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    Tom has asked me to post some news relating to the discussions and polls recently and the new schedule which will be run initially on a trial basis with a view to it becoming permanent in the fullness of time. So, after due consideration, starting from Sunday 16th June (this coming Sunday) the flying schedule will be changing to; Sunday - GBS Monday - IL-2 '46 Tuesday - GBS Wednesday - CloD Thursday - DCS I have also been asked to point out that this is NOT necessarily the final version and there is always room for changes to be made, but the key thing is that if you want to ensure that your preferred sim continues to flourish then numbers are what's required. Cheers all Jabo
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    Some pix from this weekend. I had forgoten what burnt nitro smelled like
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    Howdy chaps. Results are in. Before I announce the results, a quick explanation of how the voting was scored: For simplicity, I went with a "points based on preference" philosophy, so First place = 1 Point, Second place = 2 points, etc. As such it was a "lowest score wins" structure. Ergo, for the sims a voter had a total of 10 points (1+2+3+4=10) to distribute amongst the sims. For the days a voter had a total of 28 points (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28) to distribute amongst the days. Where a voter only applied a preference position to one or a few of the total available sim/day choices, the remaining points total left available to the voter were applied equally over the remaining un-preferenced choices. For example if a user chose only Il-2: 1946, that scored 1 point. The remaining sims then scored equally (10-1)/3 = 3. The scores as follows: Sims 1. GBS/Box - 55 points 2. DCS - 63.5 points 3. CloD - 78 points 4. Il-2: 1946 - 83.5 points Days 1. Tuesday - 80 points 2. Thursday - 95 points 3. Sunday - 100 points 4. Monday - 101 points 5. Wednesday - 114.5 points 6. Friday - 141 points 7. Saturday - 152.5 points A total of 28 out of a potential 35 members voted, representing a round 80% turnout. Spreadsheet attached for transparency. Please feel free to double check and tell me if I made any errors. DangerDogz Voting 2019.xlsx
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    Personally, I'll be sorry to see '46 and CloD go. For me, DCS requires too much effort to be moderately competent let alone competitive and GBS doesn't have the planeset or scenarios that hold my interest all that much. It doesn't matter really though - I fly so little now anyway that my input to the group is token at best. That said, I do think that the group as a whole needs to find a way forward that suits the majority of regular flyers. Our decisions when '46 was THE sim were easy - now there are 4-5, making everyone happy is going to be nigh on impossible. I will go along with the majority view for the good of the Dogz, whether I decide to fly or not.
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    I flew as number 2 in the 5 ship formation of Harvards on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was sort of surreal flying a WWII aircraft in formation flying over formations of Daks. from an operators perspective the whole 4 days was a total clusterfu*k but as a spectator it was amazing to see all those Daks. (I will never complain about Legends ever again) Sorry Crash for not immediately recognizing you, I had no idea you were there and I see familiar faces all the time.
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    My suggestion: GBS BoX is now our primary and logically occupies the #1. Tuesday slot. DCS would logically be then the #2 Thursday slot. However in order to give members a better chance of flying the primary sim in a social manner, I believe GBS deserves two nights a week in order to allow exposure to the greatest number of members. Ergo #3. Sunday should also be GBS. CloD then moves to Monday, and Il-2 1946 to Wednesday.
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    Well, we(you all) have been through this process a few times in the past few years. It seems not to have brought in the new members or gotten people to show up in the past that you have wanted. I hesitate to post an opinion because I'm not a regular anymore. I mostly don't fly online anymore because I'm getting older(sleep/attention focus problems); and I'm doing other projects. But for me, my favorite part of flying online was flying actual simple missions. Something that was short and sweet and fun. Then, do it again, and again. The dogfight servers where everybody does whatever they want, I find boring. I can do that on my own.. ie:learning a DCS/Box plane. Once I can takeoff, nav, land and bomb/dogfight I would be ready to have fun online in a good mission. Or, if there was specific aircraft training, that I think is fun too. Touch and Gos, bombing range, all practicing a specific aircraft so we can fly that fun mission.. I will say that most of the successful online groups focus on 1 primary sim. Even in DCS that gives you ~30 complicated aircraft to fly? Even that is hard to get everyone to fly in a mission(ie. can't have a Spit on a mission with a F-18c). So, it's hard keep the old players and recruit new ones. So, I guess I agree with what Fen said in an above post. You need to pick 1-2 sims, state what day you fly them. Have regular "FUN" missions. That's my 2 cents.
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    In a fit of spur of the moment, weather- induced boredom we decided to let the train take the strain and spend a couple of nights in central London wandering around doing the touristy thing. I was astonished by how much the skyline has changed in the fifteen years since I last had the opportunity to walk over Tower Bridge. All this high rise glass and stainless steel is all new to me!
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    After seven years of "window shopping", I finally was able to get myself a nice sports car. Had to sell both children and the dog but hey, what you gonna do ? It's a 370Z Nismo with short tail resonated exhausts. Sounds rather nice : )
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    It's like we almost know what we're doing!
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    Some of you DCS jet dudes/dudettes - particularly those of you new to the world of operations scented with AVTUR - will no doubt be somewhat puzzled by some of the codewords and acronyms bandied about. These form part of the Multiservice tactical brevity code - a standard series of codewords used by the US/NATO, these are terms that are homogenised so that everyone knows what's going on and what information is being imparted. Or, at least, that's the idea... List is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiservice_tactical_brevity_code Get swotting! Ones' you'll hear commonly: BRAA Tactical control format providing target bearing, range, altitude, and aspect, relative to a friendly aircraft. Bruiser Friendly air-launched anti-ship missile (ASM) (for example, Harpoon, Exocet, or Penguin missiles). Buddy lock Locked to a known friendly aircraft; normally a response to a spike or buddy spike call and accompanied with position/heading/altitude. Buddy spike Friendly aircraft(s) air-to-air indication on radar warning receiver (RWR); to be followed by position, heading, and altitude. Bullseye An established point from which the position of an object can be referenced; made by cardinal/range or digital format. Clean No radar contacts on aircraft of interest. No visible battle damage Aircraft not carrying external stores. Cleared hot Ordnance release is authorized. Cold Attack geometry will result in a pass or rollout behind the target. On a leg of the combat air patrol (CAP) pointed away from the anticipated threats. Group( s) heading away from friendly aircraft. Crank To maneuver beyond the range of a missile; implies illuminating target at radar gimbal limits in a beyond visual range engagement. Faded Radar contact is lost. (Termination of track plotting is not warranted.) Defensive/defending Aircraft is in a defensive position and maneuvering with reference to an active threat. Fox one Indicates launch of a semi-active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-7 Sparrow).[1] Fox two Indicates launch of an infrared-guided missile (such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder).[1] Fox three Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix).[1] Fox four Historical term indicating air-to-air or air-to-surface cannon fire. The term in current usage is Guns, Guns, Guns.[2] Laser on Directive to start laser designation. Locked Final radar lock-on; sort is not assumed. (BRAA/direction) Lost contact Radar contact lost. (drop track is recommended.) Lost lock Loss of radar/IR lock-on (advisory). Maddog Launch of friendly active radar homing missile, such as the AIM-120, without radar guidance from the launch aircraft. The missile will rely on its own radar to find a target and will generally track the first target it sees. Magnum Launch of friendly anti-radiation missile (such as AGM-88 HARM, ALARM). Marking Friendly aircraft leaving contrails. Merge/merged Information that friendlies and targets have arrived in the same visual arena. Call indicating radar returns have come together. Mud Indicates radar warning receiver (RWR) ground threat displayed followed by clock position and type. (type/direction) Music Electronic radar jamming. (On air interdiction (AI) radar, electronic deceptive jamming.) Nails Radar warning receiver (RWR) indication of AI radar in search. Add clock position/azimuth and radar type, if known. Naked No radar warning receiver (RWR) indications. Notch All aspect missile defensive maneuver to place threat radar/missile on the beam (directly perpendicular). Modern pulse-doppler radars remove ground clutter by filtering out returns from stationary objects; putting the threat on the beam permits the defending aircraft to be confused with ground returns and hence disappear from the threat radar. As missiles guide by creating a direct intercept course, this is also used to reduce the missile's speed and thus its ability to maneuver if radar lock is maintained. Paveway Release of laser-guided bomb or bombs Picture Provide tactical situation status pertinent to mission. Pitbull Informative call that an active radar-guided missile (such as AIM-120, AIM-54, Meteor) is at active range and no longer requires radar input from launch aircraft. Playtime Amount of time aircraft can remain on station. Popup 1. Informative call of a contact that has suddenly appeared inside of meld/CCR/briefed range. 2. Criteria used as a self-defense method, within the ROE, to protect friendly air defense elements from hostile aircraft. Range Two or more groups separated primarily in distance along the same bearing. Raygun Indicates a radar lock-on to unknown aircraft; a request for a buddy spike (position/heading/altitude) reply from friendly aircraft meeting these parameters (to prevent friendly fire). Rifle Friendly air-to-ground missile launch. Saddled Informative call from wingman/element indicating the return to briefed formation position. SAM (direction) Visual acquisition of a SAM (surface-air missile) or SAM launch; should include position. Shackle One weave, a single crossing of flight paths; maneuver to adjust/regain formation parameters. Skosh Aircraft is out of or unable to employ active radar missiles. Smash Directive to turn on/off anti-collision lights. Spike RWR indication of an AI threat in track, launch, or unknown mode; include bearing, clock position, and threat type, if known. Splash (A/A) Target hit with expended munition. (A/G) Weapons impact in lethal area of target Tally Sighting of a target, bandit, bogey, or enemy position; opposite of no joy. Vampire Hostile antiship missile (ASM).
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    When I pre-ordered Bodenplatte (what seems like years ago) I was taking a chance that I would still be around to see it delivered. I thought the same thing when I pre-ordered the Tomcat. Well damn, it looks like I will live to see Bodenplatte also! Can't wait to try the GB version of the P-38! I have decided that if something is "coming in two weeks" and it holds interest to me, I will get it. Maybe that's what keeping me kicking; the thought of wasting money 🀣🀣🀣🀣😘!
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    Just bought kuban in sale so should help with co-ops
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    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52553-and-now-for-something-completely-different/ Anyone up for it? It could be an 'event', periodically, if you see what I mean? We used to have them......
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    Ok Mick. It's very situation dependant. RWS (Range While Search) Mode Has longest detection range Has widest/tallest search areas available to the radar Only directly provides bearing & range to a contact (altitude can be worked out roughly by antenna elevation but that's more an intermediate level skill) Cannot ID contacts as friendly/unknown/hostile (in F-14) Cannot generate a track so target aspect/heading unknown Cannot be used to launch/guide weapons Best situation to use: Cruisin' , looking for something interesting. (Generally not a good idea to be in midst dogfight... but never say never!) TWS (Track While Scan) Mode Has shorter detection range than RWS Search areas available to the radar are more limited so as to maintain a contact update of under 2 seconds (needed for tracking functionality) Provides bearing, range & now altitude to a contact Can generate a track of contact(s) so target aspect/heading now is known Can ID contacts as friendly/unknown/hostile Can track multiple targets whilst maintaining scan of surrounding area to improve Situational Awareness (SA) Can be used to simultaneous launch/guide multiple Fox-3 type (Active Radar Homing (ARH); AIM-54 Phoenix, AIM-120 AMRAAM and R-77) weapons Cannot guide Fox-1 type (Semi-Active Radar Homing (SARH); AIM-7 Sparrow, Matra Super 530 and R-27R/ER) weapons Best situations to use: Found something interesting, could be bad guys, let's find out! Is bad guys! Let's engage Beyond Visual Range (BVR) with multiple badass boom-sticks! STT (Single Target Track) Mode Has similar range restriction as TWS Used to lock the radar antenna to Track a Single Target - hence Single Target Track (STT) Cannot track multiple targets simultaneously Cannot maintain scan of surrounding area to improve Situational Awareness (SA) during track of target Can be used to launch guide all A2A weapon types, however... Primarily designed to guide Fox-1 type (Semi-Active Radar Homing (SARH); AIM-7 Sparrow, Matra Super 530 and R-27R/ER) weapons Best situations to use: Run out of Phoenixes! Bad guys still inbound! Pick the most dangerous and lock him up for a Sparrow shot! Approaching a furball at BVR distance and want to help my mates out without accidentally shooting one of them down. Want to target a specific bogey for a BVR Phoenix shot to avoid my wingman and I shooting two missiles at the same target In the F-14 all these BVR modes have to be asked for from your RIO; if you have a breather in back then ask him nicely over TS; if Jester is back there then you request the various modes via his Menu. For those flying the single seater a/c, you will have the means to choose these yourself as pilot. As for symbology (F-14 specific): Unknown Unknown sensor track in RWS, TWS and STT modes. Hostile Track in TWS and STT modes designated as hostile by RIO. Friend Track in TWS and STT modes designated as friendly by RIO. Home base Waypoint representing home base, carrier or airfield. Waypoint WCS navigational waypoint, supplanted by number indicating waypoint 1, 2 or 3. Altitude Numerics When altitude numerics are selected for display a number on the left side of the tracks indicate track altitude to nearest ten thousands of feet. The number four as an examples indicate an altitude between 35,000 and 45,000 feet. Available on radar and data link tracks. Firing Order Numerics Indicates AIM-54 phoenix target prioritization (1 to 6) in WCS when in the TWS mode. Next missile launch will target track with number 1 and remove the number from that track to advance the other 5 track numbers one step to prepare for next launch. Mandatory attack selection on a target forces the WCS to always include that target in the prioritization. Next launch selection automatically sets hooked target as number one in the prioritization queue. Time-to-Impact (TTI) After AIM-54 launch the firing order number on a track is replaced with the TTI or time-to-impact indication, showing WCS calculated time until missile intercepts the target track. When the AIM-54 active command is sent the TTI numbers flash to indicate this. Velocity Vector Velocity vector emanating from center dot of tracks when velocity vector display is selected. Vector direction represents track heading and length represents track speed so that the max indicated speed (1 800 knots) is 1.5 inches on the TID. In TID ground stabilized mode the vector direction represents track true heading and the vector length represents track ground speed. In TID aircraft stabilized and attack modes the vector direction represents track relative heading (to own aircraft) and the vector length represents track speed relative to own aircraft.
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    I'd like to thank you guys for your Cliffs of Dover server on steam real pleasure to fly on & will see you in the virtual skies.
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    FT, Sid and Crash in the Bostons with Painless in the MiG
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    So for the benefit of those who didn't get to Flying Legends this year...
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    Thanks chaps ! Hey bongo, now you know how we feel when we watch you, ( through high powered binoculars), as you climb into the cockpit wearing those fetching, bun hugging flying overalls you dashing devil ! πŸ˜‚
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    Thy dont look as sharp on the forum
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    Our DCS Server is up and running. In a Beta form still, stay tuned here for the latest news on it. - Runs the latest-1 version of Fenrir's 'DD_All Planes Jet Practise' mission, and it does so... endlessly at the moment. So, in the end, ships will reach the harbor, it will turn dark, it will hang itself probably. Ie. there's no automatic restart yet... - A4 is in the mission, but only on ground start, so it will go BOOM!
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    Well there's a thing something just appeared in the module manager, i'm off to play with my bucket and spade 😎
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    Cheers for the heads up Bill. Be seriously considering thi... oh, will you look at that; appears it's just materialised on my HD... funny that! 😏
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    It's too bad you couldn't stay for the second day Dave, it was definitely an experience! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend on either day! Photos to follow once I've had a sleep.
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    Hi Dave, My suggestion was more of starting point for discussion and to generate positive/negative feedback than as a full-proof solution. What I suggest is that we volunteer/nominate 4 representatives to hash out in a private TS committee, each having chosen their first preference a different Sim. We'll each pour over the results and try to come to some sort of a consensus. If the Dogz approve of this course of action, then I'll try to organise a gathering this week. I volunteer to be the DCS rep. I would nominate the following members: Sid for GBS FT for CloD Jabo for Il-2
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    Due to the move to mainly VR games (so I dont need a large 4K monitor) and the photo programs now using Graphics card I have re arranged my man cave The main problem is to play 1946 or CloD I need to set up the small monitor to mirror the large one each itme I play. It isnt too much trouble so its not too bad.
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    I would love to see the likes of Pooka and Ovy fly with us again. With that in mind I am retracting my previous statement that we should no longer fly 46 in the name of reducing the total number of sims we cater for. Fen’s idea about flying IL2 46 aircraft we simply cannot fly in any other sim because they are not included seems like a great one . As long as folks turn up to fly 46 it makes sense. πŸ˜‰ ( no pressure lol)
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    Downwind take off????
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    Salute chaps, the numbers flying have been alarmingly low across the board lately. I have been guilty of not flying on a Sunday myself over the past few weeks so this is not a soap box request. For those who host it is always nice to have a good show of DDz for any session so if you have let things slide a bit or have been distracted by other β€œstuff” please consider getting back in the saddle more regularly. If there is a problem with our calendar of regular flying events now would be a good time to voice your concerns. We all have an equal voice here remember ! Thanks Dogz !
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    Another BIG update today chaps. Lots of fixes for everyone, plus the I-16 is available! Will add to mission ASAP:
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    Yes, I too am sorry for my lack of attendance. The scheduled work week I picked for the spring sheet I thought would work. Im finding it difficult to attend with the time I have allocated to myself or if I do its a very short session. With that said I will try to pick a better timetable for summer sheet in june, and start joining the Dogz more regularly during the week. As for Sundays and Sats very little to none, time spent with the Mrs" especially with summer and good weather approaching. When I talk to Artie Zukker AP and Ross, I will mention the situation here at hand. Flyin with you fellows is a blast and would hate to loose that. So in summary, most of the week is good for whatever but depending on the work schedule of coarse. Weekends and some Fridays are usually out. Cheers Dennis
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    CloD server: I have no intension whatsoever to stop it. All DServers (Clod, DCS, GBS) are now running on one and the same server. Rog is busy to move the rest (forums and stuff) over to it as well, so in the end there will be only one server left, which is good regarding costs. As in less than we are spending currently. I do not see any sense in trying to get CloD server - visitors - users to donate for it. If we want to go that route, then we need to limit access to it to folk-that-pay-to-play-clod, and that simply means shutting it down. As limiting access that way is too labor intensive and complex to implement. In my humble opinion, we offer a free service at the moment. No guarantees, it is what it is - anyone can use it, anyone can enjoy it - for as long as it's there. I do not want to handle any shift when people have donated, and next the CloD server's not available, and I need to fix it because they've paid for it - maybe they have not in a true sense, but they might think they are entitled to using it. I aint goin't here! 😎
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    A20B_4k_8thGBAP_2.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_3.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_4.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_5.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_6.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_1.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_A.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_B.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_C.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_D.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_E.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_F.dds Hello chaps. Back from a fantastic Duxford weekend and as always get inspired .... I have attached 12 A20 skins, 6 x USSR and 6 x USAAF. I thought that it would be good if everyone had them or at least the A20 pilots because it means that we can look like a squadron when on coops or dogfight. How cool would it be to run a mission where a number of A20s are dressed as a unit...Even if the non A20 flyers downloaded them it would mean they would see us all smartly dressed.... Perhaps even, and I know this is the Dogz, when selecting your A20 in the coop, if you are in the number 1 position, you took number '1' or the 'A' skin etc.... Aw go on...you know you want to... Cheerzen
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    Yes it is, i was looking forward to meet you all in person, but hope is not lost, planning for next year has already started.
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    OK so he has a list of requirements... 1. Get a group of friends and a person willing to host an event. - I think we have that covered 2. It can be as long or as short or as organized as you want ... OK, it has to be at least a little organized. - we can manage here.... 3. Set the time period and make your alter egos in the campaign. - "characters" covered... 4. Schedule a time and fly. - what are we waiting for?
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    Ok, good to know. So I'm thinking of a provisional syllabus starting with the following: Air to Air Radar Modes (general principles, all applicable aircraft) Fox 1 Air to Air Missile Employment - Semi-active Radar Homing (SARH) - F-14, F-15, F/A-18, M2000C, MiG-29, Su-27, SU-33, J-11 Fox 2 Air to Air Missile Employment - Infra Red (IR) - A-4, AV-8, A-10, F-5, F-14, F-15, F/A-18, M2000C, Viggen, MiG-19, MiG-21, MiG-29, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33, J-11 Fox 3 Air to Air Missile Employment - Semi-active Radar Homing (ARH) - F-14, F-15, F/A-18, MiG-29S, J-11 Guns Guns Guns! Radar Warning Receiver - Western Aircraft Radar Warning Receiver - Russian Aircraft Missile Evasion - Air to Air Missile Evasion - Surface to Air
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    Avoiding it? Looks like most of that specific mass is right below the VR Helmet usually ... ...
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    Some pictures of ceremony
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    I have booked a room for three nights in Cambridge and have tickets for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me know how or where I can meet any of you, I would very much enjoy that. Tomorrow I am off to Silverstone to watch some races.
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    Woooooooooo!😎 Doh! Now where is my dam wallet. My wife must have hid it again.😲
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    Salute Guys, I must admit that I have had my head turned by Assetto Corsa and now the new release of Assetto Corsa Competizione, enough to upgrade to a new computer to get the best out of my new graphics card I got from work and the VR headset. I have had the new pc a while now but have not got round to re-installing my flight controllers, a really big reason for not turning up to fly also my Sundays have changed and family demands meaning that timings no longer fit. Flying in the week is totally out for me as I am still hammering up and down the motorways of the UK. When I did fly recently it was more to catch up with you guys and I am sad to say that 46' no longer got me excited. If we were to move to a sim that meant I could utilize my VR in a flight environment , that would be a slightly bigger stick to beat me with to get my arse back in the skies with the Dogz. If we were to go with the VR compatible option (BoX?), could we do it in the public arena rather than a private server, might help recruitment? Cheers, Friar
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    Looks like we may finally witness a P-47 being put through its paces this year if this video from the weekend is anything to go by! Must be Richard Grace at the helm, that's certainly not the usual sedate approach usually taken by Stuart Goldspink - no offence to him of course, he puts on a wonderful Hurricane display, just never seems to wind up the Jug. Also, this could be the year of warbird aerobatic teams, if the Horesmen cometh and we get to see Nellie B as part of the new ULTIMATE FIGHTERS team. (Hints of Breitling Fighters most welcome) https://www.facebook.com/1785419121510239/posts/2378405305544948/
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    Can you imagine if they used three Kestrels for it!
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    Having had numerous requestsπŸ˜‰ for some Ben Tarvie Highland Railway' narrow gauge footage,I have succumbed to pressure.Do look at the others that are on my site. All generous donations and subscriptions greatly received to keep this line going!
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