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    I'm trying to help out some folks when I see they could use some. This is an in cockpit view of how to use lead and lag pursuit. https://youtu.be/oN0BV_p-tJI
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    Well chaps, thank you, had a blast. I had a great time. Crash, FT and Arthur hosted and it was fun! Thanks gents! It is the way to go...and jeez, these planes look good.
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    Thanks for an intresting trip report. Nicely done Chris. Do you or anyone know which airfield that was used in the movie: Twelve o' clock High from 1949 with Gregory peck? You mentioned Big Beautiful Dog. Here she is one day prior to the crash. Duxford 2011.
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    ... and drop tanks too in the latest patch to the OpenBeta! Plus the efficiency of the rads has been tweaked slightly so it's not quite so easy to overheat which I know some of you will appreciate - though prop hanging at full throttle is still not recommended! For those not with the OpenBeta expect the patch to land within a week or two.
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    As the title states. The lead/lag video was a good example of fighting with a plane of similar turning abilities as your own. With a poor turner like the La5 in this demo you just can't play the same game with a 109. You'll still use lead and lag with an energy fighter and use displacement turns with a good dogfighter when the situation dictates. If anyone wants the raw recording to see any of these training videos from different angles just ask. https://youtu.be/154u9FXZqoU
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    Progress! Tail section mounted, main landing gear constructed...
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    Yes, it is a flying FW 190 A8 and it is stationed in Sweden. Unfortnuatly it isn't the BMW 801 engine, but a russian ASH82 one. Short story, from what I read in the comments: Many Flugwerke "parts" were required to re-build this aircraft. Which was crash landed on a farm in Southern Sweden by Ludwig Nitzsch of 1./J.G. 54., at the end of WWII. Ludwig returned to the farm on his release from the authorities and married the farmer's daughter. He lived in Sweden until his death 1998?
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    Well, it could very well be a fluke... as I managed to do it just once, in ... well, maybe 20 attempts? At the next attempt, I was over confident, and initial touch down was fine, bit next I lost it completely rolling down the runway... left/right-wingtip polish and randomly park it off-runway.... Oh well...
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    Brilliant approach... the one I initially had used was to use airspawn at Hawkinge at 1m altitude... did not work out really...
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    The Beau can be a bit of a handful on the ground and the swing on takeoff due to the non 'handed' props is quite pronounced. Once you get the hang of steadily advancing the throttles and are ready with a bootful of rudder when required she's not too bad. The other thing I've found is not to try and haul the thing off the ground too soon, once the tail is up, just a suspicion of elevator is all that's required for her to fly off the deck.
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    Some facial expression and g-turns
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    12 takeoff attempts, 3 takeoffs completed that looked like a drunken monkey. One training landing pattern, landed without breaking anything and then commenced to ground loop 4-5 times.. damn the Spit is "twitchy" compared to the 51. Got a lot of tweaking to do on controls and key bindings in my future with this warbird :-0 !
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    Cool.... really wondering what it will sound like. (I carefully predict we will have a BoX DF server up soon, 24/7, Night Time, all the time! ) Thanks!
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    Yes, yes, for those that only have Battle of Stalingrad this might be indeed particularly and extra specially interesting... As in... Go for it! (Not sure what it will bring you exactly, but I think I can guess it may tempt our Arthur to do some more mission editing, as he could add Bom-aircraft to his rather recently edited/created Bos-aircraft-specific missions... And we all realize that keeping Arthur busy is very important to keep our world safe, stable, and with plenty of food and drinks... )
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    Something I've been meaning to do for a while is visit the sites of all seven (eight including Brenzett) former USAAF Ninth Air Force Advanced Landing Grounds in Kent, by bicycle. The most well known of course is RAF Lashenden, now Headcorn Aerodrome which is a popular General Aviation, Skydive and Warbird flight experience hub. It's also just down the road from where I live, so naturally that's where I started the ride. With help from the book 'UK Airfields of the Ninth then and now' by Roger A. Freeman, a healthy dose of Wikipedia and a few drops of Google Streetview, I plotted the most direct route in Strava to easily accomplish all eight sites in an afternoon. The weather wasn't perfect; actually quite blustery and hard-going down on the marshes, but considering the minimal elevation overall, it made the ride that bit more rewarding. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the memorials to a couple of the sites, but I managed to snap pictures of the rough area where the runways would have been back in 1943/44 instead. Sites visited in order: Lashenden Headcorn (actually near Egerton and incidentally the site PapaBear, Fenrir and I used to fly model aircraft from) Ashford Kingsnorth Brenzett (An honorary entry for the US AAA battery based there, it was an anti-V1 RAF base primarily) Woodchurch High Halden Staplehurst For those of you interested in the stats of the ride, there's a link to my Strava entry at the bottom of the post, it turned out around 58 miles in the saddle. Here's the route map, with the locations of the airfields: And onto the sites... RAF Lashenden Aero Legends were operating both of their Spitfires today, the single-seater Mk.IX TD314 was on 'sit-in' experiences and the two-seater T.IX HN341 was performing pleasure flights. The latter seemed to follow me round the ride for the first 20 miles or so, which made the experience all the more poignant. Quite the soundtrack! RAF Headcorn The memorial is actually located on Bedlam lane which runs along the South East perimeter of the site, the airfield would have been directly behind me taking these pictures: RAF Ashford Looking approximately South West from what would have been the eastern perimeter, the NNW-SSE runway would have run from right to left in this view. RAF Kingsnorth Looking North East, this is where the NE-SW runway intersected the main road. Spitfire NH341 flew overhead just as I took this picture. Marvellous! RAF Brenzett Now a small museum which has a number of interesting artefacts, including an intact Vampire sadly languishing outside (not good for wood), a bouncing bomb recovered from Reculver and the last time I was there a fully operational link trainer. RAF Woodchurch The original ALG was located to the North of the village and South East of Little Engham Farm, which is a private strip owned by the Warbird pilot Rob Davies who famously bailed out of his P-51D Big Beautiful Doll at Flying Legends 2011 (some of us dogz were there to see it). He used to put on a great little airshow here called Wings n Things back in the early 2000s, sadly rising insurance costs and mounting risk assessments knocked it on the head. He's still active, test flying and transporting Warbirds around Europe and working with Aero Legends as a camera ship pilot in his T6 Texan that he still flies from here. These pictures are views from what would have been the Southern threshold of the N-S runway, looking North-ish. RAF High Halden Unfortunately, the memorial did not materialise on this one, it may have been moved to the village. This however, is the view roughly looking south at what would have been the northern threshold of the N-S runway. RAF Staplehurst I've been cycling around this site for years without realising the significance of the surrounding fields, for some reason I thought it was located to the west of the town. This fantastic, well kept memorial was erected back in 2010 with an opening ceremony which included a flypast by Rob Davies in P-51D Big Beautiful Doll along with the wartime pilot of the P-51B etched into the stone in attendance. Despite the leaden skies and howling wind, I took the time to sit on the grass and sign the visitor book, looking out over the fields and trying to imagine what it was like 74 years ago. That's all folks! For further information, Wikipedia has a decent amount of information on WW2 ALGs in general and goes into some detail for each one I visited today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Landing_Ground#United_Kingdom_(Kent) Here are the stats of the ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/1645043553
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    Look what I found for Lydd; https://ryesown.co.uk/german-bomber/
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    Excellent read and piccies!!! Will now be following you on strava BluBear @Sweper Most of Twelve O'clock High was filmed in the well known English county of Florida
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    Nice model Bill, if I saw that sitting there in the store I would have snapped it up also. Good Find.
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    Refresh works for me on every page except "Browse Forums". No biggie as I can always find a way in. You can try and hide from me but I will find you 🤣🤣🤣!
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    I never ever see strange colors ... well, they do not appear strange to me anyways The bar that shows the loading progress, yes, that's new - I see that as well...
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    Wow... glad that in the end you got it sorted!
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    You'll never sit behind someone that long in a fight. I passed up many opportunities where I would have been shooting. This is how to make those first shots count. The idea is NOT to sit in behind the bad guy in a sustained turn. There's no point in shooting if the bad guy is so far under your nose you can't see. Go lead pursuit, close the range then go lag pursuit so you have a low deflection shot. This demo makes it easy to see how lead and lag help your situation close in but in those long sweeping high altitude fights it's often the only way to get a shot at all. Next I'll start training exercises in shooting itself.
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    Yay me.. took off 5 times in a row in the Spitfire and only wobbled but didn't fall down... landings.. not so much success.. beautiful approaches with beautiful bounces, assorted wing tip polishing, flips and such.. managed to get down after about 10-11 attempts in one piece and only ground looped right at the end. Me thinks it is my airspeed as I need to adjust my glasses to see the indicator better, but it could be I am just putting on a show for the civilians on the base.. either way, progress. Fen - the stick pitch settings seem to be spot on for me, thanks for that.. I need to work on roll a bit... My PC and the Normandy map don't seem to like each other much especially if I am near the coast on takeoff. Stutters and solid lock-ups that I have to cntrl-alt-delete out of.. doesn't happen on the Caucasus or Nevada.. doesn't happen every time if I can get away from the coast quickly and I am not sure the coast is the culprit until I test some more... Fun and games and I am up to the challenge!!! Carry on!
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    Vampires still going strong.
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    I feel a sudden need to re-mortgage....