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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Nice looking desert skin for the Churchill, just what is needed for North Africa.. Please extract the zip file to the graphics/skins/churchil folder
  2. Found these two in the mission editor - c47-c and pzii-m-trash_hull_track4
  3. Hi @=VARP=Hunter and @=VARP=ThorThor I am afraid I am having to say sorry, we are now full. It is looking like we will have quite a few more players than the 352nd with just Dogz alone (plus you and Dragunov). Although we could accommodate more players it is going to imbalance the numbers by too big a margin. Would you like me to contact the 352nd on your behalf and ask them if they would be willing to take Kroat and Thor on their side? Sorry again Friar
  4. Salute Flack, great to have you with us. I will place you in my Troop - so you will be in C troop - as number 3 (Mossie is number 2) You will be in a Sherman, please remind yourself of how to use it, it is a tank you have driven before. Please be on Teamspeak by 20:15 UK time. See you on Sunday.
  5. PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have tried the mod pack and tested it on our server to make sure you have it all sorted. The map is running 24/7 for you to have a look. The event starts THIS SUNDAY 20th November. Please be on Teamspeak by 20:30 UK time.
  6. Friar


    Hi @DD_Petrol, Do you have the Dogz saved down as a bookmark? I just to look at the server list and also got an error. I never use that.
  7. Friar


    Hi Petrol, I have a meeting at 09:30 for an hour or so, after that I will take a look at what it might be. PM me a contact phone number
  8. Salute It is now only 15 days until we start the next Dogz v 352nd Campaign in "North Africa" (well Kuban actually but it sure does look like North Africa!) The mod pack which is required to take part in this event has now been downloaded 62 times as at 05/11/2022! We now have a final test map up on our servers if you want to take a look and get familiar with the terrain etc. With this in mind I need to start getting a firm idea of numbers, just in case we need to increase server capacity or team balance etc. If you can not make the first week but are wanting to join other weeks please let me know, the Dogz never EXPECT you to be available but it will help our planning for this event if we can get an idea of numbers. Would you please therefore send an email to dd_friar@btinternet.com stating that you are wanting to take part (no need to reply if you are NOT going to join in) and if you are wanting to fly or tank (or both). Please paste the following into the Subject of the Email: NORTH AFRICA - Yes Please In the body of the email paste the following and put an X in the applicable boxes Player Name: I would like to fly ( ) I would like to take a tank ( ) I am happy to be assigned to either ( ) Many thanks DD_Friar
  9. So far I have only had 10 replies to my email asking people to sign up so I can get an idea of numbers. The mod pack was downloaded over 60 times. How many of you deleted my email without even looking at it thinking it was just another update? Email text is in the next post. It makes the evenings very difficult to plan ahead if I and any commanders have no real idea of what sort of forces we can expect to be mustering. Come on chaps, if you think you will be taking part, please reply to the email, or after all my work is the ten that have replied (if you are one of them, and you will know who you are, thank you) all that are wanting to take part?
  10. Hi @DD_Arthur, no reason what so ever. I was just looking through and thought they could go. If we want to keep them then fine. Perhaps "Delete" is a strong word, perhaps we could move them to a forum called "dusty old cupboard".
  11. Salute I have gone through the forum this morning and marked those boards and threads which have been idle for a quite a while now with a view to deleting them. I will give it a month or so and if no one comes forward with a compelling reason why one or more of them should be kept I will remove them. Friar
  12. Hi Dragan, I see you have only joined on Sunday. We would like to know a bit more about you please as this event is not open to the general public, it is a squad v squad match. If you would like to become a full member of the DangerDogz to take part, would you please post in our Recruitment thread found here... http://dangerdogz.com/forums/forum/127-recruitment/ We look forward to getting to know you a bit more and thank you for showing interest in the DangerDogz.
  13. Hi Hunter, nice to see you are still watching our forums! I pasted this guide from a thread that some other clever sole wrote A. To install JSGME if you currently do not have it. If you do have it, then move to B. 1. Download JSGME (Jones Generic Mod Enabler) from: https://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml#download 2. Unzip JSGME to a temporary folder, and run jsgme_setup.exe, install it to your BOS game folder 3. Run JSGME.exe that was placed in that folder. It will start and a screen will display, it will show you the standard folder it will create where your MODS need to be placed. 4. Now close JSGME. This sets up the proper location for the JSGME MODs folder for your BOS install. B. To install the MODs with JSGME: 1. Download desired MOD zip file or files, in this case: Add SID's [Dogz Icon Mod] 2. Unzip your selected mod to the MOD folder that JSGME set up in the BOS main directory, in this case folder name should be "MODS\Dogz Icon Mod - Tank Battles v2.00" and "MODS\Dogz Icon Mod v1.00" 3. Start JSGME 4. On the left side of the JSGME screen will be the list of MODs you have available, and which are inactive/disabled. To the right the ones that are active/enabled.
  14. Nice to speak to you last night DD_Petrol, If you need any assistance with JSGME or other mods, just let us know.
  15. At least the engineers can smash up an old wardrobe and repair the wing for you! Glad the mission proved to be a challenge.
  16. @DD_Soapy You will need to have either Kuban premium or buy the Hurricane / P40 or Tank crew to play in this one as there are no rear gunner seats. Having said that you could pair up with someone in a tank as a Commander without buying Tank Crew but MUST have a few training sessions before hand for key mappings. Training on the night will not be an option I am afraid.
  17. Hey Papa.......are they the skeleton crew.. ha ha.. ha ha.. ha
  18. We will go with the same start times as before 21:00, so should be good Crash, even if you are a bit later, still no problem. @Ben griffiths - There just seemed to be too many issues with the logic, plus it seems to have helped the multiplayer server messages if it is more simple.
  19. Salute 352nd have contacted me with a possible date for the start of the North Africa Campaign. SUNDAY 20TH NOVEMBER Please let me know if this would be ok for you. If I get too many "No's" I will go back and look for another date. So far as at today Sunday 30/10 there have been 54 downloads (I am not able to tell who has downloaded) but it certainly shows there has been interest! The map is now in the final stages of testing and a few final wrinkles are left to be removed. It looks like I may have got rid of the multi-player server overload messages as well. If you have not downloaded the mod yet, and it is a MUST to take part in this campaign, you can get it from here; https://www.mediafire.com/file/x1hvnnmocw758ri/NorthAfricaCampaign.zip/file If you have not been sent a copy of the User Guide you can get it from here; https://www.mediafire.com/file/egnf4rstx0unhyv/North+Africa+Campaign+User+Guide.pdf/file UPDATE: There have been a few changes to the mission since I produced the attached guide. 1. The Airfields can now no longer be put out of operation by hitting the named targets. 2. Bridges will now auto repair after 8 minutes after being hit. Players no longer need to trigger the repair. It would be great to see the Dogz all getting together again for this event, in which we will be playing ALLIED this time so get yourself a Spitfire, a P40, a Hurricane or an A20! On the tank front we have the Sherman and the Churchill. Salute DD_Friar
  20. @Crash -yes, I had seen it. My AAA is my own and I have checked it can be destroyed. Thanks any way.
  21. Morning Crash, Ok I will put the server back up now (time now 09:03) so it is there for you. Many thanks. Friar oops - just realised you have mission files. Do you want the server or will you do it on your machine?
  22. I need to start gathering test results chaps; I have a list of the spawn points below. Please update it to confirm if you have checked any of the locations. You can spawn in safe and that there are no floating vehicles. Please add "Spawn Ok / No Floaters" for example. Thank you. Jorf - checked Al Ayati - checked Ben Slama - checked Boughrara - checked Boughrara East - checked Its A Khabab - checked Dirka Dirka - checked Gourine - checked El Grean - checked Bir Krenifis - checked Bungalow - checked Mtorrech - checked El Amal - checked Smar - checked Gabes - checked Bir El Hassei - checked Sanini An Nahal - checked Arram - checked Arram West - checked Sidi Makhlouf - checked El Fedje - checked Ejjfara - checked Ejjfara East - checked Tounine - checked Lazaiza - checked Mareth - checked Kettana - checked @26/10 - all checked - a few errors found which is great. many thanks to @Crash for his help.
  23. Ok, so perhaps "Alarm" was a bit strong - was to raise awareness that IL2 might be changing hands
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