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    Graphics Cards

    A fast graphics card will also help with "photography" Know what I mean? nudge nudge
  2. Very nice Dear Friends, In today’s DD we see images of the AR-234 in some new skins and geometry of the IAR-80/81 cockpit. We also see the implementation of WWII style barrage balloons which can be used to protect ships and ground targets. These balloons can be towed by ships, winched up and down and if the wire is hit hard enough and severed the balloon will fly away. If the Luftwaffe ever does reach the invasion fleet watch out for these new obstacles! Our AR 234 B-2 jet bomber is nearing its final stages of development and we have some cool skins to show you today. What a great looking aircraft. The IAR-80/81 Collector Plane is also making progress. The cockpit geometry is about done and ready for texturing. Looks like a very busy cockpit! Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
  3. Crash

    Graphics Cards

    I dont think that GBS uses a lot of graphics memory but I could well be wrong. I would ask the question on the GBS hardware forum. Good luck
  4. What he said! I do think that when times are tough, it is good to have something to do that completely gets you away from the real world.
  5. 27/01/45 John Mayer ground 16x facilities 5xtrucks 3x cannons 2x AAA
  6. John Mayer is back from his sickie and wants to fly P-38s again.
  7. Dear Pilots! Today’s DD is all about the mighty Mosquito FB Mk.VI, which is nearing completion for Battle of Normandy! We are finishing her systems and flight model and preparing her for release. As you can see from the images, she is a really good-looking aircraft and there are tons of armament options. She packs one hell of an offensive punch with awesome flight performance. We think she will be an incredibly popular ride in Great Battles. Below you see the almost completed cockpit along with several armament options and skins that will be included. Unfortunately, some systems were not functioning yet, so I was unable to launch any weapons or engage in combat, but she will be entering Beta very soon where the testers will put her through her paces. Stay tuned for more as we get the “Wooden Wonder” ready for release! Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
  8. Please speak up if the time slots need tweaking.
  9. Thanks for the info Bongo
  10. From Leon Portier Respawn Coop Missions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fight for Velikiye Luki PVE Description: Tanks are preparing to assault the city of Velikyie Luki. Fly and complete 6 different objectives from ground attack to intercept mission types with your friends! Since this mission is set up as a dogfight one, it allows respawn, plane selection and join in progress as seen in regular dogfight server. Only the blue team is AI controlled. Fight for Velikyie Luki is also designed to be hosted from the Multiplayer Menu in IL2 from regular Personal Computers, making DServer optional. Available Planes: IL2 1941 / 42, PE2 s35 / 87, I-16, MiG-3, LaGG, P40, Spitfire V, Yak s67, LA5 s8, U-2VS (Spotter) Recommended player count: 2 - 12 Map: Velikyie Luki Hat auch deutsche Übersetzung! ¡También tiene traducción al español! English Briefing German Briefing Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Dogfight folder: (Release: 28.04.2019, last update: 31.08.2021) https://www.dropbox.com/s/9to54xrc65rd6ql/fight_for_velikiye_luki_pve.zip?dl=0 Special thanks to JP, Sketch, Chad, RoyRoger, Dorf, ResonantCard and the 216 SAD for helping and testing!
  11. Might it be worth doing re-spawn coops? Late comers would not be an issue and if people want to land, again no problem
  12. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/78461-looking-for-a-squadron/#comment-1184629
  13. I dont think the DCS is to blame as it does offer a different style of flying, I can understand wanting the challenge of a more complex sim and if people want to do that its fine with me. Maybe we could change what we do to attract and retain players. I also think that if someone has some bad stuff going on in their life it can be a good thing to make some time for themselves and flying with the Dogz can be a good therapy.
  14. Was it just 4 last night?
  15. Would it be worth PM-ing some who used to fly but now only visit the forums to find out what if anything would entice them back. I do think that if you get out f the habit of doing something regularly it is hard to get going again. I can think of quite a few people who I would love to see back flying with us. I will stick with it and if numbers continue to drop maybe look at a different format.
  16. Steve Marriott claims 1x Bf-110 Delta (got hits as well) 1x truck 2x AAA 9x Facilities flattened the HQ
  17. Noooze Dear Pilots and Tankers, Today’s DD is a collection of images of new content in development by our partners such as Ugra Media, DigitalForms and others. First, we have a few very much WIP images from the C-47 cockpit being built by Ugra Media. As you can she its coming along nicely and it will add a new dimension to Allied air operations! Next, we have some amazing cutaway shots of the Churchill Mk.IV tank being built by our partners at DigitalForms. The engineering and work they do for Tank Crew models is simply the best in the business. Looking great! They are also working on the Stug III which as you can see is not as complete as the Churchill, but the modeling is just as detailed. Here are a few shots of some sub-assemblies. Finally, we have the Sd. Kfz. 234 which is built by a collection of professional modelers we call Luchin Team. This armored vehicle will be on the Normandy battleground later this summer. Please cheer on our partners as they work to bring some very interesting new toys to your favorite combat simulator – IL-2 Sturmovik! Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
  18. No problems, join when you feel like
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