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    ... about the future. The future of flight simming in general and the Dogz place within the idiom and the community. Now let's be clear, I have not started this discussion with the aim of having reached some definitive agenda or decree about how the Dogz will move forward from hereon in. Think of this as a brainstorming effort. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts, conjectures, opinions and even crystal ball consultations on the genre flight sim and what we think the Dogz will look like in the future. The first point of discussion will be the state of the sims we currently fly (if I miss any candidates please let me know). So in that vein let's look at our primary - Il-2 1946: Il-2 is a grand old lady, with a breadth of content unrivalled by any subsequent simulator offering. And it does not skimp on depth - it strikes a fantastic balance between simming enough realism to be satisfying without becoming inaccessible or tedious. In short, it's fun. With mod support we have unparalleled access to theatres and even eras. However there are issues technically and community wise that I suspect will come to make 1946 less and less viable as our primary sim in the future. It could be argued that perhaps some of these issues already are snapping at our collective heels. 1) 32-bit Program Support - we have to acknowledge the possibility that at some point in the future, windows support for 32-bit programs will disappear - this means no more Il-2:1946! There are of course ways around these things but this is an important aspect that must be recognised. 2) Player Base - the Il-2 community is dwindling. As people dedicate more time to more modern offerings or move squads wholesale to the next big thing the community around Il-2 contracts. Those still persevering end up in ever smaller and less relevant squads or go offline only. Newer entrants to the genre will generally want the newest, best looking and higher fidelity sims, and whilst some could be brought round to the delights of 1946, they will be a minority. We could perhaps pick up some these and also target the veteran disaffected types whose squads moved on to newer things against their opinion, both of which could boost our attendance in the near term but these cannot but delay the inevitable - that being that Il-2:1946 will eventually become a anachronism of the flight sim genre. If the Dogz stay with it then it is likely our fate will be similar. Pause cos babies making noise. To be continued...
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    Here is the announcement Crash mentioned in the Lets talk thread...... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/
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    If the map for Boddenplatte works out they way they seem to be indicating then this time next year we should be able to bomb and strafe FT's house.
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    I have been largely away because of personal issues and in the past year I'm unable to get to my 'puter until minutes before everyone is packing it in because of work. I'm awaiting developments in CloD eagerly and I have pretty much decided to start picking up with BoX as I can afford it. I am a little leery of spending money on games because other people are playing them, as I have a whole stack of those that I've played for a minute then lost interest when every one else did, but I don't consider the Dogz "other people", so yeah, I'm for certain interested in keeping up with whatever transpires here, and I hope to be able to join up more in the future. In the end no matter that I enjoy space games and Shooters and any number of other computer related distractions, flight sims are my first love and the Dogz are my squad whatever else happens.
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    I agree with delta's comments. I also think that there are two aspects that need addressing by the Dogz. What we fly and how we cover the associated costs. This is a topic about what we fly so I won't comment further on website and server costs. What we fly as a group is the most important reason for us being together. As individuals we can fly whatever flight sim we want when we want, sharing these times with others that choose to take part. However as a group that chooses to spend time together at certain times on certain days then we have to fly something at those times that is accessible to all that turn up. By accessible I mean it has to have minimal cost implication, relatively simple to run on pcs and relatively simple to set up and fly. The only sims that I know of that meet these criteria are IL2 1946 and CloD so it is understandable that these are the ones flown officially on particular days at particular times. We are so used to the '46 sim by now and, apart from computer glitches and pilot error, I believe it suits our purpose brilliantly. I would like to see IL2 46 flown by the Dogz until the time comes it naturally falls due to lack of technical or pilot support. CloD just doesn't do it for me because there is no variety. Some Dogz have said that even though it represents the period well it can be repetitive. I will fly IL2 46 for as long as it is physically and technically possible. It is fun, frustrating and I love the banter from the Dogz. I have absolutely no control over the technical support and progression of the game so the length of time it remains workable is guesswork, I am just grateful that it still works after all this time. I would like to believe we have a few years left in the game. We have a huge collection of missions to fly and Dogz are making efforts to improve and provide more content, teamwork and competitiveness in order to keep our pilots and perhaps encourage new members. What would be a shame in my view is IL2 46 dropping out of favour amongst the Dogz because pilots are spending their valuable flying time on other sims during official IL2 46 flying sessions. Their choice but my view. I will be concentrating on setting up and supporting BoS etc. because that is my next step outside of '46. The content and plane set is expanding and it interests me. I understand that doing so isn't supporting the Dogz as much because I have chosen not to fly CloD and I also understand that this path is going to cost me money to get the full sim. Not every Dog would want to pay for content but unless CloD expands to make it more than just a speciality sim I don't see how we can move on from IL2 46 when it eventually expires. So, for me: 1. IL2 46, 2. BoS etc, 3. CloD 4. DCS Cheerzen
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    For my 2¢, the reason I stopped flying was that I got tired of the 30+ mins between missions. Once I was dead couldn't respawn in coops. Also I love DCS and it drew me in.. DCS will never be a viable sim for this group because of it's complexity, pc requirements, and everyone won't want to focus on the same aircraft as other A10C, Huey, and other squads have. It just won't work for an old farts squad. ) Long term BOX is the only viable option. If you were flying that I'd be there now. Or if I could find a laid back DCS squad, I'd be there now. But they have too many requirements and even though I love it, I'm old.. Slow to learn.. Good luck figuring this out. I've got my eye on you. Snack Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk
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    One aspect not yet addressed is the sea change in the way we purchase sims: the days where we got 100 airplanes with 10 or so flyables for £35/$50 are gone; the fidelity of 3D modelling alone demanded by the community these days - let alone the FM and DM demands - requires a quantum increase in level of skills and time invested when compared to a similar output for something along il-2 lines. Ergo, we will get less airframes per buck so to speak. This means that the modern trend is to break down game content into individually purchased modules. Whilst this is great in that people only purchase what they want it can cause issues. For example, an aircraft set written into a custom hosted coop mission might contain only flyable airframes that are further purchase modules; a member that has not purchased that or those modules is by default excluded from that event. An extreme case I grant you but when applied to maps - as the trend these days is to make additional map content payware - the issue becomes more of an issue. DCS suffers particularly in this latter regard; I suspect BoX too. CloD doesn't yet but with v5.0 on the horizon it could well enter this category. The way we deal with issues of this nature will require consideration. The infrequent paid upgrades to Il-2 presented similar issues back in the day but with a greater number arriving in shorter intervals the issues could be more profound. The last thing any of us would want to do would be to exclude, alienate or offend our squad mates by using or creating content that they cannot access on a given flight night; but at the same time having to limit the content available for use on the grounds of lowest common denominator is also creating potential for discord. Again care and thought should be given to these aspects of modern flight simming in the multiplayer squad arena.
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    Salute, I thought I would share a video I have just made of me competing in an on-line race in Assetto Corsa. It was exciting stuff with some close action.....
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    P-51 cadillac of the sky! One of my favourite films for aerial sequences, featuring the late great Mark and Ray Hanna. Ray is the pilot waving at Christian Bale's character.
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    The Dutch people do still remember WWII, and still do actively thank and respect all service men involved in liberating the country ... But this is something really special, read about it here: The Sunset March
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    Sorry FT, should have replied to this earlier. Having to re-assign keys/axis again? I suspect this has something to do with updating but not actually using the game for a while. There used to be an issue with Win10 and the recognition of devices in the game but that got fixed...last year I think. I've got a folder on my desktop called 'All things BoS' and within it I place copies of the stuff which might be effected by game updates. My game is installed thus; C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Once you've sorted out all your control assignments open the game folder and you'll find the 'data' folder. Go into it and look for the 'input' folder. Found it? All your control assignments are kept in there. Just make a copy of the whole folder and put it somewhere safe. Oh yeah, you can do the same with skins and once you start flying in SP you'll find a couple of guys shouting in either Jeeeeerman or Russ. Since i find this incredibly annoying I've gone into the 'audio' folder and removed the two files marked Ger and Rus. No more shouting...... FFB not working? Er....dunno. Mine does. Do you have a floppy stick or merely the default spring effect? Might just be a case of closing the game and unplugging the stick's usb. Vsync? I'll try and write something up about the graphic options but there are two ways to go; Run the game in full-screen mode with vsync on and frames locked at target 60 OR run game in windowed mode, vsync off and frame rate unlocked. It seems to be a matter of personnal choice/power of your gaming system. I've gone with full screen. Coloured stuff and indicators all over the screen? Yeah, I know - uurghhh.....getting rid of 'em is about options. Check this post out; http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/11319-new-game-launcher-new-set-up/?do=findComment&comment=131519 I get rid of it all by pressing 'H' Doing away with all the on screen stuff also saves about 40% of your graphics processing power too! It's something on the "to do" list for the devs. 10 minutes after exiting and stuff is still happening? Hmmm...think that might be something to do with not actually running the game in a while too but not sure. i don't launch my game from the launcher Go into C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game and find the IL2 application folder - mines 11,558kb worth - and create a shortcut to it. Put shortcut on your desktop and launch game from there. Should help.....er....possibly Hope this all helps FT
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    Good point FT - have edited my post
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    Not my house please! Aim for the bridges! And do not miss ...
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    Ooooooh, this could sway me to BoX for sure...
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    When I saw the server up I tried 'arse' but it wouldn't take it! elbow - lol
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    Most evenings AP, Perf, Spaulding, and myself are doing some coop stuff in BOS. This sim has an excellent graphics and damage model.
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    I hate to make things even more complicated but how about putting them in your preferred order ie? 1 1946 2 clod 3 BoX 4 DCS Also even more importantly would you fly more if we change our main game?
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    - IL2 1946 still is a lot of fun. Looks like there's no real development any more, sure TD is still there, but do we want to leave HSFX and all its contents? And, for how long can we keep it running technically, where Windows moves on, and graphics drivers with it... and hardware too ... ? - CloD - Beautiful, but too limited still. Future? Quite unsure me thinks. - BoX - Could have a grand future, once there's coop mode, and more maps/planes. - DCS is beautiful, but not really suited to our wants/need, not right now, and not in the near future. What to do? I could not tell. And I do not really have a specific preference for one of 'm. Me thinks we should focus on the group, and somehow find some common game/sim we all can enjoy ... I'll just go with the flow, and do what I can for us all ...
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    I think the long term future is BoX as it is constantly being improved, coops are coming, you do not need to have all versions to fly on all maps, and carrier ops might be in beta this time next year. Clod TF 5.0 will be great but it is very slow in arriving. DCS seems to be, for me at any rate, a study dogfight sim. Great for modern stuff but limited WW2 possibilities. I know that some of us would prefer not to have to update their computers to fly with us but the cash per hour is quite inexpensive and an upgrade wouldnt hurt HSFX either
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    A personal thought. For me, il2 is still number one. So far.. There is still a lot to explore. Unfortunately, graphics and technology are outdated, which means we may look after a replacement sooner or later, me think. I have wondered if BOS is a worthy follower. Have not tried it yet but as far I have seen, and heard, it looks good. Personally, I like CLOD a lot but it's starting to be a bit boring to fly the same map and mission every time. Hoping for updates in a close future. If that happen, I will stick to Clod for a bit longer. As for DCS, I'm not interested, yet, as it seems more like a flight simulator than a game like IL2. Or BOS. It's no as important for me to press the correct buttons, flip the right switches and be totally devoted to the realistics, like in DCS. I want varied missions, co-ops and maps. I'm for a continuation of IL2. It seems that it may be relevant to look closer a replacement for IL2 in the foreseeable future, though.
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    All done now. It just fitted neatly in the shop, joined with the other ones... On the opposite side, I put in some bicycles, painted up all detailed, and nice... You can't even see them ... lol
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    I found this on the ED forum. It will combine joystick/pedals etc into a combined controller which will allow you to use more than 4 controllers in HSFX. http://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/
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    Wow. I wanted to join the navy when I was seventeen. I wanted the chance to wave a little blue flag with the letter B on it. I wanted to join the pilot line to the guide hawsers and chock the pulleys. I could have done it. I could have been a contender. I could have been the ticket man at Fulham Broadway station. They turned me down.......sigh Thank gawd! On a slightly more serious note; yeah, how the hell did they manage all that in any sort of a sea?
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    Here is how they launched a walrus from a ship https://youtu.be/6dmNyts7f1w. Bet they had fun doing all that under fire in the pissing rain in the north Atlantic
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    https://www.nu.nl/157793/video/belg-speelt-racegame-met-echte-lamborghini-als-controller.html It's about a Belgian racer, using his real life 1:1 Lamborghini as a gaming controller... (Hope the link and video work )
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    What a scene! Interestingly, this currently the lock screen on my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Id appreciate your feedback on the mission fundimentals for future planning , here are some subheadings you may like to consider icons ok or not minimap ok off or prefer white plane time too long/ too short map ok to keep as secret or prefer to see before to help plan teams ok to draw on night or prefer longer time to meet to discuss and plan targets - ok or not enough brief , mayby wasnt clear enough or would you prefer more details any other issues Please remember that its the first one Iv really put together so happy for positive feedback to help with other ideas I have My aim is to have these challenging but fun, S Delta
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    ~S~ Here are my suggestions (based on events we held here at DDz when BG was alive and SEOW experience(s) : - mision duration -one hour. - all pilots in TS at 20.00 for teaming up (15 min.), server up at 20.15 then 15min. for planning, - closing door and start 20.30 - just one restart if anyone crashes at T/O or has PC issues but no later than 5mins from start - in this case hosting server will restart - map size - the same - Jabo's idea good - self plane as white icon on the map - this enables Painless carrier map suggestion . We want to fight not make eye wrinkles navigating , eh? How about different airplanes for sides , with reasonable similar performances. After one hour swap places and have another go. Final score merging the results? Anyway great job , thank you gentlemen !
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    Must see that someday soon. Thanks FT.
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    That is very touching FT, I always liked the Dutch m8... 👍🏻
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    Hauled my backside out of bed at six this morning on the promise of storm and tempest but 'twas a bit disappointing in the end....
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    Like that very much FT
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    Actually, no. But, there's is a story to its name, and it's kinda related to the bridge. The name is 'De Leugenbanke' which kinda translates in to the "bench of lies" (?) There used to be a small building there, open at the front, with benches in it. Older people - all men for sure - would gather there, and talk shop. And all kinds of big stories, like the ones fisher men talk of, the size of the fish they got on their lines... Next bit done, the fixed part, where the lifting part will be connected. Now as you can tell, I apparently have decided what water level to go for. It was determined by me coming across the four creatures in the second picture. They should be on grass, so I need to have a green bank, so I cannot go for a high water level. Decision making can be so simple ...
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    Same here...took them on six months ago when I moved and I'm getting a boost like you too!!
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    Well after six months I must say BT and I are very happy together. I've had no problems and so far as I'm aware my connection has not dipped below the promised 50mb/s. In fact they seem to like me sooooo much that they're upgrading me to 76mb/s before the middle of November. Good show BT
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    This ties in the the drop off on flying nights. 2011 50 new content 20ish flying 2017 25 new content and we seldom get more than 7 people turning up for coops.