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    thanks guys...was fun. twenty seconds, sheep, Painless' awkward advances, nonsensical violent threats...just like old times. was great to see so many familiar names. and familiar unintelligible accents. off for work tomorrow for a week , but should be able to join next Sunday. will have bodenplate by then. maybe consider airstarts for just the Sunday till i can get game better figured. look forward.
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    Oh fuck. We have the new neighbours round for welcome drinks in 5 and now I've got to make polite conversation and hand round the nuts without thinking about 10% of Artie
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    Little vid and a couple of pics of an F16 and an i16 flying in formation together, thanks FT! My F16 computer wasn't particularly happy with me, holding 15 degrees of AOA to fly around 170 knots, to let FT's i16 formate on me!!!! But to be honest she's never that happy with me anyway🤣
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    Our guys that use VR say it does lead to easier spotting due to the lower resolution. That's why I always try to wing with one of them😁 I should have noted that we do not fly with icons or nav aids having transitioned away from them about a year ago.
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    Oh dear, it's official, I am in a Jet, flying nicely - for a bit - along with some other Jets... I am a Sissie now!
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    Russian shiiite 😀
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    Standard area of sky covered by a normal Dogz 3 ship 'formation'
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    I most definitely know what I am NOT going to be trying this summer.....the usual requests for the unusual insertions I have to put up with are enough thank you 🤨
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    And there is more! Hello everybody, This week we continue telling you about the new Collector Planes, now is the turn of Yak-9 and Yak-9T. Yak-9 was the most mass-produced Soviet WWII fighter, more than 14,000 were made on three factories in Moscow, Omsk and Novosibirsk in total. The production started during Autumn 1942 and peaked in 1944, but continued well after the war ended - it stopped only in 1948. They were used in combat en masse for the first time during Kursk battle in Summer 1943, but several documents reflect smaller scale combat deployments of the new fighters on other fronts of 1943, including the Battle of Kuban. Yak-9, while being an evolution of Yak-7 design, had significant changes: metallic spars instead of the wooden ones, bubble canopy with an improved field of view, forward-and backward-facing armored glass pieces. The fighter armament was standard - 12.7 mm UBS MG and 20 mm ShVAK gun. It was powered by M-105PF inline engine. We also recreate a special model of this fighter, Yak-9T, that was developed to counter enemy bombers and was also used against lightly armored targets. A powerful 37 mm NS-37 gun with 30 rounds ammo reserve required more space, so the pilot's cockpit has been moved back to make more room for it and to maintain the pitch balance. It's interesting to note that while this gun was much more powerful, the total weight increase was just 40 kg and the plane aerodynamics did not change for the worse noticeably. We'll start the work on Yak-9T immediately after finishing Yak-9 (the exterior 3D model of Yak-9 is nearly complete while its cockpit 3D model and physical model are in the works and show good progress).
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    Probably hadn't got enough sugar on them Mick.
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    Tried that chip thing the other day and either.... chips have got bigger my nostrils have got smaller or.... my nostrils don’t get as moist as they used to ?
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    Thanks for the info last night Fen, I can now sit in my Spit I managed to take off (it was a bit squirelly) and land OK only ground looping at the end of the roll out. I am sure the Point control widgets will make this a great experience.
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    I'm working on it. I still have to appease my sweety and keep my 10 year old entertained. Maybe I'll get him a smart phone to keep him busy while I fly.
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    oooo! Hello everybody, It finally snows in Moscow while we continue the work on the new aircraft. Including the new Collector Planes for both the Western and Eastern fronts of the war - Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane. Today we're ready to show you the progress achieved at the moment for the British Hurricane, which will have 5 (!) different modifications in our sim: Hurricane Mk.IIa: basic model armed with 8 х 7.69 mm Browning MGs; Hurricane Mk.IIb: the number of MGs has been increased to 12; Hurricane Mk.IIc: this model had 4 x 20 mm Hispano guns; Hurricane Mk.IId: anti-tank model armed with 2 x 40 mm Vickers-S guns and 2 x 7.69 mm MGs; Hurricane Mk.II with Soviet weaponry that was installed on the Lend-Lease aircraft: 2 х 12.7 mm UB MGs, 2 x 20 mm ShVAK guns and Soviet bomb and rocket holders. We hope that this nice selection of the Hurricane models suitable both for the Western and Eastern front would be a great addition to IL-2 Sturmovik series:
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    I eventually did finish my 6DoF. After talking to Sid tonight I remembered this thread.
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    Genuinely one of the hardest things I've ever done in a flight sim!!!!! Tried for the first time last night, and just couldn't get stable enough to connect, but after a bit of control changes (due to a design team decision to have the stick forces on the roll less than pitch, and me having swapped axis in controls, like force feedback owners normally do for all planes, this was resulting in my pitch being floppy compared to roll... no good!). After changing tried again tonight, by no means perfect at all, but got some fuel!!!!
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    It's official! https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/dcs-a-7e-corsair-ii-by-flyingiron-sims
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    Finally sat down and taught myself how to use laser guided bombs in the Viper, and how much fun!!!! Flying just under mach 1, 17,000 ft and getting a big bang just where you want it 😁😁 Mind it helped having 2 computers next to each other, one for the game, and one for the youtube tutorials 🤣 A lot of fun!
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    Morning all During our flying sessions over the past few months I have been picking up feelings of slight annoyance through to deep frustration over how some of us have been singled out, shot down or spotted way before we should by other flyers. I am not talking about the AI doing this, but other human flyers. It is fair to say that all of us have been flying together for many years so I think I am able to speak freely. We flew 46 together too and got used to a set of icons that did away with a lot of unrealistic indicators so I now think it is time to get that sort of set up in GBS. I understand that there are flyers coming back to us and finding GBS something new and different and that is fully understandable so what I am suggesting is that we work towards a situation where we are all given a chance to fly more fairly and more realistically. There are flyers here that are more than capable of flying with limited icons and I think they should do so and there are also those that could work up to this position. Please note I am not saying that flyers should use the game setting that removes all icons (although that is what I am getting used to doing) because I am aware that an individuals' screen or eyesight can make spotting aircraft and ground targets difficult. As one who flys mostly ground attack it can be frustrating when I can't fly low to escape attacking fighters because I have a triangle permanently attached that says to fighters 'Here he is!!' I understand this is what happens when flyers use icons but for me, I am setting myself a challenge by switching them off. The only information I have displayed on screen is the small mini map (because pilots carry maps) and the technical information on the right because it allows me to see bomb and rocket settings for a short period before they disappear by default. However, if we as a group use the Mods below: we keep flyers' names off the screen we keep other aircraft off maps and prevent the spotting of enemy aircraft when they are many kms away. This can be a particular PITA! we keep aircraft (particularly enemy) out of view in the virtual sky until they are in a realistic spotting distance from in the cockpit ie. 10km we still can hear AI tactical spotting information so enemy flights can be picked up by other aircraft not by map icons...much better I think I suggest that we all work towards using these two Mods: Number one Number two I believe that most are using the first one. The second one works perfectly. When in use, on the minimap and briefing map a lot of us use in flight the only aircraft visible is the pilot's own so you can still use maps for navigation. No other aircraft appear on them at all and the first time you see them is when they get within 10k and their icon appears in the virtual sky. All in all, much more realistic, achievable and fun!! Would be nice to see more than seven downloads considering our numbers last night.....;) I would like to see these Mods adopted as standard use for the Dogz. What do you think? Cheerzen
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    OH, my JP and Pooka!! at the same time? Surely this must be a sign of the apocalypse. I'll see if I can't drop by on Sunday and make it a real blast from the past. We might even melt down the entire bloody internet. 😋
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    I prefer that too Mick, which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed FT's loooooooong missions in '46, but I know some people prefer PvP so...
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    I know this is a bit “gay” but I like it when we all fly on the same side whether it be red or blue. That way it’s us Dogz against them spawn of the devil AI gits! You know, man against machine.... a bit like trying to drive a Wuling Hongguang in anger ! 🤣
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    at point 1 Ahmen to that brother I fly last night and shot down 3 of the enemy planes, a good tally for me. Perhaps I had a lot of rage to get ride of from a bad day at work. But VR settings are sorting themselves out now and getting used to flying model all helps.
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    Hmmmm......not a simple question to answer. Firstly, as far as I'm aware the only game around where players gain a real benefit from lowering the games resolution in order to 'spot the dots' earlier is CLoD.The Great Battles series does not actually render a dot. It delivers a teeny, tiny plane with it's own reflection model. It's that reflection model that is the first indication of distant movement. Despite many forum claims and heated debate, in GBS there is no way in game to improve spotting distances. I and many others have tried 'em all and neither lowering resolution, nor lowering the gamma or using post-effects like SweetFX make any difference. Hardware, however might. As far as I'm aware only Fruitbat has a high res monitor and VR so I'd be very interested to hear his opinion. All VR headsets have a higher resolution than 1080 monitors. I'm using a Rift CV1 as is Friar and Crash. Sid, Fenrir and Fruitbat are using the Rift S which has a slightly higher resolution than the CV1. Up until the release of version 4.004 I think it fair to say that under certain conditions - generally having the sun behind us and the approaching aircraft being below the horizon - both Crash and myself have been able to spot distant movement further out than anyone else. Initially what we are seeing is reflected light from distant aircraft. Is this an advantage? Well.....yes frankly. 😎 However, something has changed with version 4.004 and I'll quote from Han's update notes 8. Brightness and size of very distant aircraft LODs made more uniform (it differed too much on some aircraft) and I fear our super powers are not as they were as I've not been able to spot anything dramatically far out lately. The big, top ten advantages to using VR over a monitor are (in my opinion) 1] Holy shit, I'm in a Spitfire! Ditto for points 2 to 8 9] Much better ability to judge distance - which leads to 10] Much improved gunnery accuracy. Infact, check out my little streak in Flying Circus http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/pilot/294/DD_Arthur/?tour=9 Other advantages? Er....... I'm using the tiny triangle in my icon mod. and I'm using the no other planes on the map mod 'cause Uncle Siddley told me to
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    So.....I won't have to stop wearing my wife's underwear whilst flying will I?
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    Over across the pond we often join a server with AI online to play. There are a few with icons (usually simplified engine management as well) and later you can up the game too others with no icons. They're interesting objective based missions with the added intrigue of the (very) occasional breather. A gaggle of Dogz would have no trouble controlling the sky and a dogfight gets everyone back in the action. Shooting star server (Normal and expert servers) and the Unprofessionals come to mind immediately, I'm sure there are others
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    I support limited icons for planes and have been using that for months, rather than names for everyone, makes it much more entertaining imo. This is pretty much how we often ended up flying 46 in later years anyway (only have names at close range for friendlies). Also just having our own plane on the map, which is what we used to do in 46 anyway.
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    Fingers crossed! Oh wait, no, that will probably not work at all now would it?
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    I do agree with the spotting challenges... but other than my own feelings, I have not picked anything up from others regarding any frustration ... (I must be dense ... lol) And I'm with you on both mods, I got them both installed and running. Good idea to have these two.
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    This is a tricky one , I understand frustrations as I often fly blue and bombers and the need to try to address some issues but I think that this sim is particularly bad for spotting dots. There are threads on the developers forums dedicated to this and many opinions on what is right but little agreement, so people choose the best options to compensate for the percieved difficulties. In my opinion the game engine is not optimised so very difficult to spot dots and that they tend to dissapear with different settings ;VR users seem to have a particular advantage and spot dots much easier. I believe they have to use a lower resolution but most choose to fly at higher resolutions as they believe it looks better. Using the icons mod, I have flown right over planes and failed to see them on numerous occaisions and looked round and never spotted planes coming on my six as they dissapear with different zoom settings, so I value the use of the map. Personally Im ok with leaving it to the individual to use what he likes, I dont think anyone here seeks an unfair advantage by using the map it just compensates for the games difficiencies.
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    OpenBeta users rejoice! Lots to chew on here gents: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/ for the TL;DR crowd, F/A-18 gunsight now improved, F-16C finally gets proper gun-pipper, lots of small improvements to F-14, M2000, Harrier, Viggen, C-101and the JF-17. A biggy is an improvement to night lighting overall, with many fixes for both the Normandy and Persian Gulf maps an added bonus. Could be a biggy, so those on limited connections: be warned!
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    when's flying times again? (I can hear Jabo roll his eyes from across the pond cause he's only told me 20 times) i have a bunch of spare time Saturday so going to try to get game going. and it's -20 here so i'm avoiding going out TrackIR and pedals are working. finally got stick working for yaw/pitch/roll. have to figure out the other 300 keys now.
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    For Ground Pounders
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    Blêh ... Mk1 eyeball and speed indicator - keep that needle on the triangle and wing that beast in ... no worries
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    They all go together. It's all about the aircraft, online you can fly on any of the theaters/maps. Which version you own determines what a/c you can fly. Basically in the end it is one version ... So, try and get them all please, so we won't run into issues running Coops: I do not want to hear "I do not have any of these planes!"
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    90% of Artie lives with 100 miles of the US border? I'm worried about that other 10%.
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    Hi Todd, you are right about the TrackIR, I have used a flat screen for well over a year. The MDFs are going as when I have the headset on I cant see them! I am in the process of rebuilding the button/trim box with switches and knobs that are easier to identify when I cant see them. I bought a buttkicker quite some time ago and really enjoyed the immersion of feeling the rumble of the engine/guns/wheels etc but the amp broke. I bought another one the gamer2 and went to a usb headset and I had issues trying to get the kicker to work with it switching between usb headset and Rift. I then went VR only and the BK worked well but last year my young dog took a dislike to the rumbles so I stopped using it. Then GBS enabled sim vibration and I have ordered a seat from Andres sim shop. Everyone seams to think it is a very good project as it uses output from the game to generate the shakes rather than the sound.this will also work with the BK but you need the software. Look here for more details. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/128-simshaker/
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    Hey Artage, I did not know that 90% of you live within 100 miles of the US ! No wonder they are worried about an invasion ! 🤪
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    Any one short of a few gits? We've got plenty to spare.
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    This one is for FT ... we could BC a few times too.
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    I thought that was just a coop flight trace ? 😂
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    Looks like someone is boasting (or trying to boast) how big a part of his home country is compared to the UK... Doesn't really work I think, I mean, if it were Texas, then yeah, there's a point, but this?
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    Whatever is this?
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    Probably why it was best to verify me......may have served as a reminder 😉
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    Can you get the artificial horizon back? No. With your last remaining engine gone so went the generator supplying electrical power to keep the instruments gyros energised. In this case you should have gone to limited panel; use your Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Compass and Turn and Slip indicators, scanning each for a second in swift and regular pattern to try and inform you what the a/c is doing. It's called flying limited panel and is very hard. It will take practise.
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