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  1. Friar

    Flying Legends 2018

    It was great to meet up with the guys again, had a great day, planes, sunshine and great banter, what more can a man ask for.....even had a pretty singer blowing me a kiss and lusting after me and not Sid standing dirctly behine me in her line of sight...it was me honest...
  2. Friar

    Flying Legends 2018

    Well dont all feint but as I will have been on a work staff day in Warwick the day before I have just purchased a ticket for the Saturday. I will not be staying over just coming to the show to catch up with you guys. Hopefully be able to get on line soon (life a mess at the moment) Cheers Friar
  3. Hi Guys, Finally getting round to sorting out my loft. I have managed to clear my way into the "IT Corner". I have available if anyone wants it for parts / bits etc my old X52 throttle and joystick. I recall replacing it due to spikes I think. If anyone is interested just let me know, otherwise its off to the dump next week. Cheers Friar
  4. Friar

    We need to talk...

    If we were to give an official vote to a new IL2 package to get us started which one are we suggesting is the minimal entry version, considering machine specs etc. is it a case of no windows 10, no can do with any of the versions? can a person fly in multiplayer if they do not have the same version and or planes? what do we do if the minimum specs are beyond someone's pocket for an upgrade, the dogz have always tried to fly to the lowest common denominator. the videos I have seen seem to point out some significant imbalance with flight models, will there be free patches? Friar
  5. Friar

    Il2 Announcement

    Here is the announcement Crash mentioned in the Lets talk thread...... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/
  6. Salute, I thought I would share a video I have just made of me competing in an on-line race in Assetto Corsa. It was exciting stuff with some close action.....
  7. Thanks Arthur. I really enjoyed that race.
  8. Friar

    What goes up might come down

    Very funny and worth a listen
  9. Friar

    Racing simulator - a bit different

    FT posting about a racing simulator !
  10. Spent the day at a family's hobby of a miniature railway IMG_1467.MOV IMG_1480.MOV
  11. Friar

    Friar's Stuff

  12. Friar

    Windows Creator Update

    i had to re-install the wheel and pedals, stick seems ok
  13. Friar

    Windows Creator Update

    as soon as i got it on my machine i went into settings and turned all the new wizzie things off......
  14. Friar

    Being Sid Viscous...

    " I know - sproglet dependent! - that I shall be aquiring the 2.0 install ".... Fen thinks he is going to have free time once "sprog" arrives......
  15. if anyone else adds a "Yes!" it will be like the conception.......
  16. Friar

    Steering wheel

    @Arthur - Thanks. Please see below the same action from some of the other default camera positions. There are others but these were the easiest to capture. Enjoy!
  17. Friar

    Steering wheel

    I use a logitech G25 (wheel and 3 pedals). Consider Assetto Corsa as an alternative to Pcars if the bug bites............ This is me in the McLaren during an on line race
  18. I posted an idea about what to do on the Saturday evening, I thought I ought to gain a consensus of opion....
  19. Friar

    Happy non-denominational winter holiday

    Salutations to all from the Priory.
  20. HSFX Static Objects.zip View File This zip file contains a catalogue for all the static objects that can be placed on a map for map building. Submitter Friar Submitted 08/08/2012 Category HSFX 6 Checksum  
  21. Click Here to access our members map. To check the time around the world click Here
  22. Friar

    Member Map And World Time Zones

    There is a new member map chaps and some of you are not on it. Could we all check it out and have a look please?
  23. Friar

    Server Migration

    Even if funds are ok I think we should have a drive for some extra and allow Mr Enkel to take Mrs Enkel out for a meal as a thankyou, perhaps Ft and a plus 1 as well for all the hosting and effort in keeping the dogz flying (not as a foursome of course - we are not paying his airfair!) It is getting near to my birthday and I useually chip in around this time, so I will start the plate off......