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    New man cave, still waiting on sky to sort out interweb
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    Hi guys! Ribbon and me are very grateful, and many many thnx for voting!! Ribbon is winner and he win a Hurrycane,so Ribbon is decided to give his winning plane to von_Greif(post on il2 forum: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63861-this-forum/),he is sick and he have a cancer,so this is gift from all of us,because you helped to win this plane!! Thnx again guys!!
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    Yeah yeah, lotsa nice words, thanks for that, but I'll just call it out: N O O B S !!
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    The older I get, the more of a pacifist I am becoming, so this does indeed interest me. To be honest, flying has always come first for me, the combat is secondary. Realistically, I'm not sure I will achieve my goal of a PPL any time soon; certainly not in the next decade and then who knows what the general aviation industry will look like then? So MSFS + VR sure does look like a desirable way of getting part way to fulfilling the yearning and flying around some jaw dropping scenery with a bunch of mates off the interwebs sounds cool yeah?
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    Anyone want to join me on an amazon expedition in one of these... Thinking of starting at the delta, and trying to find the source!!!
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    Hello lads. Have just joined the forum, and wanted to say hello. I used to fly with ACG (CoD/Blitz). I have flown on the DD Server a few times - Thanks for providing the server. A donation is inbound. Did Snacko go by the handle Wild Bill Kelso in the past? If so "Hello" Andy. You might remember me as Snake Eyes or Buccaneer from the old Touchscreen days (when Zorlac and Ruggbutt were around). I was the guy who did the ArmA profile for TB. Just wanted to thank you for creating the TB Toolkit. They were exciting times. Sadly, Touchscreens and the TB Software/TB Toolkit never really became mainstream!
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    Just as unlikely. This time, I think it's all down to having no claims at all ... but in the end, I do not know really. Could be anything... too bad we can't blame Sweper though ... or, can we?
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    Back in buisness - it worked deleteing the Multicoloured tracers, hurray. The Earth is back on its rotating plane again. Just dont get in front, or even near me FT and it will be ok
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    Howdy all. I have updated the Groups tally sheet - it now looks like this: Rosters for the 402nd and 485th now look like this:
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    I got excited when I saw this, I thought I was in for a treat - then I saw the first letter of the word was not actually a "B". What a disappointment FoolTrottel πŸ˜₯
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    If I am pink, does that make me spam? I am seriously considering buying this and having a proper go at starting on a Cessna and working up. Flying with a group of mates would be excellent as well. Can you imagine the skilled, measured, controlled environment of a bunch of dogz at an airfield with one us playing ATC, what could possibly go wrong?
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    Ahh, that was a fun day🀣
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    This plane is going to be so much fun! fun
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    Going to order the basic beans-on-toast edition just as soon as it cools down enough for me to feel like turning on my gaming pc.
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    Like this one? http://dangerdogz.com/forums/forum/134-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/
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    Only GBS, I still follow the teachings of our departed leader.
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    Congrats to Arjen on his first Gong! Despite encountering heavy enemy fighter opposition prior to RV with the RAF Mitchells he and his squadron were assigned to escort, Lt Efftee led and organised his squadron with great decisiveness and they downed many e/a before racing to catch the heavies under their charge, escorting them to a successful drop on their target. 2nd Lt. Casey Baker miraculously survived a head on collision with a Fw 190A-8. Knocked completely unconscious and trapped in the falling wreckage Baker had a million-to-one shot when remains of his aircraft hit the steep slope of a tall river bank and slid into a muddy, silty bog at the bottom. He was rescued by friendly ground troops and taken to a nearby aid station. Apart from a light concussion he suffered no further injury! Some one get that guy a lottery ticket! 2nd Lt. Zook aborted due to technical issues with his a/c but not before claiming a Bf-110. 2nd Lt. Funflaque again aborted due to technical issues with his a/c but made it safely home. Congrats to 485th for their victories. After further discussion with 9th AF HQ, Group have decided that if whilst on air patrol near the frontlines, should a squadron see little or no enemy air activity after 20-30 minutes on station squadrons are free to expand their search area and also search out and attack enemy ground targets - but only if identification of targets as enemy is absolutely unequivocal. It will be left to the squadron commanders discretion, with the forces he has available and availability of suitable targets as to how this is carried out, but group recommend leaving at least one flight high as cover in case our Luftwaffe friends decide to show up late. Next mission on the board is October 12th 1944. (To be hosted Tuesday 18th August.)
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    IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk, the latest addition to the long-standing and critically acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series of Aerial Combat Simulators is set to release on August 6th, 2020 at 5pm GMT via Steam and other digital platforms!! Pre-orders will be available starting on July 30th via the official IL-2 Sturmovik store https://il2sturmovik.com/ with a 15% discount for those who want to opt-in first! Get ready for another tour of duty – IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings Tobruk will let you experience the famous Desert War through the eyes of those fighting for dominance high above the battlefields of North Africa. You can fly over 40 aircraft and variants from the Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe or Regia Aeronautica. Experience combat in the legendary Spitfire, sturdy Hurricanes, stubby Martlets, and rugged Kittyhawks, or take flight in deadly Messerschmitts and Macchis. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings features a 385km x 385km North African map recreating in precise detail the strategic stronghold of Tobruk and the desert and sea which surrounds it. Included are 75+ airfields, multiple landmarks and towns, an extensive road network as well as the historical fortifications, minefields and defences, all based on actual maps from the war. Combined with the excellent multiplayer environment that allows over 100 players and dozens of AI aircraft online simultaneously, IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings promises intense and challenging human versus human aerial battles. For the Single Player enthusiasts, the game also includes 24 Quick Missions playable with any aircraft, 7 long form Campaigns based on historical Squadron experiences, and another 14 single missions. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk will be available on August 6th via Steam and other digital stores for $69.99 USD. The game requires the base game IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition in order to play. Fore more information, and updates leading up the this very exciting release, check out the Team Fusions Simulations YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamFusionMod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamfusionmod Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/team.fusion.simulations Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamFusionSim Looking forward to hearing from the community about this very exciting announcement. Cheers, Pattle
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    Ahh, I see. Well, I hate to break it to him, but there are many games out there....several I play in fact....GBS, Elder Scrolls Online, Hell Let Loose...and so on. I reinstalled CLOD Blitz today, haven't played it since 2018 according to Steam, I looked at Tobruk, but honestly, just cant bring myself to spend the amount they want for it at the moment, still suffering from PTSD from what CLOD turned out to be at release😨
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    Have you heard about wave interference? It's amazing when the processes in people's lives have direct physical analogies. In particular, how topics for our journal entries appear is a good example. In the development of projects of the IL-2: Great Battles series, there are a lot of very voluminous and lengthy tasks. And sometimes it happens that the intermediate results of different large tasks appear one by one, creating a subject for the diaries. Sometimes it happens that the "wave" processes of development progress in all directions and it gets to a stage when the intermediate results cannot yet be published, but sometimes it also happens that in all directions at the same time appears something that can be gladly demonstrated. And exactly this variant of "superposition of wave development processes in different directions" happened this week, which, of course, is always pleasant. The first thing we can show you today is a 3D render of the Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib, the legendary fighter-bomber of the RAF, which is very much anticipated by many in our simming community. In Battle of Normandy, this aircraft will, as it should be, presented with its late version with a drop-shaped cockpit canopy, a modified stabilizer of the type used on Tempest aircraft, and with two versions of the propeller (three- and four-bladed). It will be armed with four 20 mm Hispano cannons and also rockets and bombs. Despite the fact that the aircraft belongs to the class of fighter-bombers, due to the mighty 2200-horsepower Napier Saber IIa engine (and when using the 11-pound boost and up to 2400hp), it possessed strong flight performance. All in all, it will be an extremely interesting Allied aircraft that will help its virtual pilot achieve success in battle against both the ground and air enemy forces. The second thing that we will show you today is important for the owners of all products in the IL-2: Great Battles series. We are talking about a new map! The new "Velikiye Luki, Summer 1941", will be made available to everyone in the next update. This map was developed on a personal basis by one of our map team-members, and although it does not include all of our most modern map tech (such as buildings with increased detail), thanks to the creativity and variety of the implemented terrain and scenery, it looks extremely interesting and will add a lot of variety in your flights. The Velikiye Luki summer map, as well as an improved and updated winter version, will be available to all players. A lot could be written about the positive aspects of this map, but it seems to us that it is better to show them in the following screenshots: The third bit of news is that work on the Battle of Normandy is progressing, not only in terms of creating new aircraft but also in other directions. For instance, a lot has already been done in creating the map which will include some promising new technologies for our series. But it’s still early and we plan to show the progress on the development of the map later. Additionally, aircraft crews are also being created and as you already know, the G-suits worn by USAAF pilots appeared after the events of the Normandy, and therefore we created a model of an American pilot in an earlier uniform: And in FIRST for the combat-sim genre - the U-2VS, Yak-1 Series 69 and Yak-1b series 127 aircraft will receive a Soviet female pilot option! We have completed the process of animating the new female pilot model and they will be available in the upcoming 4.009 update. It is these aircraft that have the greatest basis for possessing this modification because the famous "Night Witches" from the 588th Night Light Bomber Aviation Regiment fought in the U-2, and the heroic ace pilot of the Soviet Air Force Guards Junior Lieutenant Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak and her fellow female squadron mates flew the Yak-1 and Yak-1b. Also, the U-2VS aircraft will receive new models of male pilots. And to finish the today's Dev blog, here is the news about the "Tank Crew" project. As we said earlier, the completion of the vehicle lineup does not mean that work on improving it has stopped. Update 4.009 will introduce a lot of new features that will definitely give you an interesting new experience in our tank simulator. Drivers of the German panzers and the Sherman tank will have the opportunity to use the course director. KV-1s, Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M and Sherman tank drivers interact with pneumatic fuel gauges in a realistic way. The working sounds of the radio motor-generators were added to all tanks and the German tanks have the working gyrocompass sound as well. All traveling locks of turrets, main and machine guns are now animated and have sounds as well. In general, due to these changes, the sound environments inside a tank has become much richer and more realistic. DT and M2 .50 machine guns now have a working range correction setting. Other changes have been made to improve the player experience - many of you have previously expressed the opinion that one cannot fully discover the possibilities of the project due to the lack of a description of what equipment each tank has and how to use this equipment. To resolve this issue, a new "Notes" dialog has been implemented, which can be invoked at any time by pressing the ESC button. You can discuss the news in this thread
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    Hey Reggie, FT has for many years been very comedic in his outbursts against β€œother games”. When we flew 46 and members dared to discuss other flight sims or worse still other genres, he would shout β€œTHERE IS ONLY ONE GAME !!!” We had to have him sedated to get GBS and DCS installed on his computer. So it looks like you have joined the club mate πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰ Ain’t that the truth Arjenski ?? 😘
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    IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - TOBRUK, the new addition to the acclaimed realistic air combat simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz, is OUT NOW! his exciting new addition to the long-standing and critically acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series of aerial combat simulators takes you over the sands of North Africa in the critical moment during WWII when the control of the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal was decided. Experience what it was like to fly and fight during the Desert War in deadly Messerschmitts, sleek Macchis, rugged Kittyhawks and the legendary Spitfires. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk brings over 40 new flyable types and variants, more than 25 new tank, artillery and vehicle types added to the desert versions of the vehicles from the CLIFFS OF DOVER, as well as 15 new ships including British and Italian types which are historically accurate for the TOBRUK map. he excellent multiplayer environment that allows over 100 players and dozens of AI aircraft online simultaneously, IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk promises intense and challenging human versus human aerial battles. For the Single Player enthusiasts, the game also includes 24 Quick Missions playable with any aircraft, 7 long form Campaigns based on historical Squadron experiences, another 14 single missions as well as two co-op missions playable both via multiplayer or single player. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk is now available via Steam, the official IL-2 Sturmovik store and other digital platforms for $69.99 USD / 64.99 EUR. The game requires the base game IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition in order to play. And from all of us at Team Fusion Simulations, thank you all for your support. We hope you enjoy Desert Wings Tobruk Cheers, TFS Team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4c1R7KvlO8
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    Personally I think this is hilarious, 3 ops in with you guys and I still technically don't exist - or at least haven't achieved anything at all, and I am usually such a high achiever, cough cough.πŸ˜‰
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    Hello mate, I had the same issue a while back and it was one of the mods conflicting with the latest update. It was either Grass or Multicoloured tracers, I removed them both and it never happened again. Hope you are well Sven, it's been a while! S!
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    2ND Lt Denny Peeks reporting Sir.
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    Ok chaps, the AAR for the 8th October mission flown this evening was accepted by PWCG and we have progressed. Alas, for the 402nd, this means that both Lt. Chris Bloobair and 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen are now PoWs, though Lt. Bloobair was able to claim a Bf 110 prior to the tragic collision that brought them both down. Lt. Per Fesser returned safely to base after suffering a critical malfunction with his airplane just prior to crossing the front-line. Likewise 2nd Lt. Funflaque of the 485th. Shame for the 485th that they had such a quiet mission, particularly when the 402nd seemed to have more than enough to keep them occupied. We will review the possibility of revising squadron orders to better synchronise the area of operations that this Groups units will operate over, thus trying to ensure that if one squadron is engaged on ground attack and the other on air cover that the air cover group is doing so over the ground attack squadron. The next day of operations is the 10th October 1944. (Mission Event will be Tuesday the 4th August. Chris, Dennis, I need your new persona IDs as soon as possible.) Scores as follows:
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    Come visit you can ride my lawn tractor for about 2 hours, then weed wack and trim another hour, or vice versa your choice on relaxation method you prefer. Oh and I'll let you get on your hands and knee's for a an activity you've never done in that position, and weed the garden, LOL After that you can pick the vegetables and we can cook it up with some wild venison or fish after the days work, while drinking some locally brewed Ale. Oh and no, you won't be allowed to take a cucumber to bed with you!!!!
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    Not actually our GBS server but wingman to Rollinloopinfuhrer Painless in Sid's remake of 'Where Eagles Dare'. Caution; contains Swedish rear gunner.
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    Well no joy with sky , but I have got a new desk to set up, hopefully be back early August
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    At least next time I'll have more than fifteen minutes notice and hopefully Fruitbat will have finished mowing his freaking meadow by then.
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    is the pressure of leading that bad Arthur?
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    Yes - with real time weather too!
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    From the descriptions I've heard, more of a Homo Sappy 'un.
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    It's this sort of stuff that makes me proud to be a Brit......(wipes tear from eye)
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    Hallelujah! At least some bugger has! Mind you, I suspect you have a head start over some of our members in that it appears at least you can actually read...
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    Oh no! Does this mean I can't be 2nd. Lt. Tony Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwiiiiantysiliogogoch when I buy the farm?
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    @ Sidley, I gave some thought to coming up with a logical reason but failed so I guess the truth will have to do..... if the drinks are on you then they are not on me πŸ€”πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸ€­πŸ™ˆπŸ‘πŸ»
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    I shall be there ladies and hobbits. Without VR and using Track Ir, so stay well away or face high risk of collisionπŸ˜€
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    I was actually thinking the Multicoloured tracers is the culprit. Gonna remove the mod and see how it works Thats the only changes Ive done lately. Cheers
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    Fascinating insight chaps. Just a case of damn bad luck. It's amazing considering the sheer volume of sky that two entities, so relatively tiny in comparison to the vastness that surrounds them, can so catastrophically gravitate towards one another, particularly in light of the fact that that you were each chasing different bandits!
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    Inspired by last nights DCS jet tail chase...
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    Y'all Brits go get a room! Or better yet, an island, and then .... Oh, wait...
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    One of the projects i have wanted to do for a lonnnng time is this, a Viggen painted in the Swedish 4 tone camouflage featured from the 70s onwards. This is the Italeri 1/48th scale one. It is a good kit to build, goes together very well considering the complex curves around the air intakes and wing roots. The colours took a long time to decide on but I am happy with the effect....the light doesn't always work well in piccies and in this case it shows the light colour more and the middle green very green, more than it does in 'real life'. Being red/green/brown colour blind the colour selection was an impossible task for me so a very patient Suzi helped with choosing from the colours I had looked up for the scheme. In the end I went for acryllic spray cans: Tamiya Dark Yellow TS3 (there is Tan also but they are exactly the same), Humbrol Grass Green 80, Tamiya Olive Green AS14 and Tamiya USAF Green AS13 on top with Tamiya Medium Sea grey underneath. The top coat of matt varnish tones things down nicely and blends them in really well. I have seen a few of these models built but haven't been happy with the overall finish due to the colours selected but to my weird eyes, this looks right. The masking was done using a Maestro masking set, taking about an hour and a half for each colour to be masked and 5 minutes or less to spray. I started off with Olive green, then the grass green, then the tan and lastly the dark green. I did the Olive Green first because it was easier for me to reference the ares to place the masks. Will weather the paintwork, fit the undercarriage and load it up with 4 x rocket pods, 2 x Sidewinders and a belly tank. Cheerzen
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