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    The water and the ramp will need a bit more attention
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    One of the most beautiful airliner?
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    Good show everyone, thanks for attending and bloody good job for making the progress you have - I know some you may feel that your takeoffs and landings are perhaps still a bit untidy but I came away from today confident you do have a firm grasp of the essentials and the rest will be a matter of finesse. That will come with practise, so keep getting in that glorious old girl and giving her a good workout!
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    ... and uploaded the GoPro footage to YouLube from my Spitfire flight: Its unedited so be warned there's not a huge amount of spectacle - no Dunkirk style cinematography here lads! - but points to note are the Takeoff @ 6:00; Don (the pilot) waving is hands in the front canopy @ 10:02 to indicate that yes, indeedy, Fenrir is flying the plane (gulp!) and some lovely sun gilded wings as we break out into clearer skies at 10:45. Steep turn over Leeds Castle @15:45 was flown by Don but as we steadied on a westward course he gave the airplane back. Flying over Brands Hatch motor racing circuit @21:21 when Don again takes control (wish he'd let me fly the fun manoeuvres!) @21:40 to perform a Victory roll! Then back home for tea and medals. Hope you enjoy watching it even half as much as I did being in it!
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    I believe our very own Fenrir made it to this show at the weekend, witnessing Dan Griffiths put on this stonking Spitfire solo. Tight rolling manoeuvres that keep the aircraft firmly in front of the crowd, with hints of the Mustang whine as the .50 cals flute with the high angle of attack. This guy really knows how to show off a Spitfire, lovely stuff. (shame about the shaky vid, but you get the idea)
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    Yeah...but it's still a good one
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    A spot of sightseeing in the mountains............ and dogfighting over the coast.......... The Kuban is one big, BIG map!
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    Holy shit!!!!! That was some flying. I like the "we considered the possibility of a go-around"
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    Thanks very much Fenrir! Very useful, and fun to boot!
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    Stevo Hinton (Steve Hinton Jnr.) is preparing to break the 28-year-old world speed record of 528.3 MPH in his highly modified P-51 Mustang “Voodoo.” Hinton Jr. will make the attempt tomorrow (August 27) across a 3-kilometer course in Idaho and can be followed here: http://www.pursuitaviation.com/world-speed-record Here he is putting Voodoo through it's paces, turn it up!
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    Room booked...6 twin rooms left by the looks of it
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    Very nice work! There is a wealth of information on this kind of stuff over on the DCS forums if you have questions https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=96
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    I've used Flickr since 2005. They changed their policy some years ago so I become a paying member for $25/year unlimited storage. I don't know how the free account works but think one gets pretty much storage anyway.