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  1. multi-sim control key and axis mapping

    Best I can suggest is set up you main/favorite sim up and then make the other sims match as best you can. BoX will be a bit different due to having to make some controls that you might want on an axis that need to be put on buttons. Flaps and trims I am looking at you
  2. Datamancer Sojourner keyboard on amazon

    They are very nice but I am not very good at using them
  3. VR

    WOW I can see why people think that flat screens are SO last year If the resolution was higher it would be even better. All you would need is a Buttkicker and one of these
  4. We need to talk...

    I was going to ask why, but ,well lets not go there
  5. We need to talk...

    Well after some faffing about I tried a flight in BoS. It was a bit blurry due to the lens not fitting properly in the Rift but WOW The P-40 cockpit feels quite a tight fit and the sensation of height makes it feel very real. It might take some time for me to adjust the seating position on all the aircraft and get the controls/VoiceAttack settings up and running but it will be well worth it. The lens inserts I got are from VR labs and I cant seem to get them positioned right. I have ordered some extra padding for the Rift and hopefully things should improve as the image sharpens up a bit if I move the headset away from my face and it will give some room for my glasses if needed.
  6. We need to talk...

    Yes and no. I spent a bit of time setting it up and then ran into problems with the headset loosing the HDMI connection. I got on to Amazon and they said return it and we will give a refund It gets better, the refund is £399.99 and a replacement will cost £350 AND they are giving me a £10 compo. I am picking up the replacement from PC World tomorrow and it comes with a 2 year guarantee so I am £60 better off and have hopefully 2 years of trouble free simming
  7. We need to talk...

    I dont think the BoX series is much more complicated than HSFX and the way it is progressing is very encouraging. We shall see what the future brings and pretty soon too
  8. Win10 seems ok but it can update often. this tool should be help you with controller assignments I know that there has been issues with Saitek but dont know any details.
  9. There is a rumor that the lag issue is fixed and a patch will be here soon.
  10. co-ops nearly here

    Good quote from the SoW forum from Stg 77 Count zero And usually in coops people would read briefings and do as told HaHaHA!
  11. christmas sale on

    50% off BoM BoS and other stuff https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33073-holiday-sale-launched-dec-21-jan-4/
  12. My registered email address is no longer available and I have forgotten my password. I am waiting to hear back from them but it has been quiet for 2 days now. Now sorted
  13. What is the verdict? Steam havnt got back to me yet so I am not able to download. I might even have to buy another copy so is it worth it.
  14. Wow wow wow!

    When 2.5 happens I can see myself having to learn some new things. That must be awesome in VR
  15. online servers

    Something like that would be good for a group like us.
  16. Welcome glad you made it over here
  17. Coming back to the kennel!

    You up for some Sunday fun?
  18. I am enjoying flying about the Kuban map and I agree about the wind noise. Since Loft left I think Jason has tried to get the spirit of the original into the latest version. Here is hoping that the next update isnt too long.
  19. Maybe we do need to make a date
  20. As you might have gathered, the squad hasnt done much with BoX yet (Captn Jack & crew excepted,oh and Arthur ) However I am sure that once we are up to speed a couple of us will want to get involved with your project.
  21. News just in https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32758-final-release-battle-kuban-delayed-little-bit/#entry543563