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    I stand and salute the big BG. Always remembered, sadly missed.
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    New Years day and my 'new' toy is nearly seven years old Went for a walk on the beach. I'd like to say it was a bright, crisp and clear winter's day. It wasn't. It was urghhhhhhh......... "Look grandad. Even the freakin' seagulls are walking!"
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    OK, I will also chime in and say that I also dusted off my joystick (The dusty one). Ran into Psycho on FB yesterday and am really wanting to get the system up again. I really am stoked that you all still fly together. It was like a family when I was around and I missed you all. (Even though I couldn't understand most of you....Delta) Looks like I need to purchase a new game
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    It is my goal to participate this year. Edit: The usual: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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    Lol. How many other Dutchmen are there that have the cultural references to call someone 'darling' and a git in the same sentence?
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    Thanks guys, I'm sure becoming a DD added a couple of years to his life. I was just looking at old text and messenger Messages with him and it took me like 10 years to get him back into flying. Once I did it took several months to get him online, it took him awhile to develop enough strength and drive to handle the pressures of sitting and manipulating his muscles and concentration to pull it off. Being a working man, I could not be there for him as often as a group of like minded chaps could be. Thus the reason I prodded him into the DD, it literally took weeks to get him convinced you guys didn't bite LOL Here are some screen shots of us and Messenger, in the early days of Danger Dogz and getting the games going. I sure do miss him, I'm not going to show all our conversations, but we'd message each other on and off through out the day, at times on a daily basis. and just like TS we talked about everything and anything, short that stuff Mick rambles on about all the time LOL.
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    Flypast for Gypsy #1
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    Nearly home ... Painless and Fenrir, lead by Wiggy, from FT's cockpit What a joy!
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    Our DCS Server is up and running. In a Beta form still, stay tuned here for the latest news on it. - Runs the latest-1 version of Fenrir's 'DD_All Planes Jet Practise' mission, and it does so... endlessly at the moment. So, in the end, ships will reach the harbor, it will turn dark, it will hang itself probably. Ie. there's no automatic restart yet... - A4 is in the mission, but only on ground start, so it will go BOOM!
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    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52553-and-now-for-something-completely-different/ Anyone up for it? It could be an 'event', periodically, if you see what I mean? We used to have them......
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    GB dedicated server is running, on the same server as the Cliffs of Dover one is... Name: DangerDogz Password: <unowichone> Currently running two missions: - Dangerdogz test server 3 - Fighter sweep II_202818 I could spawn in, but a lot of 'Multiplayer server overload. Contact server administrator' messages showed up. Not sure what causes it, CPU is hardly doing anything at 10% Anyways, it's just a test thing at the moment. Go have fun with it!
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    Hi guys, here is something i put together for myself, but thought i'd share to all. Its a mod that adds the Hankenkreuz to all German planes, plus any planes that haven't been updated to 4k, it updates to 4k. It includes winter options which will be selected by default by the ai depending on map. This is used by me to make my targets and my comrades alike, look much better! Its quite easy when this mod is installed through jsgme to change the default skin of any plane to your liking if you so want, i could talk you through that if you wanted. Simply download the mod from our vault, And unzip the contents to your mod folder. Then enable them in the order, 4K Normalmaps 4K Default Skin Replacements for BoM-BoS-BoK 4K White Skin Replacements for BoM-BoS-BoK 4k Default Skin Replacements for BoBP The reason why its so big, is because all the BoBP German official skins have the Hankenkreuz enabled due to a chap called spudkopf's efforts. Enjoy!
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    Right, this idea having been floated over two months ago and attracted no dissent of any sort I will now assume is approved. New announcement inbound...
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    Today's mission, low level on our way to France ... Do note the altimeter, I did set it to zero on T/O ...
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    Nov 29 ..Big fight 😁 G-50s E-1s and Spitfires all in a turning fight. Everyone had a great time. Thanks DD
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    It was a pleasure knowing and flying with you Bill. Thanks for being a part of my life and sharing your incredibly valuable time with us Dogz. Blue skies mate.
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    I'll probably not be running it again for the time being - I've only got the 4K skins now and I'm pretty happy with what I have so... It's a fantastic thing you've done there FT - thank you
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    In the end, there are three options here: 1. ChkSkins full - all skins downloaded/uploaded, some 3700 at the moment, 40 GB 2. ChkSkins 4K - Limited to 1550 skins at the moment, 30GB 3. No ChkSkins The idea was to easily share skins ... and that has been achieved. In mission, I see a lot more custom skins than before. So, now remind me, where the problem is? If you think your free disk space gets too low, by all means, delete some, and do not run ChkSkins any more.
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    Apart from the convenience of having the same skins so we will able to see each other' in mission, I also enjoy this laziness Both were basically the goal of this little project ...
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    Showcasing one of the new flyable aircraft for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0.The highly anticipated Spitfire Vb Tropical variant. Update also includes new sounds and the new theater, North Africa. A more in depth look at the Vb will be released in the near future.The North Africa map is still in Alpha. It does not include the new cloud systems and weather, or other details such as rock formations or rocky abuttments, distance views, etc. etc. which will be seen in the final version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvQ3RC54R4 Cheers, Pattle
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