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    Happy Birthday Royal Air Force! Some of you may remember that I said my Grandfather was a founder member of the Royal Air Force, this local newspaper article gives a good account of his involvement. My brother, who has done a lot of family research, put it together. Stephen Bullock...? Who's he?
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    It's Spring! This morning my lawn is indeed lime green!! Lets see, Stonehenge is about seventy miles up the road from me, the Caucasus must be around three and a half thousand miles from me - and possibly in another continent - about the same distance as St. Johns, Newfoundland - so yes; it could be something in the water lol!! I had to drive past Stonehenge twice last week. It stands on a chalky meadow on the southern part of Salisbury Plain overlooking the A303, the main road to the west. Grass was...well, greeny as usual Thirty-two years ago I was at University in London. I did a spot of part time motorcycle courier work to keep the cash coming in too. In my second year I had a couple of lectures on a Thursday morning and then zilch until a tutorial on Monday afternoon. My mum lived in Devon - about one hundred and fifty miles away - and had recently been widowed. She was struggling with this; we all were and I was the nearest and most available of her sons. I discovered the courier firm I worked for had a job no one wanted to do - which made it a very lucrative job; pick up a wages tape from the offices of Barclays bank in west London before five o'clock on a Thursday afternoon and deliver it to a block house type building on an industrial estate just outside Exeter - in Devon - by midnight. By the most direct route this was one hundred and fifty-seven miles and you'd end up on the other side of the country late on a Thursday night with the prospect of a long and unpaid trip back to London. Thats why no one wanted to do it. However, for me it was perfect; a nice little earner and a long weekend at home with mum and seeing friends. I had a Suzuki GS850 with shaft drive, fixed panniers, a howling Yoshimura four into one and a nice big five gallon gas tank. The worst part of the business was the trip down to west London for the pick up and out onto the M3 motorway during afternoon rush hour traffic. After a couple of weeks I discovered the bank office was manned twenty four seven by their security staff. I could ignore the afternoon deadline for pick up and scoop it up around seven p.m. and avoid the evening traffic. As you leave the M3 motorway and join the A303 you pass a large green traffic sign that says 'The South West'. I love this sign. To me it says beaches, sunshine, rolling green hills, friends and family. It was also the point where I really opened the taps on my big GS and settled in for my own personal TT race across southern England. These days the A303 is largely a straight piece of anonymous dual carriageway but back then it was mostly a hundred and twenty miles of sinuous two-lane black top snaking westwards across the counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon. Through the Spring I'd do the trip non-stop. As long as I dawdled down and out of London I had enough gas in the tank for the whole trip. If you wound the big GS up through the gears and then held it at around one hundred mph you'd get 'er down to around twenty - twenty five to the gallon!. After the summer break I took this job up again and as autumn set in I fitted a bikini fairing from a GS1000S which surprisingly helped with fuel consumption, the small screen helped to deflect wind blast too. I also fitted an (illegal) 85w halogen bulb into the big headlight for the onset of winter. I took to taking a thermos flask of coffee and some sandwiches with me and breaking the journey. A GS850 is not the lightest nor most nimble of motorcycles at around 550lbs but that sheer mass gives a certain planted feel to front and rear tyres. If you know the road you can get into the groove of things...if you know what I mean. No speed cameras and no radar back then either. Stonehenge marked the midway point on my journey. At night, and at speed you would come off that short section of dual carraigeway called the Amesbury bypass and follow that white line into a fast right-hand bend before the road briefly straightened out over the crest of a hill. Then at the moment you started to lean it into the following down hill left-hander you'd get a brief glimpse of the stones on the rising meadow a couple of hundred yards away. A minor road branching off to the right went up a gentle hill to make the northern field boundary. I ignored Stonehenge. I'd usually stop for coffee and a cigarette in a protected layby a couple of miles further up the road. One bollock-freezing, crystal clear night in late October I came hammering westwards past Amesbury at around a hundred and twenty. There on the left was a reflection of tail lights which rapidly grew into a blue and white Rover SDI of the Wiltshire Constabulary parked up at the side of the road. Oh shit. Sure enough, as I howled passed his lights came on and I knew he'd want to pull me. There is simply no point in trying to outrun the rozzers on a motorcycle. It can only end in pain of one sort or another. Much better to hide! As I crested the hill I knew they'd only just got their Rover going so I went straight on up the minor road to the stones on the right, switched my lights and engine off and coasted into the Stonehenge visitor centre car park. There was no other traffic around but I got to see the headlights of a fast moving car heading west along the A303 away from me. Phew. I broke out the coffee, sarnies and had two cigarettes. From then on I always stopped at the stones for a break. The visitor centre was surprisingly grotty and closed. If the car park was empty I'd climb over the chest high fence and have my little picnic in the dark, sitting amongst the stones and watching the occasional passing traffic below and listen to the slumbering sheep that also occupied the field. Christmas came and with it a three week break at home. The second Thursday evening in January saw me pull up as usual in the car park. I noticed the fence now had a length of barbed wire running along the top but since it was still chest high it hardly presented an obstacle. The sheep were gone. I'd just sat down amongst the stones when I saw a pair of headlights come on directly to the south by a stand of trees. Around a half a mile away. It was just after nine at night and I watched these lights trundle leisurely towards me along a track in the fields. They crossed the A303 and headed up the minor road and did a sweep of the car park. I thought about the new barbed wire on the fence, the absence of sheep and realised I was about to get nicked. Sure enough, the headlights belonged to a little white van marked 'Department of the Enviroment Security' from which emerged what turned out to be a nice man in uniform who escorted me off the premises. Luckily thats all he could do as he had no powers of arrest! He also explained that when I jumped the fence I'd set off an alarm and by walking over to the stones I'd triggered two pressure pads. Ah well, all good things must come to an end. Infact, not long afterwards the job itself came to an end when they started sending the contents of the tape down a telephone line. Apologies for this rambling nonsense having bugger all to do with DCS.
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    Plenty, I hope! In the end, the idea is to picture it while on it's final mission towards Berlin ... in the very dark of a November night... so, well, you get the picture! Hmm... yeah, I do have filler and sand paper plenty, and yeah, this is a challenge for sure! Dunno really why I am not working on the Swordfish... Started working on it just eight years ago, there's still plenty of time left, isn't there?
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    He111 and MiG3 over Kuban summer, 8.30pm map time, 4k textures. Looking lovely
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    To be fair, I'm bored of aeroplanes now, I propose Farming Simulator for Tuesdays instead. Kev (Fruitbat) can be our real life go-to expert in the 'field' and we can perform formation ploughing and tilling competitions. Who else is in? Mine's a John Deere, as my favourite colour is green... All jokes aside, alternating BoX nights works well for me on a Tuesday
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    I came, I saw, I registered - just and it produced a coop for me which I put in the coop missions file in BoS and Hey Presto! It freakin' works https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/36002-cooperative-mission-generator/?tab=comments#comment-606355 Still no slots available for breathers to fly for the opposition but pretty simple to generate a coop with plenty of options.
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    Hey Gypsy, Sid is worth his weight in gold when it comes to bombing...... he once took the whole squad out with one bomb ! Just ask...... Lol
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    Hi mate, hope these help. Here are two sheets of info that I use as an aide memoire and backup. First is a list of my key mappings (Aircraft controls.doc) the second is a pictorial view of my controls that is a quick reference for me in game. it's worth remembering that the key mappings are particular to me and linked in with my Saitek X52 stick profiles but it gives you an idea of what is needed. I use Mode 2 (the middle column) on the controls reference picture for bombing, it keeps it seperate from flight and engine modes (1 and 3 respectively). Hope you can read the handwriting, I'm not renowned for legible handwriting!! Also you will see controls on the picture that are for my offline BAT IL2 46 install eg. wing sweep and drag chute and aren't relevant to our Dogz HSFX installation. Cheerzen Sid Aircraft controls.doc
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    Just done a rough visual for the preferences, although still waiting for Artie Kira and Sweper to say what they would rather have. Nobody has said they cant make a Monday so far. Apologies for any omissions (Fruitbat and Fen) A possible 15 on a Monday?
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    Started on this one. The plan is to make it look like ED809, see here ...
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    Here's what better not to do: Use like 7 years old heat sink paste on yer brand new processor: So, I cleaned it up. The only paste I had left was the stuff already applied on the heat sink of a brand new cooler... scraped it off, applied some to the CPU and some to the original cooler... all is good. On load it now runs at 68C, instead of 75C ... Have ordered me some fresh stuff though... Tomorrow I shall pull the stuff apart again, and put some of it on... well, if this thing lasts in this setup that is. Oh well...
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    Perhaps the best way forward would be to establish who is available on which evenings - or days - first? Forget about which sim to fly at the moment. Would it not be better to establish availability first? For instance; we can see that a Thursday night is not on for Sid and Crash. Perhaps they - and everyone else - could post which days they are available. Once we have that sort of information to hand we can work out when we do what to most peoples satisfaction? I would also suggest that Sunday evening remains OUT of the discussion. Sunday evening still remains well supported and is obviously a good time for all those Dogz who enjoy IL2 1946 and should not be touched. Personally, when it comes to flying this is fine for me as Sunday evening is one of the few nights I cannot go near my PC. Can I just stress that it would be very useful if everyone could post this information - regardless of what they fly at the moment. So for myself; any evening - bar Sunday - is convenient.
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    Biggin Hill now has all spawn points, outside the revetments. (Put some static Hurricanes in the pens, blocking those points)
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    Everyone loves a Hunter, and a blue note
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    It's in; C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input Make a copy of the input folder and keep it somewhere safe!
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    Found by PapaBear, this guy earns full honours in the Fenrir school of flying. Hold on to your underpants!
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    Well, I have added you to the 'Danger Dogz' group on these boards here ... So, you're in I guess!
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    Welcome! You do sound like DangerDogz material!
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    If you don't already have it get Chuck Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad Guide https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12667 Most specs are also available on the in-game map, right side briefing hit the specs tab at the top. Look in your keybinds for the tailwheel lock. If there's a red square there it's double bound. Hover mouse over the red square. The IL-2 has to be flown by the gauges. In the main game menu under flight interface turn on ingame messages - technical. Take off wide open, but as soon as you're up pull back to 90/90 and then you're on the gauges. Throttle first to 1050 mm Hg then rpm to 2050 with pitch, then adjust throttle again, check rpm. If at any time you see the "boosted mode" message you need to do something soon. Check MP (manifold pressure) first and rpm. I run it at max continuous (combat setting) all the time. Trim the plane well. Small speed changes will change the MP, if you aren't trimmed well and the nose is bobbing up and down you'll be chasing the throttle constantly. As you gain altitude the MP will fall and you can add a bit of power. Once above about 1500m you can start leaning the mixture a bit at a time till the MP starts to drop if you want to get every last bit out of it. I rarely get high enough to mess with that but if you're going above 2000 it might be worth it. Check temps of course, on winter maps you can close em up quite a bit. It takes so long to climb you can never just set some numbers and forget about it. Once you get to cruise alt and especially if you set level stab it's very easy to have the plane speed up enough to exceed MP limits and blow the engine. Look at the gauges. MP first (throttle), RPM next(prop pitch). Climb • Optimal climb speed: 250 kph • 2050 RPM • 1050 mm Hg Manifold Pressure • Normal Operation (Cruise) • 1850 RPM • 850 mm Hg • Combat • 2050 RPM • 1050 mm Hg • Oil radiator closed
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    She seems to find grandad amusing!
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    Another fantastic article from the Vintage Aviation Echo, informative with cracking photos to boot: http://vintageaviationecho.com/bf109e/
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    Find Vanders mission in this thread; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30922-the-syndicate-corner/?page=2 Unzip to; C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative
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    This is what happens when you have family stay for the week!
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    Minty green tree colors can be caused my old shaders if you did an DCS update and not a clean/new install. Just delete the ...Users/xxx/Saved Games\DCS\fxo and ...Users/xxx/Saved Games\DCS\metashaders folders. The game will rebuild those shader folders for each Theater. So, then fly a quick mission in each theater and wait for it to load.. and wait... and wait.. Once they are built it will load faster. If you are getting 100-150 fps you can turn your graphic settings up much higher. Try to match your refresh rate of your monitor. My monitors are 60mhz.. So, I shoot for 60fps on average, and turn my graphics up until the fps are hitting around that range. Cheers!
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    Well, if you flew for Mother Russia at least you won't miss the clatter of tractor engines...
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    Sid, that seems to have made a big difference. My screw up earlier in thinking I was working on the correct metashaders and fxo. I was in the wrong directory. The stormbirds link got me to the correct one on my C: drive not the ones on my D: drive where I have steam and all the games. Looks like the game looks in two places to operate correctly. Anyway the coloring is better although I dropped a few FPS but I can work on my graphics settings if that becomes a problem. Right now without doing much and everything pretty well maxed out with just one aircraft sight seeing I am still getting 65-80 fps depending on the terrain. I was getting 90-130. I am happy with it as I can now turn Deferred Shaders back on and can control the gamma again... Many Thanks..
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    have a look here, in the first post there is key bindings, instructions and a video http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13039-sunday-18th-feb-bomber-boys-dd-team-event-4/
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    I thought I'd start this thread in an effort to see what we've all got between us in the way of BoX coops so far. I've been hosting these made by Tx_Tips TipsCoOPs Pack One.zip TipsCoOPs Pack Two.zip These are fairly straightforward missions with er...brief briefings but some planes have an airstart option. They contain Stalingrad and Moscow maps and plane sets. I've also got these made by SYN_Vander which are in effect a mini campaign for the Kuban map. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30922-the-syndicate-corner/?page=3 With the exception of mission #4 they all contain at least one type of aircraft from the BoS planeset. They also come with a full brief and mission map. The BoX coop system seems to work very well - once you've got your ports sorted.. I've made a video and posted it in the rough and ready guide about hosting coops but briefly; download these into C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative start the game in online mode, click on multiplayer, select coops and then click on create server. You should then see and be able to select these missions in your coop folder. When you launch the mission you are actually putting a coop up but you will be able to fly these missions on your own. I wonder if this is a way for those Dogz who only have Battle of Stalingrad to have a play on the Kuban and Moscow maps at their leisure? In theory this should work as the game is being launched in multiplayer mode where all maps are available? What we really need to be able to do is edit these coops in the mission editor and replace the Kuban planes with Stalingrad planes so we can have as many Dogz participating as possible. I know this is doable using the editor, I'm just a bit stumped as to how at present Also; linky to section of the BoS forum where these - and others - are being posted https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/113-multiplayer-missions-co-op-and-dogfight/ Any other coops people have - especially those succesfully generated using the campaign system or PWCG - please don't hesitate to post them here SYN_Cooperative_Kuban_v4.zip
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    Tried renaming megashaders and fxo individually. Got the compiler error on megashaders so then I tried fxo rename and game would freeze at splash screen. This is either launching from Steam or from my desktop shortcut with only Steam runtime in the background.. No go. I'm done. I can live with what I have now and this is taking to much time from having fun :-). And truth be told, this is almost like I am trying to pad my post count here anyway !
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    We are getting close to having a dedicated BoX session me thinks... I'm gonna start a new thread on that.
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    I must admit I was a little semi watching that.
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    The user.ini file you need to alter would be in the My Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover folder!
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    Nice one Arthur. These files are now in the new 'Missions and Mission Packs' area in the Vault. http://dangerdogz.com/forums/files/category/36-missions-and-mission-packs/ ccfdftgyasdy54rt
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    Here is a mod to correct the German skins, giving ALL the official German skins the Hakenkreuz, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35423-mod-historically-correct-official-skins-2k-and-4k/ First download the link in that thread and unzip. Create a Mods folder in your il2 bos install and place the unziped folder in there. Then use JSGME to activate it, Start the game and check mods on, restart the game and enjoy correct markings on your German planes, Enjoy!
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    Looks really good. I think it might be time to ditch Reshade.
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    There is now an update for the 4K version which covers all the default winter skins as well now, plus the Bf 110G2 has been added now a 4k template has been finished, see here, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35423-mod-historically-correct-official-skins-2k-and-4k/?tab=comments#comment-597695
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    Thanks for sharing that Sid, what a story! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Space_Ghost on the BoS forums wonders if you have it, should I tell him? I think he misses you
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    Interesting; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35433-coop-mission-from-quick-mission-and-career-step-by-step/ Haven't tried this yet but I'm gonna give it a whirl over the weekend.
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    Well if it’s that flu that’s going around it takes a long time to get over all of the symptoms.. glad you’re feeling a bit better
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    Monday evening on the War Grounds server. BluBear and I attack an airfield whilst Jabo parallel parks his Lagg-3 at an Aldi superstore. The return......where I loose my no-claims bonus Look; stats!!!
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    I am growing old but I have no intention of growing up
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    Should we compile a list of who has got what module? It might help for when coops happen.
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    I think the long term future is BoX as it is constantly being improved, coops are coming, you do not need to have all versions to fly on all maps, and carrier ops might be in beta this time next year. Clod TF 5.0 will be great but it is very slow in arriving. DCS seems to be, for me at any rate, a study dogfight sim. Great for modern stuff but limited WW2 possibilities. I know that some of us would prefer not to have to update their computers to fly with us but the cash per hour is quite inexpensive and an upgrade wouldnt hurt HSFX either