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  1. I have re-installed my graphics driver and the CTD issue seems to have gone away I thinks its HSFX this week but I could be wrong.
  2. Crash

    All debriefy and things

    Some pix (quite a few of the spit formation were taken at 100th of a second )
  3. Crash

    All debriefy and things

    I really enjoyed the weekend and thanks to the dogz that attended. According to the ATAG forum the was a demo of the DCS Spit in VR in one of the hangers. I will look through my photos later and put a couple up.
  4. Crash

    All debriefy and things

    Guess who didnt charge their camera batteries because it measured 100% on the camera and anyway I have a spare. What could possibly go wrong I did take some before the battery went flat.
  5. Crash

    Last Sunday

    I took a 3 hour drive down to Santa Pod Raceway, boy was it hot down there . It has changed a lot since I used to go regularly. I wanted to try out my big lens as it was nice and bright.
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    From the album: Untitled Album

  7. Crash

    Last Sunday

    You dont get the smell or the ground shaking on the telly
  8. Crash

    I would love to make one of these :)

    He has a new version
  9. Crash

    Untitled Album

  10. Crash


    From the album: Untitled Album

  11. Crash

    Pop Van.jpg

    From the album: Untitled Album

  12. Crash

    Outlaw final.jpg

    From the album: Untitled Album

  13. Crash


    From the album: Untitled Album

  14. Crash

    Flying Legends 2018

    A bit Off Topic, but does anyone want any railway books? I found four locomotives in 4mm and a couple of photo books. I will bring them down if needed.
  15. First In-game Po-2 Shots Here are the first WIP screenshots of the Po-2 aircraft being made for the sim. This famous general-purpose biplane served in many roles during WWII, the Korean War and peacetime. It did it all from aerial recon, ad-hoc night bombing to crop dusting. Its 3D model for the sim is being developed by our external development partner Yugra Media. As you can see it's coming along nicely!
  16. Crash

    Flying Legends 2018

    Book early next time or you could cancel your room and take Jabos
  17. Crash

    DCS 50% Off Sale!

    Nice to have a plan
  18. Crash

    Bomb Sight Bindings ?

    Maybe try using joy2key or similar for binding x/y mouse axis?
  19. Thanks for that, very interesting.
  20. As coops are here, I feel that it would be a good idea to log who owns what aircraft. What do you think?
  21. Crash

    Who has what

    Didnt see that coming
  22. Crash

    Hs 129 wont start

    It turns out that the buttons for mixture up/down were set to pulse in Target. When I set them to hold I was able to increase the mixture as the start up was finishing and the issue has now gone away
  23. Stupid start up switches the mixture to zero. How do you start it?