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    Hi all, Great to be a part of your forums.ATAG Torian and I exhibited Cliffs of Dover at the Hunter Valley Airshow last weekend.Day 1 was great. Steady stream of people having a look and fly. A few break also gave us the opportunity to watch the aircraft on display.Day 2 - went off! Thought I would share the report.It was the crowd of people, not just enjoying the event, but in checking out and having a go at Cliffs of Dover. All day!!!From about 9.30am to event close at 4pm, Torian and I would have had 30 minutes to ourselves. Torian was the only one of us lucky to sneak a lunch in.Day 2 started nice and early with a 7am tour of the flight line, hosted by one of Australia's top Warbird photographers, Mark Jessop. https://mynikonlife.com.au/news/gear/the-air-up-there/ Image 1. Torian really looking down the barrel! Image 2 The gates opening for the event turned into flood gates for us. DD Sheriff dropped into what was literally a room full of people having a go or in line waiting. Sorry I didn't have much time to chat Sheriff!Many kids also had a fly, watched on by very happy and photo snapping parents with massive smiles, watching their young chargers getting stuck in. Was great seeing people wanting to try and land. I enjoyed giving instruction and watching the sense of achievement on the faces of those that survived it! It was great having the Hurricane outside our door, as we could say to the kids, see that Hurricane, jump in and lets fly it! Worked a treat.And I mean literally outside! Pic 3Later in the afternoon I switched from the joystick to yoke, with a highlight for me watching an 8 yr girl flying a Heinkel! And doing a good job, with a bit of coaching. Her parents were absolutely thrilled.Plenty wanted to give a 109 a run to use the cannon's. I had my $50 bargain surround sound system and subwoofer turned right up. The sound and the air rush coming out of there was awesome.Lost count of how many people had a taste of what Cliffs had to offer yesterday. 100+ easily. Many openly commenting and in awe of how good it looked. One guy was super excited to hear that a flyable Wellington will be in 5.0 as his grandfather flew them in the war.Best of all, we have been invited back when the event is back on!Thanks again to Torian for hanging our and representing our community. Also, I am now with Team Fusion in a PR role. Looking forward to being more of a presence in the Danger Dogs forum. Between Bonkin and I, we will be sharing information on the progress and later release of 5.0.Exciting times.Cheers,Pattle
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    Amazing how little happened while I was randomly flipping switches and pressing buttons in there after Painlesss' landing It's a hoot though, that thing... So, these are the I items got under contriol now: - Instrument and cockpit lighting - Flares (In pairs or all in one go) - Chaffs - Emergency Canopy release. - Reading the fuel gage - Frantically pressing the 'Master Caution' light.
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    Looking forward to sitting in the back and randomly operating switches! And clicking buttons ... like yeah, BUTTONS!
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    Lovely little(!) railway there Mark, my Dad's just gotten into US G gauge 1:32 scale (or was it 1:29...?) and is threatening to make a start on the permanent way this summmer. That's alongside the shed he built for his o gauge layout! Seems you can't have enough railways....
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    Here's how my bombs missed, and I found out about yet another layer of damage modeling ... And I did not make it back home ... And in the next attack, yes, the boat really did sink and once again ... I did not get home ...
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    Some resources specific to getting lock on dem pesky MiGs in the Cat: Long range for AIM-54 Phoenix: The RIO has full control of the radar in this mode. The RIO should be in TWS mode (Track While Scan). Jester will be in 'TWS Auto' as a default. Make sure as pilot your "MSL PREP" switch is ON, and has been for 2 MIN before attempting to launch. Ensure your Horizontal Situation Display Indicator (HSD) [lower of your two TV screens] is set to TID - use the square topped switch on your right vertical panel by your right virtual knee; it needs to be in the middle position. This offers no control of the radar; it is simply repeating the Radar display that your RIO/Jester is currently manipulating. Hide your Control Stick to get better visibility of the TID. Default keybinding is 'Backspace'. Select your Phoenix missiles by pressing your "Weapon Select UP" switch till you see Sparrow (SP) in your HUD. Then press "Weapon Select PRESS" - note, NOT "Weapon Select DOWN". You should then see see Phoenix (PH) in your HUD and a number below indicating how many of them you have loaded currently. Flick the Master Arm Safety cover up (right click the red-white switch cover on the right hand side of the ACM panel immediately below the HUD) then switch the Master Arm Switch itself to "ON" with a right-click. Jester will call any bogeys/bandits/friendlies detected in the field of view of the radar. He will also try to identify unknowns via IFF. Range is indicated by the dashed lines. Each represents 20 nm, as do the gaps between. Friendlies will have a ̑ symbol above the contact dot. Unknowns will have a ͆ symbol above the contact dot. Hostiles will have a ˆsymbol above the contact dot. Numeral to the left of the contact dot indicates altitude: 0 = 0 - 4,999ft 1 = 5,000 - 14,999ft 2 = 15,000 - 24,999ft 3 = 25,000 - 34,999ft .. and so on. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOCK ANYTHING AT THIS STAGE. The Weapon Control System (WCS) will automatically start assigning target priority numbers to unknown or hostile contacts. These will appear to the right of the contact dot. They will number as many Phoenixes as you have aboard the aircraft. These targets are all being tracked and are, for want of a better word, soft locked. You do not have to enter any further key inputs. As soon as the target is within maximum theoretical range it will start to flash and you will see a "HOT TRIGGER" light lit on the ACM panel immediately below the HUD. DO NOT FIRE AT THIS POINT. Unless your going 1000mph at 40,000ft and your target is a huge lumbering bomber/transport that can't manoeuvre a damn, you'll be wasting a shot. Let the target(s) get under 40nm (25-30 is best) and then press the trigger - NOT the pickle button - for 1 second to release the first AIM-54 at the first priority target. IT WILL TAKE 2-3 SECONDS TO COME AWAY AS THERE'S A LOTTA SHIT GOING ON! The "HOT TRIGGER" light will extinguish. The priority one target symbol on the TID will change from number 1 to a countdown indicating the missiles Time of Flight. Wait a mo and the "HOT TRIGGER" light will re-light letting you know that Phoenix 2 is ready to fire and will be assigned to the no. 2 prioritised target. Press the trigger for 1 second to release it. Again it will take a few seconds before the missile leaves the aircraft. Rinse repeat until all your Phoenixes are gone. Select your Sparrow missiles with "Weapon Select PRESS" (SP in your HUD) and get ready to pick up any stragglers with PAL lock... see below. Under 20 nautical miles: And some specific Sidewinder modes:
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    Having had numerous requests😉 for some Ben Tarvie Highland Railway' narrow gauge footage,I have succumbed to pressure.Do look at the others that are on my site. All generous donations and subscriptions greatly received to keep this line going!
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    You've got a railway round your garden! What gauge is that? (slinks off to bite carpet in rage of intense jealousy)
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    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/44048-motion-support-for-il-2/ My latest version is almost ready
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    My wife riding a roller coaster. I have a lot of smoothing in the profile and it still needs lots of tweaking.
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    DoH! It took me a while to get that.
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    I would recommend deleting your "fxo" and "metashaders"/"metashaders 2" folders from your x:\Users\*yourusername*\Saved Games\DCS folder prior to running chaps.
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    I'll send you some updated missions - Tomcat included - a bit later FT.
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    Server has been updated now Mission loads and is available (still w/o F14 though)
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    So, I climbed up to like 30k in my Hurricane, cruised around peacefully, until I met some 9 AI 109's... they were at 25K. They quickly broke up and started the chase. Now the Hurri does not fly that nicely up there, so ... here's a picture of the outcome of the meet-and-greet
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    Thank! I basically understand and accept the conditions. Newbies are very good. Yes, and I like to just relax in the evening in my favorite game. Stability server !!!
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    Another model built, in a perspex/plexiglass box: Should you want to read more about the build itself, have a look at the facebook page BuildingAModelBridge! Here's an image of the original one, back in 1919 or so... it's got a nick name: The elephant's bridge, guess how come?
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    You're right. Does this help? This is from one of your tracks. Mix meister Sid at the controls......
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    All done now. It just fitted neatly in the shop, joined with the other ones... On the opposite side, I put in some bicycles, painted up all detailed, and nice... You can't even see them ... lol
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    Progress! Three ships done, the fourth is in its mould, and to the right you can see the sides of the next 2.5 one. (Hm, must've lost one side along the way?) Had some issues with #4, as I took it out before the glue had dried completely, to the front and back en just split... and it fell apart. So, cleaned it up, put it back in, glued it back together. But, this afternoon I took it out again, and I quickly realized I had forgotten to put in the cross bars, so basically it quickly kinda collapsed. lol. Oh well, back into the mould again, add the cross stuff and it's back to watching glue dry
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    Looking very good so far Arjen, are you sure your mother never had you tested mate ? 🤔