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  1. Myself and FT are going to crew and Perf has agreed to start out as out Commander (we will see how long it takes for him to run screaming to the hills saying "never again with those two"!)
  2. Muti-Crew for this event. If you are wanting to take part in this event as part of a multi-crew please could you let me know your crew please, or put yourself forward as a willing crew member and we can then make some crews up. There are up to 3 positions available for each tank, driver, gunner and commander. If you want to fight on your own, no problem.
  3. Salute, Save the Date! After much work and excellent contributions from @Perfesser and @Sweper I am pleased to announce that I will be running the first mission in my "Battle Of The Bulge" series on Saturday 24th April. It would be great if we could get as many of the regular "Tankies" on parade as possible. Now, start time?. Usually I would have said that I would have started the mission around 20:15 to 20:30 uk time but as we have just put our clocks forward I appreciate that this may be causing folks who do not live in the centre of the universe (also known as the UK) so
  4. I would assume so as it seems to be from an American manual. Someone posted a conversion (see below) Not sure on the ammo loadouts.
  5. Just seen the below in the IL2 forums. Explains the pips in the Sherman gunsight. Just raise the barrel until your required piper is on the target
  6. So all being well this Saturday, I propose to have a final run of the Agility Test (I have replaced the lorries with Panzer III L and have also off set the bridges so that you can not use the opposite one as a guide. After that I will re-run the "Town Siege" mission where we all start in open ground and make our way towards the town. I will also add some targets in the town as well this time. Anyone that wants to multi-crew can. We can also look at how to set up TeamSpeak with each tank in its own channel with just the Commanders talking to each other.
  7. Thanks for the update Sid, adds to the knowledge base. Would be interesting to have a 3 man crew in a battlefield scenario, then no swapping required and see how that goes...
  8. Was thinking about this last night and my original idea of a whisper channel for commanders will not work as the channel will be empty and you can not whisper to an empty channel. So for this to work we will have to think of another comms set up. We could all stay in the same channel but mute everyone except your own crew perhaps? Still need to think of a solution for tank to tank comms. For it to work at the moment, we would have crews in their own room and then the commanders will need to set up a whisper that broadcasts to all other tanks, which may be not too complicated to set u
  9. Salute, Following on from the "success" of the event we did on Saturday, how do you guys feel about taking it a stage further and actually setting up crews for the tanks, perhaps even split off each tank into their own room on TeamSpeak with Commanders having a central whisper channel to communicate tactics and stuff? The more I think about the idea, the more I would like to try it. I certainly think it would add to the experience. There could be swapping of positions at spawn points (if crews wanted to of course) Your thoughts..........
  10. I know where I can source one and can supply for £475
  11. @Toad ok I will have a look. It actually might be easier if I do that and then circulate the recording and then take questions, that way people can do it when it suits them, its an option. Also happy to do "live" sessions. The UK clocks go forward this weekend by the way.
  12. Salute Last week or so a few guys mentioned that they would be interested in an introduction to the Mission Builder so that they could look at mission files and perhaps make some adjustments etc. I am happy to run a few sessions where I will take you through the basics. What I need to do now is find out who is interested and what would be a suitable time for all parties. If you are interested in finding out what goes on under the bonnet ("hood" for our colonial friends, and not 18th century ladies head wear) please post below and what sort of time slot. As a bench mark
  13. Oh and @DD_Sheriff 1987 is not acceptable
  14. Bumpty Bump Also how about adding your time difference from GMT. Lets use a line in the sand, So if it is 20:00 on Saturday evening in the uk, what time is it where YOU live (UK Dogz exempt from this bit, but if you have not added to the map, then please do)
  15. If the PC did not come with windows and you need a fresh copy, have a look a sites like https://softwaregurus.co.uk/ you just buy the licence from them cost £17.99 for Home £19.99 for professional (all legit, I have used them a couple of times now with no issues). You then create a windows media device (i.e a usb stick with the msi files on (very simple to do) and install from that. A lot cheaper than buying a "boxed" version which I believe can be around the £100 mark.
  16. @DD_Arthur - Welcome to my world...
  17. err, this post was from 2013 but thanks anyway
  18. Salute, Apologies for posting this in the general GBS forum but I wanted to catch all of the Dogz that may not read the Tank Crew threads. I am now starting to think about building the mechanics and guts of the "Battle of The Bulge" missions and although the first mission is still a good number of weeks away, I wanted to get an idea of the numbers that may / could consider wanting to take part. Outside of the people listed below (who I am already including) who have been regular "Saturday Tankies", do YOU think you may want to take part? The missions will run on a Saturday eveni
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/72/a7174172.shtml This extract from the above recollections; "We travelled north towards San Vito and the River Moro, where Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry [P.P.C.L.I.] had just established a small bridgehead across the River Moro, the furthest point north the Eighth Army advance had reached at the time, and were in urgent need of our tank support, as it was clear the Germans would return with their tank support to force the Canadian infantry back, and regain the bridgehead. It was a very very steep and difficult cl
  20. Nice vid when you get past the shouty bloke!
  21. What sort of mission is this? one of the scenarios in the single player area?
  22. My pc has just done a windows update. When I checked the optional driver updates, saw this...
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