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  1. from an email Update 4.6 Coming in April We plan to release version 4.6 later this month assuming testing goes well. In this update, you will find an astonishing load of new content - Spitfire Mk. XIV for Battle of Normandy, Nieuport N.28 for Flying Circus: Vol. II and GAZ-MM 72-K AAA Collector Vehicle. In addition to these great war-winning machines, we’ll have many tweaks, improvements and fixes as usual - the most important ones are Tactical Codes and our new Dynamic Visual Damage already working on tanks, GAZ-MM AAA, P-51D-15 and Nieuport 28 (the rest of our 60+ aircraft will be g
  2. I still dont know when I will be sending the 1080. No updates for nearly 3 months
  3. Well maybe not. OC forum says I wouldnt notice any improvement.
  4. Potential motherboard/cpu sale MSI Z370 Carbon with 5 Ghz i7 8086K NO COOLER INCLUDED £250
  5. thread here https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/the-thing-3d-printed-case.18919560/
  6. Jason said Dear Pilots, Good news on all fronts this week as we continue our march towards completion of Battle of Normandy and ramp up work on Flying Circus II. We hope to have some pics of the first FCII plane, the Nieuport 28 soon for you, but today we’ll stick to WWII. As you already know, We have several aircraft in development and the closest, actually very close, to completion is the Spitfire Mk.XIV which is currently in beta testing. Below are a few pics. This plane is a beast with its Griffon engine and shooting down Doodlebugs with it is going to be a bla
  7. Phones are not a good idea "your call is important to us" etc with hundreds of calls in the queue. It is a world wide problem that is hard to deal with. OverClockers are trying to sort something but it is only for long term forum members with over 2000 posts. Physically going to a shop would be better but that isnt practical at the moment. What ever they do someone will say that it isnt fair.
  8. the video the comment from OC staff His video is accurate and I agree it won't be until 2023 until things recover, irrelevant of what mining does. But he is missing one major point. Yes the demand is through the roof, but that demand is mostly down to greedy scalpers. The simple fact is the scalpers have got so smart with their BOT's and scripts that anything that goes live gets bought up immediately and now no matter what we try seems to be futile. A few examples, we put some 6700 XT live last week at MSRP, brand new product never seen before so its not like scr
  9. I would re use both of your SSDs as additional storage and dedicate one just to downloads. That way you have the install .exe for your bits and bobs, eg teamspeak, mods etc
  10. 410 BG. 2 pilots, 2nd lt Major Major and 2nd lt David Crosby flew straight to the target area, as we didnt have a flight plan,and searched for targets. We flew low level and located several groups of enemy forces. We then proceeded to drop bombs on them scoring 7 hits each. Not wishing to get shot at more than we needed to, we headed home and made safe landings at our home field.
  11. Hello everybody, Another week has passed and our work has moved another step forward. The Collector AAA vehicle, 25-mm automatic gun installed on the chassis of the GAZ-MM truck will be finished soon - the physical model of the truck is ready, as are the automatic gun animations and functioning, all animations of the chassis and the crew as well as gun ballistics and damage model are also done. The correction system for the gunsight that turned out to be incredibly complex kinematically is in. The unique audio and more detailed tech of the tires visualization and deformation
  12. I havent given up hope just yet.....
  13. Maybe not this year then . Next year should be AWESOME to make up for the missing airshows!
  14. Is there any update on the show?
  15. It has been mad for some time Nick
  16. The 3070 is probably entry level for VR which is the point.
  17. this could be something to do https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70363-d-day-campaign/
  18. I dont think the 3060ti would be a vast improvement on the 1080. Certainly not worth thinking about.
  19. I would expect them to be the base Founders Edition. Scan is the UK distributor for Nvidia. As you can see from the above posts ALL graphics cards are rare but some, 3080 I am looking at you, and even more rare.
  20. There again last week there were no 3090s incoming and 4 days later Asus 3090 TUF OC x8 Asus 3090 Strix OC x4 Gigabyte 3090 Gaming OC x5 Gigabyte 3090 Master x5 Asus 3080 TUF OC x8 Gigabyte 3070 Gaming OC x30 So things can get better but very slowly. At least BB will get my 1080oc when my card comes in
  21. I dont feel so bad about being 100 yards behind a FW190 who was flying straight and level, and having NO AMMO left
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