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    Been promising this for a while now and - finally! - managed to complete it this evening. Hope it is of some use. DCS Spitfire LF.IX Engine Setting & Fuel Consumption Quick Reference Guide.pdf
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    The masterful Dan Griffiths making those .50 cals scream like a Mustang!
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    ...is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness month, hence the change to my profile picture. It will go back to my ugly mug in October. That is all, carry on!
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    No ecofuel on these. From last week's air show at F16 Uppsala " Great SAAB jestfighters in six formation at Swedish Armed Forces Air Show 2018. JAS 39, SK 37, SK 60, J 35, J,32, J29."
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    OK, say twenty Dogz into the 0.01%? A quick, back of a fag packet calculation reveals.......congratulations to Sweper's big toe on his right foot. It just became our mission builder.
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    I haven't tried in Months and Tom had this grand idea that we should go back to base LOL I really expected to blow it, even when I use to try I never nailed one anywhere close to this. So Jokingly I said well I came out of retirement for a landing Cameo so I'm out CYA 😉 Just in case it said isn't so LOL
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    Not sure if I or anyone else has posted this, but there are some gems in this short film of the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations, an Air Pageant staged at White Waltham Airfield in 1977. Of particular note is the VC10 in some serious ground effect at around the 2:45 mark! 😮
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    Hey all, been a while. I'd be around to fly with you guys but having moved to a more rural area (which has it's benefits believe me) my internet access is now limited to satellite. Hopefully, that will change soon but until then please keep my ping woes (600 to 800 milliseconds) in your thoughts and prayers. I've been checking out the lasted advancements in DCS and it's really got me itching to partake in some co-op/dogfight action. With the latest additions to the DCS universe it's really starting to shine and looks absolutely stunning. My work hours suck right now as well which just adds to my lack of social time. Still around though, still a dog, still love to fly, just life and circumstances right now are not cooperating. Yeah, it's a bitch, but it's one I chose. In the long run it'll all work out and I'll be back in action, much to the dismay of some no doubt.😆
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    After installing the 1946 CUP Jet Age module I worked on a UDPSpeed skin to use with the F86. I decided on creating one like bolox has done (a single background for all gauges) as it will run a lot faster. I used parts from DocPL and Dick Dastardly. Needs a little tweaking but so far I am pleased with this work in progress.
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    I've been playing GBS/BoX single player and multiplayer and thinking that I would like to play it more often with you guys. I believe the consensus of those that have it is that it is fun and that it is possible to go online with eachother relatively easily. This has been the case for a few weeks now as I have hosted some missions and Arthur has kindly provided a server for us to use on a map rotation basis...as far as I am aware no-one had any major issues with connecting to either of us or suffered from issues online whilst flying on our servers. We both run a mods server but you don't need mods to fly with us, just have mods enabled in your game, once that has been enabled most join us easily. The biggest issue I have found with a bunch of us flying together is that the mission selection can be affected due to people having a limited selection of aircraft but I am sure that will resolve itself in time as people adopt the game and aquire modules in the future as it becomes clearer that this is a fun, interesting and great looking way to take off, fly, shoot down, bomb the crap out of things and land again......something we are very used to. I'm not suggesting we replace '46 with GBS/BoX as the Dogz preferred fun platform because we all have our preferences to what we fly and there are dedicated nights for other games available to cater for this. What I am asking is what people feel about Tuesday nights being dedicated to GBS/BoX. What we could have is: Sunday 46 Monday DCS Tuesday GBS/BoX Thursday CloD Watcha think? Cheerzen
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    CloD is good on Thursdays. Just my opinion.
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    One possibility would be to do dogfight maps with a full set of planes until BoBP drops. This might help people get used to how things work take offs landings shootings etc.
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    I have the answer ... courtesy of ATAG Pattel ... start and takeoff in 15 seconds .. In a Beaufighter ... anyone who wants to know I can list it now. Its a cheat .. just brilliant .. will write it up tomorrow and post it for all.
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    its looking good......... Hello everybody, While, as you know, we're working on several projects at once, today we'll tell you about our the current main one - Bodenplatte. The most important new tech we're developing for it is the FM improvement to take into account the air compressibility and its influence on the aircraft stability and handling that is noticeable at high speeds. The late war aircraft are a pinnacle of the piston engine technology and they can approach the sonic barrier, especially in a dive. And of course this new tech is paramount for our first jet - Messerschmitt Me.262 'Schwalbe'. You may have wandered will the new tech work for the existing aircraft released before - it certainly will, we always update all aircraft to take advantage of the new tech so they all have the same modeling fidelity. Meanwhile, our artists are working on several 3D models simultaneously (some are nearly complete and the work on others has just begun): Bf 109 K-4, Me 262 A-1, P-47D-28, Fw 190 D-9, Hawker Tempest Mk.V and P-51D-25. We also decided to improve the recently released Fw 190 A-8. It will be able to carry 1000 kg SC 1000 bombs with reduced ring stabilizers and "M8 Panzerblitz 1" HE rockets and you will be able to remove the nose-mounted 13 mm MG 131 machine guns, resulting in four different modifications of this plane: Fw 190 A-8 (fighter) Fw 190 A-8 Sturmjäger (better armoured interceptor) Fw 190 F-8 (attack plane) Fw 190 G-8 (fighter-bomber) So, while it may appear we have only one Fw 190 A-8 in the sim, in fact, you'll have 4 different modifications. This is also true for many other aircraft - in one of the coming Dev Blog releases we'll compile the complete list of aircraft including the possible modifications. Since the words are best followed with visuals, today we can show you the WIP screenshots of Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 'Kurfürst', Republic P-47D-28 'Thunderbolt' and Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9 'Langnasen-Dora': Our map designers also have something to show you today. In Dev Blog #193 we presented the early European map prototype. At the moment, th designers are working on the road network and settlements. The total amount of settlements will be around 300 including so many towns we have never modeled on one map before. To be able to finish this work in time while modeling the general layout of the cities and towns the special settlement block designer tool has been created. This is a small teaser, a Western European town made using this approach (this is not a particular historical town, but a test layout):
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    Yeah, they were just the orchestrated ground explosions, nothing to see here... It does have a poorly Merlin though.
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    sound adjustment mod https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39304-mod-sound-adjust/?tab=comments#comment-664363
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    I havnt been too active on BoX etc because of new toy, trying to learn how to get the best out of this...................
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    Another excellent article by the VAE: http://vintageaviationecho.com/flying-legends-2018/
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    TCP is good on cuts and bruises too.
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    Yours will not work Sid... Arthur's looks much better. One remark on those: for 28100, just TCP will do, no need for UDP.
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    This is some wild freakin' ride!
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    It may not be the real thing, but personally I think the Flug Werke 190 is a worthy stand-in rather than just a replica. Can't believe it was nine years ago that we saw one at Legends: