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  1. delta7

    Models from your childhood

    Dont have any old ones but here is the bulk of present kits, Phantoms fury SE5a curtis tomahawk spitfire V trop gladiator swordfish hurricanes mosqueto spitfires sea fury spitfire Me109s harriers F5s harriers tornado typhoon A-10 I have some helicopters and some 1/72 upstairs as well
  2. delta7

    Who has what

    russian shite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bf 110s and Ju88s ftw
  3. delta7

    Who has what

    Just bought moscow to help co-op hosts a bit
  4. delta7

    Sunny Scotland- more pics added

    To be fair I was on that side of the road a lot 😏
  5. These from my road trip to Skye, more to follow
  6. Hi and welcome back, unfortunately flight hotas now seems to fall into two categories, affordable but with quality issues or very expensive. I did a bit of research recently as I was thinking about replacing my saitek x52. The latter saitek products had quality issues that logitek are working on addressing and will replace faulty ones under warranty. Thrust master looked ok but didn't seem to have as many hats or rotaries Ch products have no software support since the engineer who did this retired and don't seem interested in this market sector any more. Fwiw I repaired my x-52 and I like it. Hope this helps
  7. delta7

    Hawker fury

    Airfix 1/48 Hawker Fury Scratch built pit , rescribed panel lines and reworked radiator Paints were Vallejo acryllic aluminium and humbrol silver from a spray can Kit decals EZ line and E string fron guitar rigging
  8. delta7

    A place to share coops

    Nor to bodenplate, ah well pre ordered anyway
  9. delta7

    A place to share coops

    I thought we were sticking with battle of Stalingrad as our standard? Or is this not possible for hosts? I have no plans to buy Kuban but will probably preorder bodenplatte soon . So my question is that with everyone having different installs how does that work for us on coops ?
  10. delta7

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    I might have some spare decals if you need them, I built the newer revell a few years back
  11. delta7

    Scottish humour

    Here are genuine adverts for our National Drink ; Irn Bru aired on comercial tv here in Scotland Scotland is the only place in the world that Coca-Cola is NOT the number one selling soft drink It is rumoured to cure all known human maladies as per this little dittie
  12. delta7

    Finally upgraded my PC!!

    excellent !!!! now get reporting for duty again soon mate
  13. have a look here, in the first post there is key bindings, instructions and a video http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13039-sunday-18th-feb-bomber-boys-dd-team-event-4/
  14. I am available most nights apart from Fridays and Id be infrequent for Saturdays Id prefer Wed or Thursday for Box to kind of spread out my flying comitments
  15. delta7

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    wow your a real masochist, the new revell and airfix lancs are pretty good and would build easier, but maybe you have a good reason for going with this one ?
  16. Thought Id start this so folk can comment on the online servers they play on, good, bad,tips,links etc
  17. delta7

    online servers

    Online is pretty frustrating at the moment, Wings of liberty still very popular and hard to get a slot on, also suffering a lot of issues since last patch with overload. Icon on servers are just airquake ,lots of vultching and head on collision Lots of friendly fire on all servers Online does not seem to be any kind of priority so can't see customised icons any time soon.
  18. delta7

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    thanks guys , yes Sid this is the same problem I had, Iv superglued the cable at both ends but might go belts and braces and tape it up as well Ill have a look at that link Crash TY
  19. my x-52 has given it up , throttle ok but connection between throttle and joystick o/c must be a bust wire or connector- so need a new one - any suggestions appreciated if I get another x-52 then I wont have to map all my buttons again so thats favourite is the pro version any better?
  20. delta7

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    I was going to get the fighterstick but read that ch isn't supporting software and there are issues since last windows 10 update. The saitek sticks are getting a bit of bad reviews over quality so as I was stuck I had another go and managed to fix my existing one again, the issue is a poor connection between throttle and stick so once I had this sorted I superglued the connection to hopefully stop it happening. It's probably only a temporary fix but will give me more time to decide what the best option is
  21. delta7

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    thanks, I did consider these but I dont want to risk a second hand one , so I think Ill order the ch fighterstick and see how I get on with this
  22. delta7

    Who has what

    battle of moscow standard battle of stalingrad premium Bodenplatte preorder
  23. delta7

    joystick fooked any suggestions

    Found the old thread when my x-45 died, it was Nov 2012 so I have owned this for just over 5 years. Trawling through the internet and it's difficult to get anything other than logitek of thrust master here in UK, even c h is very rare.