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    I can appreciate what you guys are going through with this topic. IL2 still does have the most content of any WWII sim out there. It is going to go away at some point. Just like Janes WWII fighters and the like did because of the lack of Windows support in one way or the other. I was not a fan of BOS when it first came out; indeed I fully regretted buying it. That has all changed because they have not only improved the flight models, but the graphics are much better, especially with the addition of the Kuban map. I very much enjoy flying BOX and a number of us fly almost every evening. With the future addition of the Battle of Bodenplatte which includes 8 Aircraft (P-51D, P-47D, Spitfire Mk.IX, Tempest Mk.V, Bf 109 G-14, Bf 109 K-4, Fw 190 A-8 and Me 262) and 2 Collector Planes (P-38L and Fw 190 D-9) that can be bought separately, I think, currently, that is where the future of WWII simming lies. Someday maybe DCS will get its act together and fix the horrible damage modes on the AI aircraft, (using simple fight models for them) until then it BOX for me. And but the way about DCS and complexity, you always have the option to use “auto start”. I never thought I could fly the A10C but I learned with the help of some in the community (that would be Capt. Jack) I found the experience to be very enjoyable. Any one of you that have or thinking about getting BOX, as Jack said, I, Perfesser, Spaulding, Gustang, wingflyer, are flying almost every evening, we’d love to see you there. I never thought I would be saying all this about a sim I fully rejected from the outset. All I know is that whatever you all decide; I will be all in with my financial support for the Dogz as always.
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    I am growing old but I have no intention of growing up
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    I've done as much as i could in terms of recruitment , but from all the guys i invited and joined our ranks only Dan is constantly flying with us , on both Il2 and CloD. And of course i call Thor every Tuesday :-). I will also invite some Finns and Germans for the Tuesday show - guess you know them from SEOWs - we'll see their response. But i also think that the ones from the kennel still here is mainly due to the fact we have solidified over the years a former virtual into a real one friendship - enjoying every minute together, laughing or empathizing , no more points competitors...I am sure we all wanted to prove (to ourselves firstly) something about flying in the past years, remember Flight Ladder , or TopGun competitions...well, that's all gone, at least for me ... Ah, one more thing...disturbing...some of us are getting older...and old gits like to stick to oll habits :-)...Yep, i had the guts to call it loudly and , why not, with pride ! Stay where the fun is ! ~S~
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    So, yes, we do need new members. How are we going to get them? We should make a concentrated effort, and properly prepare it. What about: (just thinkin' out loud here) - A 'team' of recruiters that will set it up. Two or three members? - We need a new, fresh web page for that, where people can easily "sign up". (What we have now is too old/stale/long - as far as I can tell ... lol). - Properly describe our group, announcing what we fly, when and where. And our spirit(s). - Mentioning our 'events' (which are those?) If/when we start recruiting actively, we do need to make sure what we offer/announce is true to what we deliver. /can deliver We need to be ready. Meaning, if we get someone interested, and he/she clicks on a link, reads something, and tries and contact us - response should be swift and accurate. Sign up procedure should be easy - not too cumbersome. (I really dunno whát the current sign up is though...) Like said, just some ideas. Should we create a new thread, in maybe a less public place to discuss this all? That is - if my ideas on this are valid and being supported by us all
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    Yeah, I know it's not about points, but I finally got over 20 kills in one session - without getting killed, without crash landing - well, one burst tire
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    I have been largely away because of personal issues and in the past year I'm unable to get to my 'puter until minutes before everyone is packing it in because of work. I'm awaiting developments in CloD eagerly and I have pretty much decided to start picking up with BoX as I can afford it. I am a little leery of spending money on games because other people are playing them, as I have a whole stack of those that I've played for a minute then lost interest when every one else did, but I don't consider the Dogz "other people", so yeah, I'm for certain interested in keeping up with whatever transpires here, and I hope to be able to join up more in the future. In the end no matter that I enjoy space games and Shooters and any number of other computer related distractions, flight sims are my first love and the Dogz are my squad whatever else happens.
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    As per the title; it'll be rough and ready but I hope it will be a big help to those new to this game or those just re-installing and help them avoid some of those more common 'WtH!' moments that this game can throw up. Please, please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong, add any advice or experience you have or just plain ask questions. Perhaps this can become some rolling thread where we can share tips and advice as we gain experience with this sim. As an example I'm going to assume whoever is reading this has had plenty of experience in IL2 1946 and has just bought or is about to download Battle of Stalingrad Premium Edition. First of all; even though you have purchased Battle of Stalingrad, what you've actually downloaded is the full series and content released by 1CGS so far. Mines now a whopping 19gig's worth - including 6 gigs of dodgy skins! So your game contains all the planes and all the maps already but.....to access all that you have to pay via the website. Do purchase everything through the official website. You can buy it through Steam too but be aware Valve take around 30% of your purchase price. To the game devs that 30% is their profit to plow back into game development. Don't buy it from anywhere else. So you've downloaded the game - I let mine install where it wanted to, in X86 Programme files on my C drive - and should now have an IL2 Sturmovik icon on your desktop. Click on the icon and open the game launcher. Before you press play, click on settings in the top right. In the drop down menu make sure you set your native screen res and make sure you uncheck "Seed when downloaded" and "Prefer web distribution". Now hit PLAY and fill in the registration screen details and click the boxes to make it remember you and accept its T's & C's. Now hit ENTER and you will connect to the master server in a clunky way and it will verify your game. At this point and after an update I would exit your game and reboot your PC. It just helps straighten out 'stuff'. Before you re-launch your game, plug in your devices and fire up TrackIR. Now update your TrackIR software too. Now you can launch your game again. On the right you will be presented with a list of things to do. Obviously we'll need go to Settings first and I recommend then going into Graphics. Do this now so your game fits your screen and nothing is out of place. Now your graphics settings will obviously depend on your screen res and the horsepower of your system. My own system at the moment is Win10 run by an i7 930 processor and a gtx770. That means eight year old technology! These are the settings I run when I want to fly online; It gives me a nice smooth experience with consistant frame rates. As you can see, I'm running at my native screen res with vsync on so 60fps is the highest my fps will go. Fine by me. You can also run the game in windowed mode by unchecking the Full Screen box and switching vsync off. You might experience some 'tearing' when using TrackIR but frame rates will be significantly higher. I'm also running at the 'Balanced' graphics pre-set. I dont use SSAO or HDR as I'm not sure exactly what benefit they bring but your mileage may vary. Sharpen certainly does make a visible difference to the game but I prefer it off at the moment. The values for Shadows quality, Mirros, Grass quality and Antialiasing depend on the power of your system. Running a big-hitter graphics card? Go for it and whack 'em up to max! Landscape detail setting depends on the Vram of your graphics card. Mines got 2gigs so I've set it to 2. If you've got 4 or more set this to four. Get this wrong and it can be a show-stopper. Also, try the 'Ultra' graphics preset for the biggest difference in quality. No, I don't actually know what the differences are in these pre-sets but I either use Balanced or Ultra. Use Ultra for the nicest clouds, the nicest water, the nicest mirrors, etc. The game now has it's own frame rate counter to help with all this. Landscape filter gives choice of blurred or sharp. I Can't see too much difference in either setting. Dynamic resolution factor? Er....if you have a less than the best graphics card then this is supposed to help....I think. All I know is that having it on Full works for me. Gamma correction? Low as it'll go. Now lets just press Accept and go into Cameras. These are my settings; Down the bottom left under External view make sure Cinematic is unchecked otherwise you get the motion blur effect in cockpit view = uurghh!! Make sure you enable headshake! IL2 Sturmovik has a great many viewing and camera options. The best place to read about them and many other handy things can be found here; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/16752-il-2bos-user-manual-released-first-edition-english/ The community made user manual. It's getting slightly out of date as the game progresses but it is still a very impressive and very handy download. Now we'll just come out of Settings and back to the main menu. Select Quick Mission. Down the bottom right is a setting marked 'REALISM' in grey. Hit it and enter your realism settings. These are important as they govern how the game will function for you. I have my settings as I would have them in IL2 1946, CLoD and DCS. These are your offline settings. Online settings are governed by the server. Enabling Object markers, Padlock, Navigation markers and Allow spectators means I can select external views of my own plane and the AI and I can navigate on the main map by displaying my own planes position relative to it. You'll also enable icons on. By pressing H I can also clear the screen completely of all this 'help'. Also, disabling the GUI saves around forty per cent of your graphics resources too! Turn off all simplifications except Warmed up engine. Turn off all piloting assists except Autopilot. As well as enabling the auto pilot - not that handy me thinks - it also enables the very important Level autopilot function. To navigate in multiplayer, check six, hit level autopilot and bring up the main map to navigate. Now it's time to return to the main menu and jump back into settings. If you can set up IL2 1946 options then all the settings choices are fairly straightforward and I'm not going to comment on them now except for Key Mapping. Now if you've any experience with Rise of Flight this is going to be pretty straightforward. If not; the following is something I posted for Snacko a while back but is still relevant As my small brain shrivels on a daily basis I've tried to retain as many key commands/procedures that I am used to in IL2 1946 across all the sims I own. This means I have a lot of keyboard assignments that you may want to put on your Hotas set up but it works for me. I don't have a Saitek set up but I do have Hotas arrangement. I'm using a Microsoft Forcefeed back 2 stick and FT's old Logitech G940 throttle unit. This has two nice big levers that I use for prop pitch and throttle. I have assigned the throttle on my MSFFB2 as the water radiator control. The water radiator and cowl flaps for air cooled engines are about the only thing BoS allows you to assign to an axis or slider. I also have double assignments where they don't interfere with each other. Also, do you have Battle of Moscow too? Some of the assignments in controls in the game will refer to specific planes like the Bf 110 which you wont have if you don't have BoM. Once again, bearing in mind that I try to retain my familiar IL2 1946 settings, here is a run down of what I use/have assigned in game - different from the stock settings - by how it appears in the Main Menu/Settings/Key Mappings/Controls section of the game. From left to right we have Service, Camera Controls, Pilot Head Controls, Main Controls, etc. tabs so I'll with start with SERVICE About the only assignment I've changed in here from the stock settings is assign the Record button to my stick CAMERA CONTROLS Camera Zoom is on my mousewheel. Rotate Camera Up/Down = Mouse Y Rotate Camera Left/Right = Mouse X Camera Player Cockpit F1 External Free Cam/Player = F2 Other cams are also assigned to the F keys. PILOT HEAD CONTROL Pilot Head Zoom = Mousewheel Pilot Head Zoom In = Joystick POV hat up Pilot Head Zoom Out = Joystick POV hat down MAIN CONTROLS AI Autopilot For Level Flight = Q Adjustable Stabilizer Axis = a couple of buttons on my throttle unit - same controls used for FW190 adjustible stabiliser further down the list Trim controls in BoS are important but the game does not allow them to be assigned to any sliders or rotarys so I use the same configuration as in IL2 1946 - the number pad on my key board! Flaps and gear assignments; like my IL2 1946 install. Assigning something to Tail Wheel Lock is essential! Wheel Brakes for Russian aircraft work on both wheels simultaneously so are assigned to a hat switch on my throttle. Wheel brakes for German aircraft are toe brakes and have separate assignment for left and right so I have them on bottons on my throttle as I don't have pedals Gunsight filter; applicable to P40, Spitfire and all 109's, 110's and 190's. Altimeter: Reference Pressure Toggle on keyboard - important assignment! ENGINE CONTROLS Ignore the Auto Mixture and Supercharger control. Thats the confusing one you mention in your post. You don't need it! You don't need Auto RPM Limiter either. Throttle and Pitch are assigned to the two nice big levers on my throttle and work for all planes with CSU's - mainly Soviet. German planes with DB engines like the BF109 and the 110 are designed to run in auto prop pitch and this is modelled in BoS very well. You can assign manual controls but I don't use them as it's just a quick way to blow your engine. There is no performance advantage. Same goes for the FW190. Mixture and Supercharger Mode Switches are vital for Soviet planes as they had manual mixture and supercharger stage switch controls so I've assigned them to my keyboard as per IL2 1946. Switch Engine Boost ON/Off - only applicable to the LA-5 Switch Propellor Pitch Control Mode Manual/Auto and Propellors High Pitch/Low Pitch = as above, to work LW 'planes in manual prop. pitch control - see above' I don't use them. Prop Feathering On/Off = I have a key assigned but I'm not sure which planes have this function. PE-2 and HE-111 perhaps? Switch Water Radiators Control Mode: Manual/Auto? Another assignment for LW fighters that is not needed. Water Radiators Shutters = assigned to the throttle on my MSFFB stick Oil Radiators Shutters? Thats the oil cooler in plain english - you'll need key assignments for it Engines Inlet and Outlet Cowl Shutters? for Soviet planes with radialengines only. These are a double assignment to my MSFFB throttle. Switch Engine Controls = key pad. No need to assign all those controls for engine 1, engine 2 at the moment in my opinion. I simply don't have enough levers! WEAPONS CONTROLS This is pretty straight forward and I re-use all my usual IL2 1946 assignments. There are some differences. Drop Bombs Mode Toggle = assigned to button on my stick and selects whether you want to drop bombs individually or in salvo Launch Rockets Mode Toggle = same function as above. Drop Bombs Delay Toggle = no idea what this does! Ignore it. Reload All Guns = needed, key on stick assigned to it Don't use much else except Gunners Fire At Will and Gunners Far Engage Distance to wake my AI gunners up and make them fire at enemies. ORDERS AND GESTURES A true hang over from RoF. You can assign stuff if you like firing flares, etc. Useful for the single player are; Attack Nearest Air Target Attack nearest ground Target Do Like Me Cover Me. If you're lucky your AI wingmen might just feel like obeying these commands or.....they might just f#'k off into the distance for no apparent reason. Phew! Must be time for me to lie down now. Did I mention dodgy skins? Uh oh! Forgot some useful links; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/3625-air-combat-tutorials-tir-profile-g940-controls-18-november-2/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30773-bom-cockpits-and-operation-quick-guide/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29700-basic-guide-cem-key-mapping-new-starters/
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    Thought I'd make a little rough and ready video to help with ground handling, take off, landing and how to avoid ground looping. Please feel free to discuss.
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    For goodness sake don't go getting competent. We have our reputation to consider...
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    Good fun. First, the negative stuff, kinda bugs me that: - GUI background sound : all that is just annoying me. Even after you finish the mission, you can still here engine sounds and guns firing... yuck. - In Cockpit sound is way too windy, like the canopy is still open. - Trim cannot be assigned to a slider. What dó I like? - Yeah, it flies! Some stuff is for sure different, and not sure here - but I did think of this article on FB that BluBear posted, on flying the IL2: It being weird on Pitch - dependant on throttle and RPM settings... Yes, it does unexpected things - just by throttling back I managed to loose 500 Meters of altitude where I did not really notice - Killing ground stuff works, and AA is deadly. Flew around on the NewWings server, and some the ground targets there were really hidden in trees, so you could not really see them and have an easy attack run. Also shot at a friendly aircraft ... never expected any of them there where I was attacking, WingFlyr had already been hit by AA and smokin', and I mistook a P40 for a 190 ... oops. That server was quick to point it out to me. Bit silly, as I think it should not do that. There's some more "silly"(IMO) rules on that server, should you click on a Blue base in error, then switch to Red, you get a Penalty of 30 seconds because you switched sides. WFT? Oh well... Not too bad, but it really gives it that gamey feeling, same as the 'Unlocks' - If you take bombs/rocketsin the IL2, yes, you need to click on 'Unlocks'... Oh well. Still, could be good fun for all of us ... Here's me after a not so successful take off, too much fuel, too short a runway. Please do note, trees do have a collision model here. (Eh, maybe not this specific tree, but it's not like CloD of 1946 (Sauf Oleg Trees) where you can just fly through them. I think I got lucky in this one.
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    Fellow mutts, I haven't flown with the Dogz in about 2 years but will be returning to the fold soon. I was about to hop in here with a bunch of questions, but found most of them already answered in Fenrir's "We need to talk" thread. My absence hasn't been due to lack of interest. I'm just too interested in too many things....hobbies, around-the-house projects, family obligations. And earning a living. That's about to change, though. I retire at the end of the year, so Mrs Pup and I can annoy each other full time, something we have plenty of experience in. And I can spend more time flying imaginary airplanes. I'd been wondering about the viability of "1946", but from Fenrir's thread, it's still the favored game. That's fine with me. I don't think I'll ever tire of this sim, with it's vast content. I've played around (off line) with Rise of Flight, and really enjoy it. I also fly BoS and DCS (mostly for the UH-1 Huey), but my ancient PC is having trouble with both BoS and DCS. If 1946 is succeeded by BoS and its siblings, I'll have to build a new machine. So I'm considering a new gaming PC for next year. Can you guys give any hardware recommendations? The new generation of chips look nice, but can flight sims use the power of these zillion-core CPUs? I'm thinking maybe a quad core i-5 CPU, but concerned with the longevity of the LGA 1151 platform. As I'll be on a fixed income, I need to stay within a reasonable budget. What is the current mod/patch for 1946? Are the Dogz still on TeamSqueek? Thanks, Pup
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    The mission editor? I can take someone else's mission, open it in the editor, change the time of day, the weather and sometimes even some planes.........and thats it One thing worrying me about a switch to BoX is that FT will get lumbered with the mission building or - knowing what a star he is - he'll take it on anyway. The mission editor is basically a Dev development tool from RoF days reluctantly provided by the Devs due to popular demand - mostly by people who'll never use it. If FT takes it on will it cut into his bridge building time or will it accelerate it as he goes gently bonkers from opening the mission editor, changing something, closing the mission editor, firing up the game, closing the game, opening the mission editor, closing the mission editor, opening the game, ad nauseum.....? Forget about mission building a la' IL2 1946 and CLoD.....completely. Some very useful links and discussions can be found here; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/92-mission-making-and-mission-editor/ 'Ere, isn't it about time we flew this thing again if we're going to make a brave new world?
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    Here's my contribution -
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    Hmmm...dunno whats going on there BluBear. One thing that I've found very useful is after each update of the game, before launching the game i re-boot my PC so that everything is....just so, if you see what i mean? Later tonight I'll sit down and do some sort of new user's guide.
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    I am VERY GOOD at senior moments
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    Here is the announcement Crash mentioned in the Lets talk thread...... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/
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    If the map for Boddenplatte works out they way they seem to be indicating then this time next year we should be able to bomb and strafe FT's house.
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    I agree with delta's comments. I also think that there are two aspects that need addressing by the Dogz. What we fly and how we cover the associated costs. This is a topic about what we fly so I won't comment further on website and server costs. What we fly as a group is the most important reason for us being together. As individuals we can fly whatever flight sim we want when we want, sharing these times with others that choose to take part. However as a group that chooses to spend time together at certain times on certain days then we have to fly something at those times that is accessible to all that turn up. By accessible I mean it has to have minimal cost implication, relatively simple to run on pcs and relatively simple to set up and fly. The only sims that I know of that meet these criteria are IL2 1946 and CloD so it is understandable that these are the ones flown officially on particular days at particular times. We are so used to the '46 sim by now and, apart from computer glitches and pilot error, I believe it suits our purpose brilliantly. I would like to see IL2 46 flown by the Dogz until the time comes it naturally falls due to lack of technical or pilot support. CloD just doesn't do it for me because there is no variety. Some Dogz have said that even though it represents the period well it can be repetitive. I will fly IL2 46 for as long as it is physically and technically possible. It is fun, frustrating and I love the banter from the Dogz. I have absolutely no control over the technical support and progression of the game so the length of time it remains workable is guesswork, I am just grateful that it still works after all this time. I would like to believe we have a few years left in the game. We have a huge collection of missions to fly and Dogz are making efforts to improve and provide more content, teamwork and competitiveness in order to keep our pilots and perhaps encourage new members. What would be a shame in my view is IL2 46 dropping out of favour amongst the Dogz because pilots are spending their valuable flying time on other sims during official IL2 46 flying sessions. Their choice but my view. I will be concentrating on setting up and supporting BoS etc. because that is my next step outside of '46. The content and plane set is expanding and it interests me. I understand that doing so isn't supporting the Dogz as much because I have chosen not to fly CloD and I also understand that this path is going to cost me money to get the full sim. Not every Dog would want to pay for content but unless CloD expands to make it more than just a speciality sim I don't see how we can move on from IL2 46 when it eventually expires. So, for me: 1. IL2 46, 2. BoS etc, 3. CloD 4. DCS Cheerzen
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    Here are a few other useful links I've found this week. Document listing which features each plane has so you can make sure to bind them: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29700-basic-guide-cem-key-mapping-new-starters/ Requiem's Tutorial Series (most folks have probably already found these): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnyigzFtHeNquPvKFr3mazkk_VK0JpxUw Sheriff's guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc4tmHaPyjwxbAhCGsh7ohpHApU-LxH4m https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc4tmHaPyjww6PesMpxqRrcH10G_U4FQt These 1940's training films are a bit dry and a little overkill for playing BoX but describe a few things that may be confusing to new flyers trying to get to grips with expert settings: How propellers work (Pitch etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CLicyIVM18 How a carburetor works (Rich/lean mix, manifold pressure etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8a3ur6Ar_k Basic acrobatics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ciHwwRCeBw
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    New rendition of the default caucasus map coming free to all with the imminent merge to 2.5:
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    No worries there, while I currently live in Glasgow I grew up in a few different countries and as a result have ended up with a rather flat English accent. Folks here assume I'm English, folks down south are just confused as they can't place it either. Didnt make it on to TS last night, was recovering from my sisters Birthday celebrations and got an early night. Talking of birthdays Happy Birthday BluBear! And thanks for the welcomes
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    Try a scramble at 0 dark30 o'clock with a hang over and only 2 hours sleep for added realism ? Lol
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    S~Dogz, Again, thanks to Capt Jack, APHill, Spaulding and Gustang for hanging out with us this evening. A nice turn out with the WW's, Dogz and a few others joining gave us a total of 20 pilots for tonight's mission. I'm going to see if I can get Duck and Geezer to build us a mission or two where we can go get after each other. Although I'm not sure the WW's would be all that successful given the way you guys fly, very nice teamwork If you want to look at your stats, link above will get you there. Cheers!
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    Hm, I thought this was fixed a few weeks ago? ... Oh well, we'll see... it's not like it's the end of the shift.
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    I get the same message TOAD, I’ve sent Rog a PM about it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just thought some might like to see these in place , looks good, just need to sort out how to ge tthem to work now , maybe the minions can help
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    Just a note to say that joytokey appears to work well in testing, will try in game later I create a profile and can assign keyboard presses ( including shift and crtl) to buttons. I create a second profile and can map different keyboard actions to the buttons I can then assign a change profile key to the pinky lever which then swops to the diffferent profile so I have 2 times the number of buttons on joystick and throttle I should be able to get most of the important keys on joystick and the auxillary on the new panels. well thats the theory, Ill let you know the practice later
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    Iv put the game keys back to default and mapped the joystick in the game and all ok, no crashes or freezing. pinky shift and modes dont work so iv ordered thrustmaster MDC panels to cover all the buttons ill need. Ill spend the next couple of days mapping everything when the panels arrive thnks for support Dave
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    quick scan on forum and it seems there is a problem and that joytokey might be a solution , Im away to investimigate
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    I think that it could be the best thing to do. It might encourage those who want to do 46 to play on a Sunday. I would really like to know more about how coops are run. FT is concerned about the FMB but from what I can gather there is a Dynamic Mission Generator style so the missions dont repeat the same AI formations and people are building missions now.
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    After all this discussion, I feel the need to ask a risky question chaps..... If we keep Sunday evening as an IL2 46 exclusive session for the foreseeable future, should we take the plunge and make Tuesday at 7.30 pm GMT a BOX series official DDz session ? Maybe start after Christmas ? Will we get back some of our long lost American/Canadian brothers at that time, on that day ? If you feel outraged by such a suggestion please say so, we are all good friends here and no opinion is worth more or less than any other. No disrespect intended to those who already fly BOX at a different time or with the Wing Walkers, what else can you do, we don't fly that sim as a squad....YET . Respectfully, Painless.
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    S~ Dogz, Had a blast flying with CaptJack, APHill and Perfesser, we certainly held our own against them other guys, looking to having T.O.A.D join us when he's able. Happy to have you gents come and join us again on our Tuesday nights. If you'd like to check out how you did, link to stats page http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/?tour=10
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    FT, you owe me a new keyboard, can't seem to shake the coffee I spewed all over it out Very interesting set of handles, I like them.
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    So, thanks to BluBear's suggestions there's some more variation on the server: - Start Time now varies between 7 AM (CET) and Noon (GMT) . Rounded to the clock, so 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are the options. - The Map now varies between Summer, Autumn and Winter. - Weather like Wind and Cloud height (Well, to be honest that was already happening.) These items will be randomly recalculated/reset at every mission restart. Mind you, it still runs for 6 hours, so the end time is no longer at 18:00hrs. Due to the random starttime, it also kinda varies, between 14:00 and 18:00. Have added an extra warning in the Chat, at 15 minutes before mission end. That is so cool, now innit? Thanks Chris!!
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    Body a bit battle-scarred, but brain still in perfect order
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    Ok, i'm really tempted now. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, perhaps I should treat myself
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    Love the tax disc! Thanks for posting the in-cockpit photos Bongo - it's a thing of beauty for sure in there!
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    Good point FT - have edited my post
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    Not my house please! Aim for the bridges! And do not miss ...
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    Ooooooh, this could sway me to BoX for sure...
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    Agree wholeheartedly
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    A personal thought. For me, il2 is still number one. So far.. There is still a lot to explore. Unfortunately, graphics and technology are outdated, which means we may look after a replacement sooner or later, me think. I have wondered if BOS is a worthy follower. Have not tried it yet but as far I have seen, and heard, it looks good. Personally, I like CLOD a lot but it's starting to be a bit boring to fly the same map and mission every time. Hoping for updates in a close future. If that happen, I will stick to Clod for a bit longer. As for DCS, I'm not interested, yet, as it seems more like a flight simulator than a game like IL2. Or BOS. It's no as important for me to press the correct buttons, flip the right switches and be totally devoted to the realistics, like in DCS. I want varied missions, co-ops and maps. I'm for a continuation of IL2. It seems that it may be relevant to look closer a replacement for IL2 in the foreseeable future, though.
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    It's the fact that you have three balls that keeps distracting them.
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    T_O_A_D's glowing balls really do work ! Using some green reflective tape (designed to be attached to clothing) I added some strips to a small ball (nicked from one of the kids "connect 4" games) and fitted it to the top reflector of my vector clip. The left and right movement seems to be ok, it was the looking up that lost track. This fix really does seem to have solved this problem. Great post T_O_A_D and thank you Plus 1 karma from me. Friar