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    Some from the show That's the lot - hope you like 'em
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    Home after a very good weekend, great to meet up with some of the gang, have checked and the photos came out fine despite the camera acting up, will sort them out and post them soon. Highlights were 5 hurricanes together then hurricanes, early spitfires and blenhem flight
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    A bit of paraffin burning light relief (look away FT )
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    Just a few from me and my Samsung Galaxy S7... Me and Jabo enjoying the sun and ale on the Friday: Berlin Express before she became a cabriolet: The beautiful dh 88 Comet: Count the Hurricanes! Fruitbat getting down and dirty for 'that' shot: Jabo and Delta7: Fruitbat and taking a break from flying duties, our very own bongodriver:
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    So it appears that I managed to catch BE's canopy failing - sorry the photo's a bit blurred but it's interesting all the same - you can see the damage to the leading edges of the tail and tailplane clearly.
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    Thanks to Dave, Kev, Chris, Tom, Sid and Bongo for a great weekend. Minor hiccups aside, the show was probably one of the better ones of recent years with a welcome return of the Horsemen, five Hurrricanes (!), 12 Spitfires, 5 Mustangs and plenty more. And (especially for Michael) some piccies - starting with Friday. Mustangs in the sunshine; Richard Grace and the Fury; Not Steve Hinton as we originally thought but one of the other pilots renewing their display licence in Sharky. Pigeon rolling Dragon Rapide flown by the recipient of the 'Handsomest Pilot' award. More Pigeon Arrivals Mmmm Messers Shipley, Hinton and Freidkin (and some random old dude) The Horsemen departeth... More Pony action - this might go on a bit... That was Friday then....
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    here are some pics, I only have a compact camera which of course decided to act up , but this should give a flavour; Reprobates that kindly took care of me 5 hurricanes (not four candles) First time Id seen hurricane fly One of the mustangs The one I would have taken home if I could Flying highlight Nothing compaires to the gracefullness of a spitfire in flight or the sound of the merlins and griphons
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    Top weekend with the Dogz, feeling slightly frazzled now but contented. Great to meet you Dave, thanks for showing me the way of Talisker Will report fully when I have the energy, but just thought i'd share this from the events of today to show how a heart stopping moment turned out good. P-51 Miss Velma - Engine failure and forced landing: Image Sequence http://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=78045 Video stills
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    As some of you may recall I set about modifying my MSFFB2 and Saitek X55 to see if I could combine them. Frankenstein time for sure! Today I finally got the missing pieces I needed, contact pads for the spring loaded contacts in the handle, that finally enabled me to complete connectivity. It works! Showing illuminated joystick. Red wine, the ultimate creative fuel! The other thing is the X55 stick paired with the MSFFB2 base, to the left (below the vino) you can see the Dsub 25 connector that pairs the handle back to its now divorced base. Said divorced base, currently not using the X or Y axis, but all buttons on the stick fully functional, FFB is pretty good, handle holds center no problem as the weight distribution is spot on. Next up is implementing trim using the X and Y axis on the X 55 base, and integrating the MSFFB2 buttons and hat (the interconnect cable has 15 spare connections so no issue doing this at all). Once the above is done I will then work on the collective mod I dreamt of, should make DCS rotary flying more intuitive with natural controls and FFB. Have 17 days vacation commencing next Friday, so hoping for more accelerated progress. [emoji4][emoji4][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    From our little bro' in the west.
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    As there's so many beautiful pictures of skies with aereoplanies in them, here's one without any, for comparison.
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    Bloody quick thinking from that man, all in a matter of seconds. Tom and I were at the AirSpace end and saw it all unfold, from our viewpoint I thought he'd come down on the M11. Glad to hear she's repairable. Looks like he's one of the Yakovlev team: http://www.yakovlevs.com/the-team/pilots-and-crew/
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    I heard the pilot was Mark Levy, gear was retracted deliberately and early assessment is the aircraft is quite repairable. Was a very frightening sight as it unfolded because from my vantage point it looked like he was going into the Airspace hangar.
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    Great couple of days chaps, really enjoyed myself:)
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    She looks better off in this picture! Seems as though the gear cycled up or was banged up just in time.
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    Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service - They've sent me an email suggesting me to go for a plan that would cost like $400 a year. Yeah. No thanks. So, I've deleted my account there - well, I've tried to anyways... lol In the end, some of my threads will now have lost their images. Not all, just some. Luckily, most of the pictures I usedI put 'Mission and event announcements' I used the forums here to save the pictures to. So, just a heads up - no Panic
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    Chris - 1.5.7 only went from Beta to Release version yesterday, so as of time of writing the OP it is current release version and should be at time of planned training.
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    The more I see of it the more I realise how well the pilot did to avoid onlookers and minimise damage to the aircraft Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Thanks Chris, if you let me know which one you fancy and what resolution your monitor runs at, I'll gladly run one off the original at the correct dimensions and without the watermark for you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Great pics Nick! These are some of your best yet, going to grab one for desktop background methinks No news on who was Velma pilot as yet.
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    Bloody marvellous Nick - great job mate. Thank you very much!
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    Well, that's a good thing. That wingtip is a bit of a mess and I see various other dings as well, but it'll buff out.
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    Bloody Nora! Nice catch mate
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    wow... Is that your shot Nick? Darn, all them bits and pieces flying!!
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    This is exactly why I don't read them any more Mick More pony photos later Swep
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    Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Ponies looks great. Obviously there wasn't (air) room for all of them
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    Excellent pictures Nick thank you sir. Glad you enjoyed your visit Delta, shame I missed the chance to meet you after all these years. Just read the airshows forum link Chris, plenty of bitching going on I see !! State of the nation mate : ( Was bongo really the best looking pilot there chaps ? LOL
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    Thank you Jabo, lovely stuff!
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    Not optical, I think they are of the HAL kind, something with magnetix stuff and shift ... Nice custom job!
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    One of the really nice things about our forum software, and having a dedicated server, is we don't need third party image hosting. In fact images hosted on our own server are likely to be served more quickly too! With the gallery feature you can also link to images when posting elsewhere, and even in emails. Tapatalk posted images however are hosted on Tapatalk, I may look at a mod that fixes that - parses the urls, copies images locally, and replaces them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On Choo Choo anxiously looking skyward for straffers
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    Some changes made: - Start time from 11:00hrs set to 13:00hrs, so mission runs until 19:00hrs. - Medium Clouds at 1500m set to Light Clouds at 11000m - Removed the 'targets' that were there for training purposes. (We don't need no training!)
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    We've had most of those at Legends over the years! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Indeed, Epic, Awe and Adventure are words that are appropriate here Very much so!
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    I got to watch the Berlin express arrive at DX, I have to say I'm baffled as to why they didn't put her in a shipping container but at the same time I am in awe of the adventure that epic flight must have been.
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    BE has arrived safely at DX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Great article here about the visit of Berlin Express: http://vintageaviationecho.com/berlin-express/
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    Visiting P51 'Frenesi' being reassembled in H2
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    That was painful to watch. If the IL2 version of the griffon Spittie is any indication, taking off from perfectly flat concrete is plenty dangerous enough, grass is just slightly suicidal. It looks like she's going to be hors de combat for a while.
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