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    P-40 not that bad to kill bombers?

    It's not the plane that matters its the pilot. Sometimes you have no or limited choice A good pilot can make the most of a plane. A bad pilot can make best plane look useless. Seriously 90% of your questions are answered in In Persuit, in the download folder I mentioned before or download from here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwif4ryw5c7fAhWfThUIHQSSBE4QFjAJegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw1SoicuTRqjZ_d4jgZ7fzdU Then you need to practice as Sid said
  2. Apologies, the dora is the late version of the Focke-Wulf 190 fitted with Junkers Jumo in line engine as aposed to the BMW radial for the A seriese Dora is for D, must have been some kind of Germal phonetic alphabet, some common ones used for Luftwaffe were A is Anton D is Dora E is Emil F is Friedrich G is Gustav the video you show seems to be of an emergancy type landing by modern aircraft at an unsecured airfield, not typical. If you need to get down hot and fast then try to practice the guidelines in the links I sent above and once smooth with standard approach then come in faster and then chop throttle and use flaps and sideslip to slow later in path, you will still need to be at correct speed, rate of descent and straight as you cross parimeter. good luck
  3. No, due to its design the me 262 required a long straight approach as it slowed down to land, to counter the high losses the Luftwaffe relied on flak alleys on approach route and then dora 9s as fighter cover over airfield during landing. I dont know where you found references to the approach you try but I have never seen it quoted as a technique used in real life and cant imagine where or when it would be used apart from as an emergency technique to prevent aircraft being shot down by hand held missiles say in Afghanistan where the perimeter could not be guaranteed as secure. I have seen some weird and wonderful tecniques tried online but mostly unsuccessfully, and online it does not matter how badly you land and beat up an aircraft, it costs nothing, you are never hurt and all you have to do is hit refly to be on your way again . As in most things softly, slowley,smoothly leads to best results in landing. S Delta
  4. I very much doubt it, why would anyone want to do such drastic manouvers ? If your aircraft was damaged you would place great strain on it, you also risk stalls or overshoots, I would think that the vast majority of landings were as part of a squadron formation and in a controlled path and rate of descent. If you want to find out standard approach then go here https://www.av8n.com/how/ section 12 deals with landings section 6 deals with angle of attack
  5. I wouldn't try this type of approach, angle of approach is too steep and controls too jerky so high risk of stall if too slow or as in the video overshoot if oo fast. I'm not the best at landings so use long approach, check speed to control rate of descent and if I need to bleed speed use side slip early and then line up making sure I cross end of runway at correct speed for that aircraft, flare out and drop gently onto runway. If Runway is hot and enemy near then don't land, find a quieter one if possible
  6. No problem, there is a lot of info there but if you want to survive online it boils down to Speed, Altitude, Surprise, know your aircraft relative strengths and plan your attack by Observe, Orientate ,Decide, Attack. As painless says flying on comms and with wingmen helps a LOT We all still do common mistakes and sometimes its good just flying for fun and going into a furball and turning and burning but you wont last long. S Dave
  7. If you want some advise and tips I have put up a folder in the downloads section , it included NO Guts No GLory and In Persuit as well as others, the most obvious thing in not to attack bombers at dead six and watch your angle of attack you seem to pull up sharply or fly nose up very often and that leads to loss of speed , stalls etc. If you know all this already then apologies for stating the obvious.
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    Im a strong probable maybe will confirm in new year
  9. any good tutorials on level bombing ?
  10. delta7

    Taffy Holden, The Accidental Lightening Pilot

    Brilliant my latest model is a lightning
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-45563335/the-daring-allied-plan-to-defeat-the-nazis
  12. delta7

    new toy

    I havnt been too active on BoX etc because of new toy, trying to learn how to get the best out of this...................
  13. delta7

    Gaming chair sale

    cheep gaming chair for those on the look out, just got mine, seems ok not sure if worth origonal £200 but will see how it goes https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/x-rocker-executive-office-chair-with-bluetooth-5999-argos-3018933
  14. Sorry I didnt see this before, Im not usually on this thread, but a bit of further info if you are interested. 603 is city of Edinburgh Squadron. AS my local squadron I have an interest and bought their official biography. Peter Pease has many entries covering his joining the squadron ( from 5 OTU) on the 6th of July 1940 until his death. He was a great friend of Richard Hillary who wrote " The Last Enemy" He was killed by escort fighters when pressing home an attack on He 111 bombers of KG26. here are excerpts from Leutnant Roderich Cescottis account who was in one of the He111s " A few tommies suceeded in penetrating our fighter escort. I saw a Spitfire dive steeply through our escort, level out and close on our formation. It opened fire , from ahead and to the right, and its tracers streaked towards us. At that moment a Me109, which we had not seen before, appeared behind the spitfire and we saw rounds striking the spitfires tail. But the tommy continued his attack, coming straight for us, and his rounds slashed into our aircraft. At the last moment the spitfire pulled up and passed very close over the top of us. Then it rolled onto its back as though out of control, and went down steeply, trailing black smoke." Peter Pease was 22. R.I. P In 1990 the crash site was excavated and parts of his spitfire are displayed at Nutkins Shoreham Aviation Museum.
  15. Thanks arthur , makes the game playable for me now , need to get some practice in. Gypsy see here for installing jgsme for BOX. I downloaded the file and put it into my battle of stalingrad main folder, there is a pdf guide in the download with instructions. I prefered a seperate install for il246 and BOX https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/36622-is-there-a-tutorial-to-use-jsgme/
  16. delta7

    Models from your childhood

    Dont have any old ones but here is the bulk of present kits, Phantoms fury SE5a curtis tomahawk spitfire V trop gladiator swordfish hurricanes mosqueto spitfires sea fury spitfire Me109s harriers F5s harriers tornado typhoon A-10 I have some helicopters and some 1/72 upstairs as well
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    Who has what

    russian shite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bf 110s and Ju88s ftw
  18. delta7

    Who has what

    Just bought moscow to help co-op hosts a bit
  19. These from my road trip to Skye, more to follow
  20. delta7

    Sunny Scotland- more pics added

    To be fair I was on that side of the road a lot 😏
  21. Hi and welcome back, unfortunately flight hotas now seems to fall into two categories, affordable but with quality issues or very expensive. I did a bit of research recently as I was thinking about replacing my saitek x52. The latter saitek products had quality issues that logitek are working on addressing and will replace faulty ones under warranty. Thrust master looked ok but didn't seem to have as many hats or rotaries Ch products have no software support since the engineer who did this retired and don't seem interested in this market sector any more. Fwiw I repaired my x-52 and I like it. Hope this helps
  22. delta7

    Hawker fury

    Airfix 1/48 Hawker Fury Scratch built pit , rescribed panel lines and reworked radiator Paints were Vallejo acryllic aluminium and humbrol silver from a spray can Kit decals EZ line and E string fron guitar rigging
  23. delta7

    A place to share coops

    Nor to bodenplate, ah well pre ordered anyway
  24. delta7

    A place to share coops

    I thought we were sticking with battle of Stalingrad as our standard? Or is this not possible for hosts? I have no plans to buy Kuban but will probably preorder bodenplatte soon . So my question is that with everyone having different installs how does that work for us on coops ?