio is 21 hrs. I got more out of the 4 hrs of Fighter Pilot.
  14. Yes above and I hear good things about the TM T1600 as pretty good among the "affordable" sticks. No comparison to the latest gen of custom sticks.
  15. Perfesser

    TAW - Tactical Air War

    I'm guessing you'll be flying as many resupply flights as I will. Practice landing a full-fuel PE-2 (no bombs) without damage..... 60 deg flaps, never below 200 till you flare
  16. Perfesser

    TAW - Tactical Air War

    Runs constantly. Join anytime. Consult your stats to know what planes you're cleared to fly. 3 combat mission(+1CM) to replace a lost plane. Ground attack tough, AAA is murder. I'll fly anytime but only the odd GA attack or resupply flight when alone. EDIT. A bunch of us are already signed up as Allied.
  17. Regarding the IL2. I've flown it in a few different scenarios - online, career, single. I've seen different specs on max continuous MP in each briefing? From 1050 to 1180 to 1200. I usually overheat at 1150 or higher but haven't blown any up as long as the RPM is 2050-ish. Anyway, I use the ingame specs from the briefing menu and good luck.
  18. Better save a clean install before you start with any of this. There won't be any official support. In case any have a short memory ..... .. Fecking mods.......
  19. Perfesser

    New Topic 😁

    I can vouch
  20. If you don't already have it get Chuck Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad Guide https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12667 Most specs are also available on the in-game map, right side briefing hit the specs tab at the top. Look in your keybinds for the tailwheel lock. If there's a red square there it's double bound. Hover mouse over the red square. The IL-2 has to be flown by the gauges. In the main game menu under flight interface turn on ingame messages - technical. Take off wide open, but as soon as you're up pull back to 90/90 and then you're on the gauges. Throttle first to 1050 mm Hg then rpm to 2050 with pitch, then adjust throttle again, check rpm. If at any time you see the "boosted mode" message you need to do something soon. Check MP (manifold pressure) first and rpm. I run it at max continuous (combat setting) all the time. Trim the plane well. Small speed changes will change the MP, if you aren't trimmed well and the nose is bobbing up and down you'll be chasing the throttle constantly. As you gain altitude the MP will fall and you can add a bit of power. Once above about 1500m you can start leaning the mixture a bit at a time till the MP starts to drop if you want to get every last bit out of it. I rarely get high enough to mess with that but if you're going above 2000 it might be worth it. Check temps of course, on winter maps you can close em up quite a bit. It takes so long to climb you can never just set some numbers and forget about it. Once you get to cruise alt and especially if you set level stab it's very easy to have the plane speed up enough to exceed MP limits and blow the engine. Look at the gauges. MP first (throttle), RPM next(prop pitch). Climb • Optimal climb speed: 250 kph • 2050 RPM • 1050 mm Hg Manifold Pressure • Normal Operation (Cruise) • 1850 RPM • 850 mm Hg • Combat • 2050 RPM • 1050 mm Hg • Oil radiator closed
  21. Perfesser

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    10 pound too much? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microsoft-SideWinder-Force-Feedback-2-656-00105-Joysticks/253497561666?epid=140891473&hash=item3b05a1d242:g:Td0AAOSwTmJarO6u how about 30? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microsoft-SideWinder-Force-Feedback-2-656-00105-Joysticks/253497561666?epid=140891473&hash=item3b05a1d242:g:Td0AAOSwTmJarO6u I just searched ebay UK for "joystick". Another @ 85 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microsoft-SideWinder-Force-Feedback-2-656-00105-Joystick-Free-P-P/263546366587?epid=140891473&hash=item3d5c966a7b:g:y5IAAOSwm9Japszn So want to make sure it's the USB model. I think there is a way to use the gameport one with an adapter. If you're handy you might Franken-mod your X-52 handle on but the extra buttons will need another control board.
  22. If I could only remember that password......PM sent
  23. Perfesser

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    If you can stand the lack of buttons the MS sidewinder FFB is the best stick you can use. There is no "centered" position. Joysticks are measured by how well they act around the center. The smoother the better with the least breakout force. Cheap sticks are hard to make fine adjustments. The x52 is ... cheap. No doubt the $400 and up sticks are pretty good. Virpil. BRD and the like. Sidewinder is about $100 and silky smooth. Personally I have one sitting on the shelf and use my X52 throttle and CH fighterstick. An improvement over the 52 and half the price (or less) than the really nice ones - its good but not great. Well known for robust construction. Must have buttons.....
  24. Blitz patch now live - December 28, 2017
  25. Stuttering and framerate fluctuations (30-60) although I see see a couple of planes warping too so I'll hold back on judgement. With Vsync off I'm getting framerates in the 120's with all on high so I doubt its at my end. Beaufighter- Gunfire sounds continue after trigger release till I hit trigger again. Cowl flaps don't animate(it is the open rad command right??). ................ Hell of a time getting engine to stay lit?? Right engine only.... And it defaults all your axis sensitivities to one, meaning it slows down control responses. Set to zero.