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  1. Crash

    Upgraded X52 Throttle finished

    Neat job
  2. Crash


    Finally got arround to booking a refundable room.
  3. quote from Jason the Pony is scheduled for end of June, but may slip a little.
  4. Fix reinstall 3dmigoto this one https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened12-features/
  5. Maybe not so perky now, he is getting on a bit;)
  6. Er well yes I do have the Haynes so if it breaks "can we fix it, Yes we can"
  7. Crash


    It all seems to work fine and Voice Attack recognises most of the comands. On test I told it to put the landing gear down and it baled me out still I think that was a volume setting on the mike input. That Voicemeeter Banana is a bit hard to get my old brain around.
  8. Crash


    Looks like the mike is stuffed so it goes back to currys tomorrow. Good job it has a 2 year guarentee
  9. Crash


    Well I unplugged the usb plug and reinstalled Oculus software and plugged it back in. I knew I was going to be asked if I had done that and lo and behold it worked again So the good thing is I still have a year left on my gaurentee and I know where the reciept is. This afternoon I will give it a good work out.
  10. Crash


    I will find out tomorrow. I have the box in the loft and will take all the bits back but I think it will have to go away
  11. We might soon be able to do campaign coops quote from Pat Wilson That is in development right now. PWCG currently supports coop with one squadron. Unfortunately PWCG is a desktop application, so users other than the host have no UI. They can only fly the missions. First step (in progress) is to create a web based code that the host can run. Players in the campaign will be able to access the servers on the hosts machine and interact with it to see the campaign in a view that will replicate the information available in the PWCG desktop app. After that comes the more challenging part: extending PWCG coop capability such that any number of players can play for any side. In 5.0 PWCG added the ability to handle ore than one human player, so that is already out there. That concept has to be extended to human players in any squadron. Some of the uses are obvious: a continuous campaign being played by multiple users. It is not MMO - participation will be controlled by the host. But once this is in place a group of fliers will be able to play either side. Squads can use PWCG for online wars. I'm sure that there will be any number of uses.
  12. Crash


    Are we still doing the hotel this time? Might as well start booking if we are
  13. I think this one is better
  14. Crash

    Skatezillas updater

    It is a stand alone that is very handy for starting the game with or without VR and checking/managing modules
  15. Crash

    Skatezillas updater

    here is the link https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053
  16. Crash

    Would Love to Get Back!

    Are the controllers seen by windows? What OS ?
  17. Crash

    Would Love to Get Back!

    Are the controllers seen by windows? What OS ?
  18. Crash


    Nice pix, dont worry Arthur if Jeremy gets in he will sell the carriers and their A/C to the lowest bidder
  19. I have ben able to taxi from one end of the runway to the other 2 times and then take off OK I need to reposition my pedals as its a stretch to use the toe brakes and full rudder at the same time, and I have discovered mapping errors on the 109 wheel brakes. Left toe brake worked the left brake but the right worked both brakes making it impossible to make progress. I need to practice more but I am improving
  20. I will spend the next few days sorting out the pirouette edition of the Spitfire taxi
  21. It is a lot better though and it will be better for VR