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    Personally, I'll be sorry to see '46 and CloD go. For me, DCS requires too much effort to be moderately competent let alone competitive and GBS doesn't have the planeset or scenarios that hold my interest all that much. It doesn't matter really though - I fly so little now anyway that my input to the group is token at best. That said, I do think that the group as a whole needs to find a way forward that suits the majority of regular flyers. Our decisions when '46 was THE sim were easy - now there are 4-5, making everyone happy is going to be nigh on impossible. I will go along with the majority view for the good of the Dogz, whether I decide to fly or not.
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    Well, we(you all) have been through this process a few times in the past few years. It seems not to have brought in the new members or gotten people to show up in the past that you have wanted. I hesitate to post an opinion because I'm not a regular anymore. I mostly don't fly online anymore because I'm getting older(sleep/attention focus problems); and I'm doing other projects. But for me, my favorite part of flying online was flying actual simple missions. Something that was short and sweet and fun. Then, do it again, and again. The dogfight servers where everybody does whatever they want, I find boring. I can do that on my own.. ie:learning a DCS/Box plane. Once I can takeoff, nav, land and bomb/dogfight I would be ready to have fun online in a good mission. Or, if there was specific aircraft training, that I think is fun too. Touch and Gos, bombing range, all practicing a specific aircraft so we can fly that fun mission.. I will say that most of the successful online groups focus on 1 primary sim. Even in DCS that gives you ~30 complicated aircraft to fly? Even that is hard to get everyone to fly in a mission(ie. can't have a Spit on a mission with a F-18c). So, it's hard keep the old players and recruit new ones. So, I guess I agree with what Fen said in an above post. You need to pick 1-2 sims, state what day you fly them. Have regular "FUN" missions. That's my 2 cents.
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    When I pre-ordered Bodenplatte (what seems like years ago) I was taking a chance that I would still be around to see it delivered. I thought the same thing when I pre-ordered the Tomcat. Well damn, it looks like I will live to see Bodenplatte also! Can't wait to try the GB version of the P-38! I have decided that if something is "coming in two weeks" and it holds interest to me, I will get it. Maybe that's what keeping me kicking; the thought of wasting money 🀣🀣🀣🀣😘!
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    From the album: Gypsy

    From my days with Team USA. We flew against other "countries" in the mid 2000s (IL2 1946). Only lost one match in 3 years.
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    Salute chaps, the numbers flying have been alarmingly low across the board lately. I have been guilty of not flying on a Sunday myself over the past few weeks so this is not a soap box request. For those who host it is always nice to have a good show of DDz for any session so if you have let things slide a bit or have been distracted by other β€œstuff” please consider getting back in the saddle more regularly. If there is a problem with our calendar of regular flying events now would be a good time to voice your concerns. We all have an equal voice here remember ! Thanks Dogz !
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    Another BIG update today chaps. Lots of fixes for everyone, plus the I-16 is available! Will add to mission ASAP:
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    Yes, I too am sorry for my lack of attendance. The scheduled work week I picked for the spring sheet I thought would work. Im finding it difficult to attend with the time I have allocated to myself or if I do its a very short session. With that said I will try to pick a better timetable for summer sheet in june, and start joining the Dogz more regularly during the week. As for Sundays and Sats very little to none, time spent with the Mrs" especially with summer and good weather approaching. When I talk to Artie Zukker AP and Ross, I will mention the situation here at hand. Flyin with you fellows is a blast and would hate to loose that. So in summary, most of the week is good for whatever but depending on the work schedule of coarse. Weekends and some Fridays are usually out. Cheers Dennis
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    CloD server: I have no intension whatsoever to stop it. All DServers (Clod, DCS, GBS) are now running on one and the same server. Rog is busy to move the rest (forums and stuff) over to it as well, so in the end there will be only one server left, which is good regarding costs. As in less than we are spending currently. I do not see any sense in trying to get CloD server - visitors - users to donate for it. If we want to go that route, then we need to limit access to it to folk-that-pay-to-play-clod, and that simply means shutting it down. As limiting access that way is too labor intensive and complex to implement. In my humble opinion, we offer a free service at the moment. No guarantees, it is what it is - anyone can use it, anyone can enjoy it - for as long as it's there. I do not want to handle any shift when people have donated, and next the CloD server's not available, and I need to fix it because they've paid for it - maybe they have not in a true sense, but they might think they are entitled to using it. I aint goin't here! 😎
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    So, looking at the member map, activity in forums, communication and those who I know to have flown with us at least once in the last year, I came up with 35 no. members. There maybe some others. Of that, 25 have thus far voted, making 71.43%. I was going to allow till midnight Sunday 26th May 2019 and then publish the results.
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    At last! The final, vital parts of my VR set up are completed
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    Would it be possible for these 'few people on TS' to post their opinions here in this thread? From what I've read here so far it would seem the number of Dogz who either don't have '46 installed or who have lost interest in it would seem to out number those who still use it. I'm not sure we need to associate GBS with the eastern front too much these days. Within the next two months it would seem likely GBS will be releasing it's new 'Deventer Bombing Range' map and an array of suitable aircraft to accompany it so I think GBS will undergo another growth spurt of interest as it turns away from the Eastern front.
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    Salute Guys, I must admit that I have had my head turned by Assetto Corsa and now the new release of Assetto Corsa Competizione, enough to upgrade to a new computer to get the best out of my new graphics card I got from work and the VR headset. I have had the new pc a while now but have not got round to re-installing my flight controllers, a really big reason for not turning up to fly also my Sundays have changed and family demands meaning that timings no longer fit. Flying in the week is totally out for me as I am still hammering up and down the motorways of the UK. When I did fly recently it was more to catch up with you guys and I am sad to say that 46' no longer got me excited. If we were to move to a sim that meant I could utilize my VR in a flight environment , that would be a slightly bigger stick to beat me with to get my arse back in the skies with the Dogz. If we were to go with the VR compatible option (BoX?), could we do it in the public arena rather than a private server, might help recruitment? Cheers, Friar
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    Again we need the views from the people who seldom fly or are thinking of returning as they might not have GB or DCS
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    Nothing much really, we mostly talk about how brilliant 1946 and CloD are ...
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    I dunno. I really do not know! Not that I do not care - Just can't make up my mind what to think. There's positives and negatives that I can sum up, but I'll go with what is best for the group ...
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    Hm, what if we simply create a Dogzday, add it somewhere into the regular 7 day week? We will all have a extra evening to spend on ... Oh, yeah, wait, on what?
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    Looks like we may finally witness a P-47 being put through its paces this year if this video from the weekend is anything to go by! Must be Richard Grace at the helm, that's certainly not the usual sedate approach usually taken by Stuart Goldspink - no offence to him of course, he puts on a wonderful Hurricane display, just never seems to wind up the Jug. Also, this could be the year of warbird aerobatic teams, if the Horesmen cometh and we get to see Nellie B as part of the new ULTIMATE FIGHTERS team. (Hints of Breitling Fighters most welcome) https://www.facebook.com/1785419121510239/posts/2378405305544948/
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    Good call Mick. If the current allocation of particular sims to specific evenings is causing you to miss out regularly then perhaps a re-organisation is in order. I myself can only really fly two evenings a week; as the squad DCS flagwaver, I've been concentrating on providing support for DCS users on these nights and joining other sim nights when I can.
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    Three Sabres!
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    Dear friends, The time flows and the Summer draws near, and we're another step closer to the release dates of our projects. For Bodenplatte, the biggest chunk of work to be done is the map. With first cities, settlements and airfields done, the work continues on placing the rest of them according to historical data. In the code, we have begun the long-awaited work on aircraft AI improvements: for instance, in the next update, we plan to release the improved formation logic. For Career mode, new squadron emblems, military ranks and awards for all three countries will be finished soon. P-38J-25 and Tempest Mk.V FM are in the works, while Me-262A jet fighter-bomber FM should be finished soon. Speaking of visual models, P-51D-15, P-38J-25, Tempest and B-25D are nearing completion and proceeding according to schedule. Of course, the new theatre of war requires new ground vehicle models too. Today we can show you the screenshots of another one - German Sd.Kfz. 7/1 halftrack with 20 mm Flak-Vierling 38 AA gun: For Flying Circus, the development of the Arras map (1918) continues, it will use the new art techniques being developed for 'Bodenplatte'. We should be able to show you the first screenshots of it in Summer, but today we have some new WWI aircraft cockpit screenshots, S.E.5a and Albatros D.Va. As you can see, the work on them is nearly complete and we plan to release them for Flying Circus owners before the end of this Spring: For Tank Crew, the work on enhancing the tank damage modeling is progressing well. Physical tank models now include many systems and their damage while visual models have many new animations and working instruments. The already released systems have their damage modeling improved and we have added simple GUI damage notifications for systems and crewmen. All significant events will be displayed in the 'technochat' (log) on screen. In May-June we plan to implement repairing, refueling and rearming (which later will be also applicable for aircraft). In the next update, we'll release the animated crews for PzKpfw. III Ausf. M and M4A2. Today we can show you the PzKpfw. III Ausf. M crew and PzKpfw. IV Ausf. G interior: And to finalize this Dev Blog we would like to show you the new promotional video for Battle of Stalingrad created by =HH=Pauk. It shows that the development of all of our projects doesn't stop on release date by all means and they are continuously developed and improved. Enjoy:
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    Can you imagine if they used three Kestrels for it!
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    I will give this some thought.
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    We need to start moving on making a decision on when we fly what. This being the DangerDogz, I believe it should be a democratic process. To do so, I propose a series of votes/scoring templates to in order to establish : a) what prioritization to assign the various sims we have available. b) what days people prefer to fly. If you could please put the four sims in order of your personal preference, with 1. being most favoured. Then do the same and for the days you would most like to fly on. Here are mine as both submittal and example: 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1. Thursday 2. Sunday 3. Monday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Friday 7. Saturday I will collate the results in spreadsheet which I will make available to all members on request and we can make decisions thereon.
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    I may well post in the debate, though for natural reasons I cannot fly as much as I wanted. Got my third cortisone shot, (this year), in the knee this Monday so I'll try to get started again soon. Since I have not yet started with BOX, have forgotten which version I have downloaded, I am pending with that sim so far. I also have CLOD but have not changed to the latest version yet. 1946 works pretty spotless, even though I havn't been able to fly for a while. Should I make a list, it may be something like this (with reservation for BOX), but I belive BOX is the future, even for me. As for times and schedules, I follow you lot. In no any particular order: 1 BOX 2 1946/CLOD 3 CLOD/1946
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    So for what it's worth (and I appreciate I'm in the minority here) 1. CloD 1. '46 3. BoX 4. DCS Any day but Friday, Saturday, Sunday difficult to commit to. Oh, and I won't be investing in VR as I have enough trouble dealing with AR. Cheers J
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    I don't have broadband, so Meh 😞 But do as you like, and when I do I'll adjust accordingly. Selfishly I'd like 46 on Sundays, because its second nature and when I do get around it's easy to fall in. I certainly miss the camaraderie.
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    Salute Gents, Hoping soon i'll be able to put on the TrackIr and enjoy an hour or so of flying with my squadron ...i can only do 1. Clod 2. Il21946 Anytime you can serve them up will be fine for me if my condition improves a bit
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    No joke - the Ishak/Rata is now in DCS! I knew this was in progress but it apparently launched today into the Open Beta. πŸ˜€ The fanfare has been somewhat subdued..lol! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=240529&highlight=I-16
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    Interesting armament options!
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    Woooooooooo!😎 Doh! Now where is my dam wallet. My wife must have hid it again.😲
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    Well i mostly fly DCS and then CLOD, loosely using the term fly!! I still have IL2 but have not flown in it for quite a number of years! now i manage to get on line with you chaps more often as the internet slowly gets better, sims have moved on a bit. As far as flying any other sims goes i think the three that i have mentioned will have to do for me, as my remaining brain cells struggle to keep up as it is. I really do enjoy flying and get great satisfaction from it when it all goes according to plan, i agree with Tom seven nights and four sims is worth a try, it would be a shame to lose any.
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    The DCS: Fw 190A-8 is available for pre-purchase! https://www.digitalcombatsimu...om/en/products/planes/anton/
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    Fen's booked Holiday Inn for Friday night only, attending the practise day Friday and Legends proper on Saturday and RTB that eve. Papa-Fen will be my wingman. πŸ˜€
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    OK I will share with him. I will arrive on the Friday PM and am setting off for home via Santa Pod on the Sunday. Cost will be Β£150
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    Interesting little article about this year's Legends here chaps, seems our theory on a non-P-51 horsemen display could be on the money. Also, more than four Buchons, woot! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/legends-assemble/
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    Salute guys, My preference is GBS over DCS. As to committing to certain days of the week, well, being a male, I'm not good at "committing" to much, as my two ex-wives could attest to! Tuesdays work for me flying BOX, I just need to make more of an effort to show up. Regards AP
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    Well in that case I really really MUST try to join in
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    I see what your thinking Mick, however there are many CloD flyers who are very loyal and find CloD suits them best. I am not sure that ATAG would want to take over running missions that a few squads see as "easy" settings but the DD server does seem to offer what people want, and if we stopped running the CloD server the DangerDogz would dissapoint quite a few flyers. I dont know how much donations have come from squads, individuals who are on our server an awful lot. Everone who has posted in this thread is a regular flyer so its hard to guess what the no flyers would like.
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    Cards on the table time..... I would not be upset to see GBS on Sunday and Tuesday, DCS on Monday and Thursday. There I said it 🀭
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    Gents, I've been struggling to find the time this year to commit to my ideal two nights a week, sometimes even one is difficult. This is regretful, but hopefully only temporary. Currently it's the combination of a new home-life situation and a demanding job that often leaves precious little evening time or energy for anything else. Having reluctantly made the decision to ditch Sundays a while back due to focusing on the newer sims, I have missed the banter with certain dogz for some time now. Honestly, 1946 doesn't really do it for me anymore, I've been well and truly bitten by the DCS bug so tend to gravitate there should I find myself with an evening free to fly. Even CloD is losing it's appeal in recent months due to its developmental stagnation and drop in regular Dogz numbers. I want to spend more time in BoX, but if I only get one evening free it's simpler to just fire up DCS. (plus, there has been considerable investment here compared to elsewhere ) Perhaps as Tom says, another review is in order?
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    Good luck BB, in the end...... it’s only money mate 😎
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    How about a 3 ship Corsair display - there's enough of those in Europe I think? Oo, oo - Dragon Rapides!
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    Start-up: I just use the clickable cockpit buttons as mapping these would be a waste of something more usefully at your fingertips in combat or wanted in a hurry, i.e. during landing or refuelling (and there's a great deal of those...!) Taxying: having the "Nosewheel Steering" button handy seems a good idea, particularly for airbase ops with their concurrent takeoff/landing rolls but on the boat I find using the default keyboard bind fine as it's generally on and I leave it there. Takeoff: "Wing Sweep Auto", "Full Flaps", "Master Reset Button [for the CADC]" would be my go to choices here. You might able to bind the "Manual Sweep Override Lever" but I find it fine - and satisfying - to use the clickable cockpit. Having all your Trims to your HOTAS mapped is a must, as in all flight regimes you'll be tickling them regularly, particularly pitch. "Launch catapult" is a potential but as you'll only ever need it in that specific situation on one or two occasions in a given mission, why not leave it on the keyboard? most of us have moved it to the Spacebar however, as with a joystick, the default binding for that button to "Trigger" makes it moot and it's a darn sight easier to access than the "LShift+U" combination that the launch command is on by default. "Retract Gear" for once airbourne also recommended, but again, if buttons at a premium, you should only need that on two occasions during an entire mission, so... Landing: The usual run of commands to get your a/c in dirty config for landing, ("Gear Down", Flaps Down", etc). "Hook", sure, but again, it's nicely accessible clickably in 'pit, and you should be getting it down well before you commence the pattern so it shouldn't be coming at a moment of task saturation (unless you forgot it!) and you'll only use it once, so is it worth a HOTAS button? Your call. What I will say is "Speedbrake In/Out" is essential on your HOTAS, and if you have the buttons, "Activate DLC" and the associated "DLC Thumbwheel Up/Down" would also stand you in very good stead. Weapon systems.. now there's a can o' worms. I'll elaborate more on those later....
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    For which I still have not forgiven him....
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    Although not yet on the official Flying Legends page, I see the Horsemen list the 13th and 14th show on their own website: http://horsemanflight.net/schedule Can you imagine if they ferried three P-38s over for it! 😎😎
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    Having had numerous requestsπŸ˜‰ for some Ben Tarvie Highland Railway' narrow gauge footage,I have succumbed to pressure.Do look at the others that are on my site. All generous donations and subscriptions greatly received to keep this line going!
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