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    To be fair I was on that side of the road a lot 😏
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    I feel a sudden need to re-mortgage....
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    Testing one of Vander's coops made for the Kuban map - now running with BoS aircraft. Everyone must fly!
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    FINALLY. I have never had to go thru so much crap for a game. Guess ED had a bunch of problems with Steam or people stealing their stuff. Shsesh. For a game.., but it's their money. I need to go back to work to get some rest from these games 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!
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    I have just splashed the cash and will try the new planes tonight
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    Ah the old I D 10 T Error 😉
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    Why did I look at this 😍 https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-joystick/
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    wow... indeed, WHY did you? Now I did too!
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    Just an update on the way I see it. Pluses I really feel I am sitting in a cockpit and I can sense the way the plane is moving. Better for situational awareness Minuses Much harder to spot aircraft/ground targets That might improve a bit when I get my lenses sorted. Very hard to check six, due to your head can only turn so far and limited FOV You need to use VoiceAttack as it is very hard to use a keyboard unless you can touch type. I use this for nav/landing/cockpit lights, open map, toggle icons/hud, open/close canopy, and logging into a server when I know the pass word, although you need to have TS on push to talk. On the whole I am really impressed and when the field of vision and resolution improves it will be amazing. PS its harder to drink beer
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    That's it in a nutshell. You said it, exactly as I feel. I can basically only justify the cost of the aircraft directly from the detail. I've done research in the past, so I know the kind of time involved to come up with a polished final product.
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    My particular setup would probably only allow up to maybe 32-35" but that would be pushing it as I can only get about 36" away. The white PVC has Bern painted gunmetal grey now.
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    We now have the following DCS owner/operators: DD_APHill DD_Arthur DD_Artie DD_B16Enk DD_Bongodriver DD_BluBear DD_CaptJackG DD_Crash* DD_Fenrir DD_FT DD_Muscobe DD_Papabear DD_Sid DD_Snacko DD_T_O_A_D DD_Wingflyer If I have missed anyone from this please advise and I shall add you. It is my belief that this represents a significant portion of the membership and as such is deserving of a dedicated DCS evening. However, this should not substitue a regular evening for the existing sims so I have created a poll to see which other evening would be more agreeable. Please vote for the evening most convenient for you.
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    For all its really nice representation of the real thing, ED and DCS can be a real headache. Sometimes not worth the time and/or money, it seems.
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    Twelve minutes of strangely hypnotic anxiety I feel for that front wheel
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    These from my road trip to Skye, more to follow
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    What is this "work" of which you speak?
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    Maybe your thinkin' is right... but maybe it's wrong... In the end, you will probably not get your P51 running in the non-steam version, but that should not be a problem, just buy the Spitfire, and you'll never look back! (Really just jokin' here ... wait for ED support to answer your question...)
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    If you've got Battle of Bodenplatte early access and fancy flying your Spitfire mk. XI in something a bit more involved than the QMB can provide - and you've got the Kuban map - then Mr. Jade_Monkey over on the BoS forum has reworked his excellent "Defence of Taupse docks" mission to add the mk. IX Download the zip file and open it's contents into your Data/Missions file. Fighter - Spitfire Mk. IX - Tuapse docks defense.zip
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    Vander's now made eight coops which gives us in effect a mini campaign. If we change the single-seaters present to aircraft from the Battle of Stalingrad plane set we all get the chance to fly on the Kuban map. At our present level of crash, burn and twenty seconds at take off this alone should give us around two months worth of coops without repeating anything! Have you tried to alter any of TX_Tips coop missions FT? They can be found here; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33301-tx_tips-dogfight-coops-and-teamplay/ As to missions from the generator; these missions are being originally generated by the games campaign system which is for single player. I'm pretty sure these can be saved and edited - I'll have a look around and see what I can find out about it. I seem to recall something along the lines of these missions having to be saved or renamed in the editor first which gives them the .mission extension file which means they can then be reloaded into the mission editor and opened. I think............ Doing all this stuff simply and on the fly like Oleg had it? Those were the days.............................
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    This could be an explanation... your pc being very busy with waking up a traditional hard disk from sleep mode? As for the Internet speed: No, not just yet. Speed like that is not the issue. If it is down to the connection, then it's probably caused by the long distance, there's not that many data being sent back and forth, in Mbits I mean... Your current connection handles it fine, if it were down to its speed, you'd be warping all over the place, all of the time And you did not, I watched your take off, and it was smooth ... very nice and straight and shift... Just wait around if the issue arises again, you may want to look into the Power options, and switch off any power saving on the disks...
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    I know how he feels
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    BREAKING NEWS! Bernard Chabbert will NOT be commentating at this year's Flying Legends! WHOOP!
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    Finally found the "issue" with that weird truck icon on the map in Dover, the one with the yellow/orange explosive marker on top of it... It turned out to be a Balloon Winch. Never knew I put it in there... changed it to a Barrage Balloon, and there ya go... I know it's not really relevant, and not really worth mentioning here, but it had been bugging me for ages ... and I am happy it's now been fixed. (It's not easy to find a truck, when you are looking for one, and in the mission builder you are looking at something that does not look like a truck, it looks like a Barrage Balloon... amongst many others ... )