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  1. I won't be there tonight but I have done a bit of practice on the QMB map with no wind. Provided I can line up on the target I can hit it most times.
  2. As Tank Crew is getting more popular would it be possible to run a Tank/Plane dogfight map from 7pm until 8pm on GBS nights? Sid knows a few who have or are getting it and it might encourage new members. What do you think?
  3. I have added the F6 option with VoiceAttack so when I say "Bomb View" I can watch the fall of the bombs I did enjoy the session but I do find that the gauges are a bit blurred as I cant use the zoom like I can in the cockpit, which makes setting the sight up a bit hit-and-miss. Hopefully a Reverb G2 or Oculus Quest plus a new graphics card should help when things have settled down next year.
  4. As John Mayer is a bit poorly, David Crosby would like to do A20 stuff while John gets better
  5. This is mine , the icon_nav mod replaces the lollipop with a yellow box I ICON_NAV_v2.zip
  6. Would it be an idea to have the Hs129 or the Stuka mitt der big kannonz?
  7. I also use ICON_NAVv2 which replaces the lollipop with a small yellow circle. Close up named pilots would be great, say 300 meters, as in reality pilots with 20/20 vision should be able to do that.
  8. Dear friends, As you know, the long-awaited Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka was released officially recently. This is a very important milestone in the development of the IL-2 Great Battles series even if it has deviated from the aviation theme a bit. However, those of you who read our Dev Blog regularly know that the tank project development contributed to the aircraft features immensely. And while today's Dev Blog is dedicated to tanks, in the near future all the aircraft in the series will benefit from both things we'll tell you about (3-dimensional visualization of the t
  9. Have you seen this reply to your question Colin? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67255-icon-options-is-this-possible-plane-icon-only-nothing-for-tanks/?do=findComment&comment=1028915
  10. Just had a play with it. Is there an auto mode like the 46 version or do you have to wait until the target is in the crosshairs before dropping? Forget that just watched the Requiem video
  11. Hello and welcome. We are running a campaign on Sunday so if you can fly the P-38 and want to join in read this tread. Always happy to help new recruits.
  12. I hope that I can join this time Friar Either would be good for me.
  13. Jolly good show I didnt have a great mission last night. We turned south to do some mud moving and I copped a flak hit on the way there. Luckily although it was handling badly and spilling fuel I managed to land at an allied airfield without mishap. I might be ok for tomorrow morning
  14. Does it work now?
  15. I will be there. I will give my install a good test this afternoon. Good luck Mick
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