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  1. We are aware of how discord can be both a communication channel and message thread however we have years of posting in these forums and it would take quite a lot to move us aay from it. Teamspeak also has the advantage of being able to whisper to different channels which I believe discord does not have. Download it, its free, I will the log in details again in a PM
  2. We have Discord capability, but are stuck in our ways with TeamSpeak I take it you have been given the details?
  3. Friar

    More help needed

    Hey @Pooka! Hope you are well. I think you need "External Free Camera at Player Plane" which by default is F2 F3 is "Flyby" and if crashed on the ground I guess you are not flying?... Will be great to hook up soon and have a chat. Hope this helps
  4. Salute I have just put the weather back to clear summer skies. Ref the location of the random Tigers, I may have moved them, or did I..... Also when on the range, you should now not get the message about Tigers being released. Friar
  5. Perhaps we need to have a session on tactics so I can program the AI to do things that a tank commander would do rather than just heading straight for the players position! I think we are going to get along very well....
  6. It is always better to learn on the job "dont just sit there...get one up!" The sessions on a Saturday always start with us just messing about for 45 minutes or so either on the range on in the skirmish town, then at about 20:30 we will start the event, which are usually a dog fight so it means if we get killed we can re-spawn or people can join later on in the evening if they want.
  7. On recent Fridays myself and Fool Trottel used to go onto the public servers but then lock down finished and he went back to the pub on a Friday night. On Saturdays we tend to play as a group against AI either on a scenario I have built or using a generated mission. Myself and FT tend to multi-crew (me driving/commanding in Axis tanks and FT gunning. In T34 I drive and he guns / commands) Painless, Sid and Parts tend to share the same tank with each taking the role of driver, gunner and commander. Multi crewing is good fun, for some reason getting blown up with a mate seems more fun!
  8. @DeadStikBillNo worries - I only just posted it!. As for being on line I will on today Friday 03/12 from 20:00 UK time and also on Saturday 04/12 from 20:00 UK time. If you are at a loose end.... we can make some stuff go Boom! Its pretty cool getting your take on how these tanks compare to the real thing, I am sure we ARE going to learn from you as well...
  9. Salute @DeadStikBill, I am probably (self appointed) Head Tank "Honcho" seeing as how I do the majority of the hosting and generate all of the missions and have loved the tanks from day 1. I use a Saitek X52 with the twist feature enabled. I twist left and right to turn the turret and forwards and backwards to raise and lower the gun. I also use the rudder peddles for steering. The power is also on the throttle. Half way is power off, any thing forward of the middle point is forward and anything negative of the middle point is reverse. If you do start mapping just be aware that some of the keys double map to your flight settings. For example open hatch is the same command as open canopy. If you change one you will change the other. Main gun is also weapon 1 for the planes etc We have a tank server that should be running 24/7 which has a very good gunnery range (I would say that, I built it). You will need to have "Mods Enabled" in the game, even if you do not have any at the moment, it needs to be on see the server. It called DangerDogz Tank Crew Map. When you get the mission briefing screen, zoom in to the map and you will see a number of start points. There is Battlefield, this gives you a starting position either Allied or Axis either end of an open plane. AI tanks will start moving towards you. Town Skirmish. This is in the town and is designed for player v player, but if you go Allied and kill the German truck that is by your spawn point the map with randomly generate up to 3 pairs of Tiger tanks and hide them around the town. You then have to go find them and kill them before they kill you, and they will kill you if they see you first. The most popular option in the Tank Range, located to the south of the skirmish town. Here you can pick any tank you own, allied or axis. You spawn in, start your engine and move into one of the revetments and start blasting away. The first couple of rows of targets re-spawn once they are killed. You will have multiple targets up various ranges up to 3,000m away. Some are moving as well. The map also auto re-starts every hour or so. I was going to play some Assetto Corsa Competizone (GT3 Racing Simm) tonight but if you wanted to join me on Teamspeak I would be happy to talk you through the main settings. I will be on Teamspeak from about 20:00 UK time and will probably be on till about 23:30. Anyone else want to join me for a cheeky Friday night tank session (seeing as how I may not make tomorrow)?
  10. I am sure our "colonial branch" members will be along once they have finished hunting and fishing and chopping down trees to suggest you join them at a time slot more to your liking, but you will always be welcome if you can make it to a UK/Europe time slot.
  11. Salute Sir and welcome to the pound. I am sure you will have lost of fun with us. Cheers Friar
  12. Welcome to the pound Sir. You have come to a great place, number one rule is have fun, we do not expect attendance (but hope you get hooked and turn up for every session of course!). There are plenty of us that would be more than willing to get you up to speed either in the air or on the ground. Although as far as tank tactics go I suspect you will be able to teach us a thing or two! Our schedule is as follows (UK times so I will leave you to work out the time difference) Our Canadian guys will tell you what time they hook up when us Brits and Europeans are asleep Monday - DCS 19:30 - Tuesday - GBS 19:30 - 22:30 (approx) On nights when we run a special P38 event players are asked to be on comms by 20:45 Wednesday - Thursday - DCS - 19:30 - Friday - Saturday - Tanks only 19:30 - 22:30(approx) Sunday - GBS - 19:30 - 22:30 (approx) - On nights when we run a special P38 event players are asked to be on comms by 20:45 We hope you have many many hours of fun with us sir! Salute
  13. Salute Operation Blackcock was an operation to clear German troops from the Roer Triangle, formed by the towns of Roermond and Sittard in the Netherlands and Heinsberg in Germany during the fighting on the Western Front in the Second World War. It was conducted by the British Second Army between 13 and 26 January 1945. The objective was to drive the German 15th Army back across the rivers Roer and Wurm and move the front-line further into Germany. The operation was carried out by Lieutenant-General Neil Ritchie's XII Corps by three divisions: the 7th Armoured Division (Major-General Lewis Lyne), the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division (Major-General Ivor Thomas) and the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division (Major-General Edmund Hakewill-Smith). The operation, named after the Scottish black male grouse, is relatively unknown despite the sometimes fierce battles that were fought for each and every village and hamlet within the Roer Triangle. I am currently working on bringing a representation of the above scenario to GBS. It will primarily be an Allied tank (M4A2) operation (we will be playing the role of the 7th Armored Division "Desert Rats" ). There will also be 2 or 3 flown missions (Typhoons) on a Tuesday night when I am hosting which will play a role of supporting the tank operations at key stages in the campaign. I have Sid already looking into producing a 7th Armored Sherman skin for us to use for this event. Stay tuned for more information... Friar
  14. Funnily enough Crash I was looking at those only yesterday and thinking the same...
  15. Friar

    Saturday 20/11

    Salute Guys, Due to on going birthday celebrations I will have to rule my self out this Saturday due to family coming round. Hopefully, I can get back to normal duties as soon as possible. Friar
  16. Salute With Painless, Sid and Parts attending my "bash" this Saturday I will not be hosting the usual Tank session. Not sure if @FoolTrottel will do anything in my absence? Cheers Friar
  17. Take it easy Tom, hope you get mobile again soon (especially before the 13th )
  18. ... fire a missile from 25 miles away at the blip on the radar screen?
  19. What I learned today on my walk listening to the second half of the above podcast... Russian engines had fitted to them a part not dissimilar to that fitted to F1 engines today... The Germans turned up for work one day at a Luftwaffe engine testing facility to find no engineering staff, they had all been conscripted to the army... German plane numbers were found to be over quoted. It turned out to keep the high command happy with production numbers if a plane came in for a refit or paint job they gave it a new serial number...
  20. So you play the podcast from the link and it stops playing? I must admit I have only listened to it via the podcast app on my phone. I will try and play an episode via the link to see what happens.
  21. As you were - found the cause - I had forgotten that I had an extension lead for the speakers and that had become slightly disconnected.
  22. Salute, H E L P! So are you sitting comfortably? then I will begin... Up until Saturday morning my computer speakers have been fine. I switch them on, silence until I play something through them. Why Saturday, well , I tried to play around with my configuration and experimented using the HMDI output from my graphics card as a sound card (apparently you can?) and plugged my speakers into the headphone socket of my monitor. Well, the sound was crap so I put things back to how they were. I now get a hum from the speakers. I have tried the properties settings and am sure they are back to how they should be. I have tried disabling and uninstalling the Realtek sound device, then switching the computer off and back on, still the hum. I have even tried turning off the main fuse to the upstairs lights (because I fitted a new bathroom light on Saturday as well) still the hum. My configuration is (located on the back of the pc) Pink Jack: ---- to headphone microphone Green Jack: ----- Y Splitter#1 (branch 1) - Speakers Y Splitter (branch 2) - Y Splitter #2 (branch 1) - to headphone speakers - Y Splitter #2 (branch 2) - to Butt Kicker I have tried all sorts of combinations of plugs in holes. I have removed all the splitters and plugged the speakers direct into the green jack. I have tried the speakers into the front green hole. Still the hum. I have tried a different set of speakers. They also hum, but not to the same level. There is no "hum" in the headphones, they are as clear as always. Does anyone have any thoughts? Yours in desperation Friar
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