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  1. some stuff plus this today Surely, we have worked on the other parts of the sim as well. One month ago we could show you the 3D model of Me 262 without textures and a couple of weeks ago you saw the cockpit of P-47D that was untextured too, but today we present them to you in the game engine - the artists haven't finished the texturing and materials yet, but they are almost done. What can we say - while P-47D-28 cockpit is a bit overwhelming with all the details, instruments, controls and various information plates, the jet aviation pioneer Me 262 looks strikingly beautiful in the air. Here they are:
  2. Crash

    One liners

    Stewart is a Canadian from Canadia
  3. Crash

    One liners

    I also like Milton Jones, Stewart Francis and Tim Vine.
  4. Yes it is, might be there next week
  5. One possibility would be to do dogfight maps with a full set of planes until BoBP drops. This might help people get used to how things work take offs landings shootings etc.
  6. Not many (thats an understatement. Right Sid?) or is it overstatement? Well one of varp guys turned up and then left as Sid and I were BoXing.
  7. I would be happy to start Tuesdays as BoX anytime, its for the guys that dont have all the parts/planes yet to say how they feel.
  8. its looking good......... Hello everybody, While, as you know, we're working on several projects at once, today we'll tell you about our the current main one - Bodenplatte. The most important new tech we're developing for it is the FM improvement to take into account the air compressibility and its influence on the aircraft stability and handling that is noticeable at high speeds. The late war aircraft are a pinnacle of the piston engine technology and they can approach the sonic barrier, especially in a dive. And of course this new tech is paramount for our first jet - Messerschmitt Me.262 'Schwalbe'. You may have wandered will the new tech work for the existing aircraft released before - it certainly will, we always update all aircraft to take advantage of the new tech so they all have the same modeling fidelity. Meanwhile, our artists are working on several 3D models simultaneously (some are nearly complete and the work on others has just begun): Bf 109 K-4, Me 262 A-1, P-47D-28, Fw 190 D-9, Hawker Tempest Mk.V and P-51D-25. We also decided to improve the recently released Fw 190 A-8. It will be able to carry 1000 kg SC 1000 bombs with reduced ring stabilizers and "M8 Panzerblitz 1" HE rockets and you will be able to remove the nose-mounted 13 mm MG 131 machine guns, resulting in four different modifications of this plane: Fw 190 A-8 (fighter) Fw 190 A-8 Sturmjäger (better armoured interceptor) Fw 190 F-8 (attack plane) Fw 190 G-8 (fighter-bomber) So, while it may appear we have only one Fw 190 A-8 in the sim, in fact, you'll have 4 different modifications. This is also true for many other aircraft - in one of the coming Dev Blog releases we'll compile the complete list of aircraft including the possible modifications. Since the words are best followed with visuals, today we can show you the WIP screenshots of Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 'Kurfürst', Republic P-47D-28 'Thunderbolt' and Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9 'Langnasen-Dora': Our map designers also have something to show you today. In Dev Blog #193 we presented the early European map prototype. At the moment, th designers are working on the road network and settlements. The total amount of settlements will be around 300 including so many towns we have never modeled on one map before. To be able to finish this work in time while modeling the general layout of the cities and towns the special settlement block designer tool has been created. This is a small teaser, a Western European town made using this approach (this is not a particular historical town, but a test layout):
  9. sound adjustment mod https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39304-mod-sound-adjust/?tab=comments#comment-664363
  10. Han has posted but it looks a bit wtf to me........ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-663572
  11. What do I need to do BT Home Hub 3?
  12. Crash

    port forwarding

    FT will know, it could well be though
  13. This looks promising https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39097-pwcg-50-beta-coop-support-is-available could be a handy tool
  14. The icon mod is very good in VR much less gamey
  15. Report post Posted 1 hour ago 199 Dear Pilots, Summer is winding down and we’re getting back to our normal work schedule. Here are some early pics of our Me-262 model. Looks fast doesn’t it?
  16. Why did I look at this 😍 https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-joystick/
  17. Make a copy of the jsgme.exe and a mod folder in your BoX data folder (I think thats the place) and do like 1946
  18. Thanks for that Arthur
  19. Crash

    Warthog Key assignments - DCS-CLOD-BOS

    Keeps as many buttons as possible similar to what you are used to. I use the grey rotary on the throttle for pitch. I use Target as it combines all my TM controllers into one, and then map the buttons to keypress or macro.
  20. Crash

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    This is very usefull info https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change
  21. Crash

    Thinking of water cooling

    Is it a good idea and what are people using?
  22. Crash

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    With reguard to thw Win 10 key, dut you just use your Win7 key and was there any problems?
  23. Oh YES 10777 2669 posts Location:Las Vegas, Nevada USA Report post Posted 18 hours ago 198 Dear Pilots, It’s the summer holiday season and many team members are taking their hard-earned vacations. So, as a result our ability to give you super detailed Developer Diaries is diminished a bit. However, we have the first shots of our American P-47D-28 “Jug” in the engine. The cockpit is under development and these shots are of course Work In Progress. She’s turning out to be quite the beauty! We hope you enjoy!
  24. Crash

    Any Flypast magazine readers?