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    I will be buying this, maybe a Chrizzy present along with the Haynes Manual for the Tomcat
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    A Navel Wing will be a good distraction from beating myself up on the SpitπŸ˜‰
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    Sounds good to me! Well, depending on the results of the Pulmonary Function Test next Monday (am I stable, declining, etc), I will pre-order.
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    As a rule for all FC3 level aircraft (and even the full blown jet modules) these are the primary bindings to map to joystick or throttle as you'll reference them often and usually under stress!: 1. Target Designator Cursor (TDC) Up, Down, Left, Right - put this on a hat switch. Yes, even if it means banishing trim control to the keyboard; you'll use TDC control more! 2. Weapon Select 3. Airbrake 4. Chaff and Flare dispense
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    yap, just got L-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Premium Edition - intend to use it in vr if i can
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    Well dipping my toes in the newer stuff. Keeping it simple for now. Bought the A10A and the F15. Complicated enough for now and I will save what brain cells I have left for the F-14. I see a Warthog Hotas in my future..maybe around black Friday..
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    Hi there. Some of you may know I have done a bit of skinning for 1946. Now that I'm getting into Battle Over Stalingrad I of course wanted to try my hand at skinning. It's been a daunting quest. In 1946 I skin using Paint Shop Pro. However it has limited ability to save files as .dds. Yes the option is there but it becomes complicated (it doesn't want to save the alpha layer) and frustrating. πŸ˜– So...I got GIMP. I saved the skin as a .psd because GIMP won't accept .pspimage files. πŸ™„ Then I had to learn how to save/export it. At first I couldn't flatten it to add the needed alpha layer. But finally I figured that out. (I still need a lot of practice to refine these processes. So, with some reservation, I present my first Great Battles skin, and IL-2M42. Now I like making hacks over at M4T and unusual skins have always interested me. Hacks are not really needed here (yet). So here is a skin for a real plane* now in the Central Air Force Museum in Monino Russia. Apparently the odd colors come from the fact that proper this most unusual coloration was due to shortages of the correct aircraft paints during the moving of the factories East of the Urals to avoid being attacked by the Germans. * The actual plane I used as a reference is a later IL-2 M version with a rear gunner but I don't have that expansion of GB yet. I did see a version of a single-seater as a scale model with the same color scheme. So without further ado..(be kind, remember it's a WIP and I need to do some, well a lot, more work on it)
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    drop! >---------------------------------------------------------------> v v v v v !BOOM!
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    Thanks to FT and AP for last nights fun
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    Hello you Dogs. It's been a while. Since I was last here... 1. I finally retired. I have all the time now in the world and at the same time no time at all. I'm sure you retirees know what I'm talking about. 2. My old squad, the HellHounds has disbanded. We went our separate ways but still keep in touch. Sadly Tim, Quazimoto, whom some of you might remember as the Tech Forums Moderator at the Ubi Forums has passed away. He is sorely missed by all of us. He was such a friendly helpful guy and one of my best friends. 3. I've dabbled with mods for IL-2 1946. Mostly though I like the "stock/vanilla" version best. However I have for reference and occasional use the following mod version: B.A.T Linebacker VP Modpack 4.12.2 DBW 1.71 HSFX 7.0.3 4.12.2m Modact 5.2 UP3RC4 UP 2..01 I also have the original IL-2 Demo installed. That's an interesting change of place. My how the sim has improved. I am a part time consultant to Team Daidalos. I don't directly create content but do occasionally beta test stuff. A few of my skins are now defaults in the game. Plus, I have had Battle Over Stalingrad, (just the base game, only the P-40 added and the 'Green Stalingrad' mod), installed for quite some time but never really got into it. Now I am looking at it more. It sure looks great! I will be looking through your Great Battles forum for help. Thanks to DD_Arthur for reminding me to check in. I'll most likely try and find some online DD sever to join soon. I still Admin at Mission 4 Today. If you have any questions about that site I will gladly try and help. Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say HI!
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    Oh good! I'll set my wing tips on fire to be sure I'm seen. πŸ˜€
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    Hello chaps and chapesses, New DCS update dropped today for you stable version users. The big news: MiG-29 Professional Flight Model is available to those who own the DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 content. It's a lotta fun! Many other fixes and tweaks, but... still no dice for the Spitfire canopy/windshield issues, alas....
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    Gypsy m8, are you sure about this? DCS certainly IS a big install but 120Gb just for one plane? i know it comes with extra stuff but..........
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    No obviuos problems me thinks. Just a tip to add: If indeed you will be cleaning out the 500gb SDD, do a small test first: before adding the new disk, try and boot the system without the 500GB SSD connected and see whether it will start. From what I've seen, the UEFI technique could be using the 500GB for booting. Even if it does not state so in BIOS.(I've done some disk upgrades, all looking fine and good, then remove/format the old disk, and see windows unable to boot. Not a nice thing to experience - You think you are all done and set and ready, and next .... ) And be careful, should you need to some disk-management / partitioning, and that 2TB backup disk is still in the system... make sure it has a clear and meaningful Volume Label - I've seen backup disks/partitions being cleaned up by mistake, just because once windows was in 'trouble' and it needed some repair procedure, it had changed drive letter assignments so like what previously was drive E:, suddenly shows up as D:, the drive you thought you needed to clean up Mind you, just all pre-cautionary tips this... Should anything go differently than planned - it can all go very wrong very fast while trying to repair stuff!
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    So I promised you some photos... To say it was varied would be to miss a wonderful opportunity to use the word 'eclectic' Great day out. Oh and as a bonus here's a photo from a couple of weeks before... We must be bloody mad.
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    Excellent choice waiting for a sale. Especially given the base price of these simulations. Even half price hurts a bit, but then again, given the amount of work that went into the immense detail, one can understand the price tag, in theory.
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    Well done Bill.I am going to make do with what I have got at the moment.If I want to fly an A-10 then I fly my FSX version with TakPack. That will then leave the remaining grey matter for the F-14 {I must have been under the influence !!} and for keeping an eye on those pesky 109'sπŸ˜‰
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    News just in..... Dear Pilots, I am wrapping up another trip to our Moscow studio where we discussed the current successes and future challenges that face our team and IL-2 Great Battles series. As always, we have a strong team and the will to keep powering on pushing the limits of ourselves and our products. Battle of Bodenplatte is coming along nicely along with the PO-2 which we will officially rename the U-2 to be more historically correct. This cool little bi-plane is finally nearing the final stage. Matter of fact, we had a real pilot who has experience flying an actual U-2 test our FM. He really liked it and gave us some small pointers that we will incorporate into the FM. Additionally, Flying Circus work continues as does Tank Crew work including tank platoon commands and the more complex damageable buildings for the Prokhorovka map. Before I catch my flight back to the U.S. here are some pics of the skins that will ship with the P-47 D-28 β€œJug” and the updated faces of our American USAAF pilot and our WWI Entente pilots. Per your feedback we have made them look younger. Quite a rugged, good looking fellow custom fit for the part. See you soon when I’m back in America. Jason P.S. Some of the textures on the ordinance is not finished yet so don't panic.
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    Here are a couple more. The Airfields war was the one we were flying the other day. Unzip as in the above post. There are lots of AI bad guys (aircraft) that re spawn as well as re spawning ground targets (in Fighter Sweep II) Dogfight missions.zip
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    BoS Premium/Founders Edition BoM Standard BoK Standard P-40E-1 Collector Plane
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    Lol. Try these Crash. Unzip them to your multiplayer/dogfight folder. Test mission two is Stalingrad map and test three is Moscow. All planes flyable and lots of ground targets. test dogfights.zip
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    Thanks. With all the "new complexity" this version has it is nice to see that this part will be easy.
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    Ahhh, the calendar shows now. Thanks. Gentlemen, Thank You so much! I have always enjoyed flying with the Danger Dogs and now I am one. Being around all of you makes me feel .... (oh, that's a sheep...oops!) πŸ‘ Seriously, I look forward to flying with you. I'll probably start next Sunday with a more familiar 1946?HSFX then try a DF with BoS. I really still have a lot to learn about BoS so a DF would be great as I wouldn't impede everyone progress while I figure out how to get off the ground without crashing and not fly like a drunken sailor. (then again I would make an easy target so at lest I'll have something to contribute) Thanks again.
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    More Stuff Hello everybody, Today's Dev Blog will be a short one - we have a lot of work to do at the moment. Right now we're finishing five aircraft: Bf 109 K-4 and P-47D-28 for Bodenplatte, Pfalz D.IIIa and Sopwith Camel for Flying Circus and Po-2VS Collectors Plane. Two maps, Prokhorovka map (the map of the Southern part of the Kursk salient, to be correct) for Tank Crew and Western Europe map for Bodenplatte are also shaping up nicely. The engineer department continues their work on near-sonic aerodynamics required for late WWII aircraft. The interface is also being worked on - Marschal interface for multiplayer and tank (platoon) commander for Tank Crew. Speaking of more imminent changes, we plan to improve the in-game statistics and 'who gets the kill' logic in the next update. Today we can show you the in-game shots of Fw-190 D-9 Collector Plane:
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    Killing Joke? Bloody hell FT! I saw them at Elephant Fayre in Cornwall in the summer of '85. Apparently this is considered their best ever live gig......but I thought they were crap. Probably not helped by it raining all evening. The following night New Model Army headlined and I thought they were better but they were cut short by a power failure. For pure eighties nostalgia here's the Cure at Glastonbury the following summer. They came on stage during a lightning storm over the site, then the rain stopped, the lasers on the top of the pyramid stage started up and the moon came out......... Edit; excellent news Crash. Hopefully these guys can start work on my Mosquito next!