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    Lightning Strikes PWCG P-38 Campaign for Il-2:GBS Welcome, pilot, to the Ninth U.S. Army Air Force, the United States Tactical Air Force in the European Theatre of Operations. You will be providing direct air cover and close air support to our troops on the frontline as they slog it out with the Nazi German forces still occupying the beleaguered nations in Western Europe. Our ultimate goal is not simply to push them back to the German frontier, but to smash through that border and finally crush the Nazi War Machine and march on - and through - Berlin! The going will be tough – the German forces, whilst reeling from consistent defeats on all fronts, are battle hardened and experienced, and whilst our efforts in the air both strategically and tactically have caused serious material losses and supply problems, make no mistake, what the Germans do have is excellent technology and given the opportunity to use it, they will do so effectively. Combine this with the fact that as our ground forces approach the German border, their resolve is sure to harden and their will to resist become even more implacable, and you can be sure we are in for a hell of a fight. But then, that is why we are here. And we’ll give it back – with interest! You’re to be posted to the 370th Fighter Group, flying P-38s. Group HQ is at airfield A-78 Florennes/Juzaine in Belgium. Report there to find out which squadron you will be assigned to. 370th Fighter Group HQ, A-78 Florennes/Juzaine 1st October 1944 Welcome to the 370th, pilot! We’ve had a long hard slog since we went operational back in April, and it’s not letting up any time soon. Since the invasion we’ve been supporting the 1st Army under General Hodges push through France & into Belgium, with a brief diversion to support Monty’s failed bid to cross the Rhine in Operation Market Garden. The Allied Armies have been chasing the Krauts flat-out since Falaise, with the Kraut’s generally falling back so fast that we’ve struggled to keep up, over extending our supply lines which currently still stretch all the way back to the invasion beaches in Normandy, other closer ports either still in German hands having been fortified and therefore bypassed by the Allies, or so comprehensively damaged by their former occupiers that repair work to make them useful is still ongoing. As such our advance slowed and the concern is – and has been somewhat bourne out already - that this has given the German’s time to dig in and resupply. We are starting to butt our heads against the outer edges of the Siegfried Line, a line of heavily fortified positions that extends up and down the entire German frontier – time will tell how bloody our brow will become in the effort… Current Operations British/Canadian North Sector We captured Antwerp at the beginning of September and the hope was to have the port - captured almost wholly intact - available for supply open in short order. However, the deep-water estuary accessing the sea is still in German hands and heavily fortified. Monty is to begin an offensive to clear the Scheldt in the coming days. American Centre Sector First Army, Hodges - current operations are focussed on the capture of Aachen and the clearing of the Hurtgen Forest. Enemy is well entrenched and fortified, providing stiff resistance and inflicting heavy US casualties. American South Sector Third Army, Patton – having stalled their advance in mid-August due to a combination of overextended supply lines and prioritisation of the capture of Antwerp, progress through the Lorraine was correspondingly slow. The capture of the fortified French city of Metz is now a priority but unseasonably heavy rainfall has delayed this action. 401st Fighter Squadron Codes: 9D- Markings: Red Spinner & Cowl w. Yellow Tip; Tail Square Radio Callsign: “Zebo” Base: Le Culot East CO: Major Damien Thaw 402nd Fighter Squadron Codes: E6- Markings: Red Spinner & Cowl w. White Tip; Tail Circle Radio Callsign: “Leakage” Base: Florennes CO: Major Tom Fen 485th Fighter Squadron Codes: 7F- Markings: Red Spinner & Cowl w. Blue Tip; Tail Triangle Radio Callsign: “Zenith” Base: Le Culot Main CO: Major Mick Payne-Less Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) For operating the P-38 check your flight manuals. As a general note the following should be adhered to: War Emergency Power - 3,000 RPM and 60" with a 5 minute limit Combat - 3,000 RPM and 54" with a 15 minute limit Max Continuous - 2,700 RPM and 46" with no time limit Cruise - 2,200-2,400 RPM and 35" with no time limit Economy Cruise - 1,800-2,000 RPM and 30" with no time limit Leaders Note – in any flight regime requiring formation to be maintained you MUST avoid going to max continuous power - you NEED to give your wingmen some RPM and Throttle "headroom" to make adjustments without having to resort to combat power. Wingmen - avoid going into Combat Power to catch your leaders at all costs. Use Max Continuous (2,700RPM @46") at the most. Formation Squadrons are broken up into Flights of 4 aircraft where possible. In order of priority these are: 1. Red Flight 2. White Flight 3. Blue Flight Squadrons will adopt Finger Four Left, for all flight regimes except when ground attacking. During form up, transition through cloud and when far enough from enemy activity that the formation leader deems it safe enough, formation should be close, with ~25ft (half a wingspan) between aircraft. When the formation leader deems that there is a risk of enemy air attack, he should open the formation till there is at least 200ft between a/c (4 wingspans). The position of White and Blue flights in relation to Red Flight is left to the Formation Leader’s discretion as this is best judged by conditions encountered. Form on Take-off Squadrons assemble at the head of the designated runway in pairs with the lead of each squadron/flight/element (the odd numbered) on the left side and ahead of his wingmen. Take off is in pairs with 5 seconds between each pair commencing their run. It is recommended to hold the aircraft on the brakes, powering up to 46” before releasing brakes to ensure the turbos are spooled up prior to brake release. Once brakes released and the a/c is rolling increase power to 54”. Formation leaders - Once airborne, reduce power to 2700 and 35” and commence a gentle climbing turn to port. Once established at 3,000ft hold the left orbit until all elements of your squadron are in formation before setting on course to target. For those joining the formation after take-off it cannot be stressed how important it is to cut the corner properly to rejoin - and I mean properly! You fellows joining up need to put your formation leader at your 2 o'clock, not stick your gunsight on him and try and overhaul him! Otherwise all that happens is you end up with an extended conga line merry-go rounding home base for 20 minutes! Use Max Continuous Power to catch up, then worry about tidying up the formation after. Done effectively and with people getting off the ground in good order a squadron can be formed in a maximum of two orbits. Climb to Cruise Altitude Leaders need to get to cruise alt promptly but the cohesion of the formation is of primary importance, thus we recommend a setting of 2700 RPM and 35”-40” to give your formation members some headroom to maintain or join formation. Ground Attack – General Notes Target Intelligence is generally sparse – don’t expect photos, or models or much specificity when being briefed. Target nature is about all we’ll be given. Ergo, it is up to Squadron and flight leaders upon reaching the target area to attempt to establish the format of the target and any AAA protection it may have visually and assign what forces they have accordingly. Ground Attack – Dive-Bombing Despite what mission orders might say, we do things our own way in the ’38. On Dive-Bombing Missions, we will cruise to target ay anywhere between 6,000ft and 10,000ft, with the aim to commence our Dive Bomb attack from Angels 10, cloud and target location permitting. Leaders should take note of the wind direction and attempt to make their bomb runs directly up- or downwind; any crosswind will substantially reduce the accuracy of the attack. If wind is negligible attempt to attack from the sun if possible. On the run-in to target Leaders will get their formations into line-astern in plenty of time. Just prior to roll in the following procedure must be adhered to: 1. Check bomb release pattern 2. Go max RPM, (3,000) 3. Open Dive Flaps On commencement of the attack dive: 4. Close throttle 5. Roll in on dive to target using a wingover to bleed some speed off 6. Release bombs at 3,000ft MINIMUM above target 7. Steady progressive pull with the aim of egressing the target area at low altitude, jinking to avoid flak 8. Only once you have attained level flight increase power to 46” 9. After 15-20 seconds have elapsed reduce RPM to 2,700 10. Gain altitude and rejoin your leader The flight leader will then determine if another attack run is necessary. Any deviation from steps 2-7 will result in a loss on control from compressibility and your subsequent demise as you do you a spectacular impression of an exploding pile-driver. Ground Attack – Glide/Shallow Bombing Should weather or terrain conditions interfere with a dive-bombing attack, a Glide Bomb Attack should be used, generally with a dive angle of between 20° and 45°. Throttle should be open just enough to maintain sufficient speed across target to minimize exposure to ground fire without compromising controllability. Bomb release can be made at a lower altitude; however, it is advisable to stay above 2,000ft to avoid the blast and fragmentation of one’s own bombs or those of the aircraft preceding. It is the discretion of the formation leader to assess how the bombing will best be carried out and as to the spacings between aircraft rolling in to avoid exposure to friendly bomb blasts. Again, attacks should be made up- or downwind where possible, and if wind is not a factor, use of the sun to blind your approach is recommended. Ground Attack – Low-level/Skip Bombing It is essential to have bomb delay fusing if attempting this form of attack. This type of attack must be reserved for specialist targets or targets of opportunity. Attacks must be made level under 500ft altitude, tree-top height being preferable. High speed is recommended to minimise exposure to ground fire. Wind direction is a negligible factor on bombs due to the short time of flight of the bombs, however it will affect your flight path so adjust accordingly. Terrain will be the greater influence as it will dictate what your best line of attack and egress will be. Leaders need to set-up this attack carefully – aircraft should attack either in pairs in close order or in single aircraft. Each wave, be it pair or single will need at least 10 seconds between each release, dependant on fuses. It is advisable to break hard left or right immediately after release to ensure you are clear of blast. On no account should you break upwards else you expose yourself to every enemy gunner in the vicinity. Stay low and put whatever you can between you and the flak guns, be it trees, hills, barns or preferably, other Germans! After attack run turn away immediately but stay low, jinking to avoid AAA then after 15-20 seconds have elapsed gain altitude and rejoin your leader who will assess effect on target and whether a further run is necessary. Ground Attack – Strafing Strafing can be an effective form of attack – when an appropriate target is chosen. Trucks, jeeps, artillery, trains, aircraft on the ground, even light armoured vehicles will all feel the effect of .50s and the 20mm. Try it on heavy armour, however and you’ll come away disappointed. So save your ammo for targets that will benefit from it and leave the Tigers for those with bombs. Leaders should take note of the wind direction and attempt to make their strafing runs directly up- or downwind if possible; any crosswind will substantially increase the complexity of getting rounds on target and consequently reduce the effectiveness of any attack. Strafing attack runs should be made at 2700 RPM and 46” unless there is significant flak opposition, at which point it is advised to go to Combat power setting. On the run-in to target Leaders will get their formations into line-astern. Approach the target offset from the wind by at least 45° from the attack heading, aircraft breaking into the attack at 5-second intervals so that the preceding aircraft is not in the line of fire of those following and risks of ricochet hitting the a/c in front are minimised. After attack run turn away immediately but stay low, jinking to avoid AAA then after 15-20 seconds have elapsed gain altitude and rejoin your leader who will assess effect on target and whether a further run is necessary. Air Combat Tips The P-38 is a good dogfighter and an excellent gunnery platform and can hold it’s own against the majority of the Axis fighters in most situations, if not outright best them. It is surprisingly manoeuvrable for its size, but much of this will depend on the weight of the aircraft at the commencement of combat. Understandably, dogfighting E/A whilst carrying bombs is a bad idea for many reasons, not least the impediment they present to manoeuvrability, so it is highly recommended to jettison them. With a full fuel load (>75% or ~310 gallons) even without bombs it will mush and be sluggish on the elevators as you approach the pitch limits, so if possible, avoid dogfighting with E/A until you are below this figure. Manoeuvre flaps (50%) can be of great assistance but use them carefully; only deploy them under 250 IAS and make sure not to go faster than this speed with them deployed or they will jam. Also avoid sticking them out and leaving them there as they do create drag, slowing your acceleration and generally eating away at your airspeed; you can quickly find yourself grinding slow speed holes in the skies with FWs and 109s racing around you and with limited options for an avenue of escape. Use judiciously when you really need them and put them away at the earliest opportunity. As a rule, even without manoeuvre flaps you’ll always out-turn a 190 in either direction, but the 109 can match or exceed your turn in some instances, particularly to the left. If breaking from an attack by 109s, turn right and get some flap in. Otherwise you have one of the best climb rates in the ETO; go Combat Power setting and put the nose skywards at an angle that allows you to keep a stable 160 IAS. Only the 109 will keep up with that, and only just. Just ensure you have some distance between you and a potential attacker and that he doesn’t have enough speed to zoom climb and close to firing range before trying this manoeuvre. Be wary of steep or vertical dives, particularly with power on. If going down vertically (or near so) for any length of time, ensure your throttle is closed and get the dive flaps out. Even shallow dives can build enough airspeed to cause a restriction on the controls so be wary. When in doubt, dive flaps out. The final piece of advice is to get your feet moving – the Lightning rewards good aileron and rudder coordination. Get it right and full aileron deflection rolls will start quicker and be snappier. You will lose less speed during rolling manoeuvres and turns. Finally, your gunnery will increase in accuracy two-fold, particularly in heavy turns as the bullets will actually go where the gunsight is pointing. Watch your Turn & Slip Indicator and keep that ball centred to make the most of what the -38 can give you. Loadouts 100% fuel will be used for all missions. All ordnance loadouts will be as per your Squadron Leader’s directive. DO NOT GET IMAGINATIVE. If the leader orders 2 x 1000lb bombs and you decide to take 2x 2000lb, or 6 x 500lb, well it’s your own fault if you can’t keep up with the formation, so don’t piss & moan and expect everyone to hang about for you. Use a 5 second bomb delay as standard unless otherwise instructed. Squadron Leaders please note: Bazooka rockets were never used operationally in the ETO as they were too draggy, too heavy and too inaccurate, so no rocket loadouts please. Group CO requires you to be dressed appropriately to assist in identifying the different Squadrons in the air. Please download and install all the following skins: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/files/file/841-p-38-campaign-skins/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/61698-scripted-campaign-lightning-strikes-discussion/ Approach & Landing If returning to base singly aircraft should orbit the field to port at a set altitude - 1,500ft min, 3,000ft max dependent on climate conditions – to ensure circuit and runway is clear of traffic. If returning to base in formation, then the formation leader should order aircraft into Echelon Right and flights into Line Astern, with 400 yards between flights, prior to overflying the field. When cleared to land, the formation leader must plan his flight path to overfly the runway in use, into wind, at 300-500ft. Midway along the runway pass the leader makes a sharp break to port, selecting 2,700 RPM and zero throttle whilst using a sharp slightly climbing turn to bleed his speed, aiming to be on the downwind at 1,000ft and ~250mph. The following aircraft repeat the break at 4-second intervals, keeping sight of the preceding aircraft to ensure they do not overtake them during the remainder of the circuit. As soon as the airspeed is under 250mph lower flaps to further bleed speed, waiting till 175mph to lower the gear. Increase elevator trim progressively to compensate for nose heaviness. As speed drops below 150mph lower flaps fully and add a little power to hold 125-130mph for base and final approach. Aim to cross the threshold at 120mph with the horizon just above the bottom edge of the windscreen and a positive but gentle rate of descent. Be careful not to flare too hard or you risk a tail strike. Emergency Procedures In the event of a fire BAIL OUT IMMEDIATELY. In the event of an engine failure, 1. Immediately select the failed engine (default key binds: “1” for left engine, “2” for right) 2. Select “Feather Propeller” command (default key bind: “Ctrl-F”) 3. Select the remaining good engine (default key binds: “1” for left engine, “2” for right) 4. Reduce RPM and Manifold pressure to max continuous if not already set 5. Meanwhile compensate for asymmetric power yaw with rudder input and trim out as required/available. RESOURCES Learn to fly the P-38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMC0M6xV3xo&feature=emb_logo Campaign Event Dates & Times We will fly one campaign mission on alternate Sundays and Tuesdays to give all the DDz GBSers a chance to partake, but also to allow for an evening of co-ops every two weeks to keep those parties uninterested in the campaign placated. Campaign start hour is 2130 BST (2030 UCT) to allow for some D/F and Co-op warm-up prior. This is a hard cut-off point as I must know confirmed participation prior to generating the mission, else you don't get an aeroplane. If you want in, be on before 2130 on event night and tell me so. The first mission will take place on Sunday 31st May at 2130BST. The following mission will take place on Tuesday 9th June at 2130BST The subsequent mission will take place on Sunday 14th June at 2130 BST. Etc. Campaign Admin You have a persona assigned to you. It is this persona who accrues the scores, medals and promotions as you progress through the campaign. Get shot down and captured, or worse killed and your persona is removed from the roster of your squadron. With him go your scores, your medals and your promotions. You will rejoin the campaign on the next mission as a lowly 2nd Lt – however you will get to choose your new name. Make note gents that if a formation leader gets the chop, the next down the list will have to fill his shoes…. So, if you don’t want to lead/navigate/be responsible for the flight (or worse the squadron!) better try to keep your flight leads outta trouble! Air to air kill claims will have to be processed by me before being forwarded to higher headquarters for verification. I will require that all claims will need to be witnessed by a wingman or fellow squadron member to be confirmed, so you might well go lone-wolfing behind the lines and take down an entire Geschwader – I won’t accept a single one unless a wingman was there to corroborate. Then there is still a chance that HQ won’t allow the claims – so be warned. Ground kills will be logged automatically. After each mission I will upload in this thread the days summary for each squadron and the updated roster board for all to peruse. Please post any questions you may have below. Best of luck gentlemen! A pdf version of the above briefing is attached for perusal offline at your leisure. PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign v1.1.pdf
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    Thank you to all who attended the test run of the campaign again last night. I am glad to say that all appears functional, we had good to steady performance throughout and not only did (almost!) all of the air kills log successfully (sorry Painless!) but so too did the other events. So to summarise: WE ARE GO FOR THE P-38 CO-OP CAMPAIGN!!!! I will reset the campaign so any scores/deaths accrued from last nights test will be lost but I think a clean sheet start for all is the best way to start. I will also be starting a new thread to officially announce the start of the campaign proper, with a break down of who is assigned to which squadron and all other relevant information and skin links in one cohesive place. I will use this thread to share screenshots of the PWCG interface showing our progress and scores as we proceed. I will be running the campaign on alternate Sundays and Tuesdays to give all the Dogz GBSers a chance to partake, but also to allow for an evening of uninterrupted (ahem!) quick (double ahem!) co-ops every two weeks to keep those parties uninterested in the campaign placated. I propose a campaign start hour of 2130 BST (2030 UCT) - to allow for some D/F and Co-op warm-up prior. This would be a hard cut-off point as I must know confirmed participation prior to generating the mission, else you don't get an aeroplane. The mission should last an hour so ideally we'd be out at 2230 BST (2130 UCT) but with the brief/debrief and other unexpected issues that arise perhaps 2300 on a bad night. That sound ok?
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    The Good News 485th Skins by Jaegermeister can be found here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/61698-scripted-campaign-lightning-strikes-discussion/ Version 8.8.1 of PWCG has reportedly addressed the issue of air to air victories not being logged. The Bad News I can't host ANY Coop missions. Every time I try to Create Server in the Multiplayer Coop menu, either using a PWCG or one of the SYN missions as generated by FT, it starts to load but after 20-30 seconds it fails and drops me back to the Multiplayer menu. *EDIT* - Correction: I CAN NOW HOST! NO BAD NEWS!!!!
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    Generic skins for all available squadrons, here: I have made the 401st and 485th Squadron skins myself; for now you guys have just a Natural Metal version. Will get to Olive Drab variants of these at a later date. You will need all of these, not just those of your squadron.
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    Dear friends, Update 4.006 will be released soon and we can show you more of the coming improvements. Today we'd like to demonstrate how the aircraft materials and textures will look in the new renderer compared to the old one. For instance let's look at La-5 series 8, He 111 H-6, P-38J-25, Albatros D.Va: We also have good news about the changes in 4.006. First, the airframe damage model for the WWI planes will be tuned according to your feedback. Second, the ships in the sim will have more advanced physical models - they will be able to run aground, receive an impulse from collisions, etc. - this is important for the Battle of Normandy where they played a major role. Third, according to Tank Crew players' feedback, we added a server option to disable tank AI gunners in multiplayer. Another option that has been requested for a while - now tech chat messages are a difficulty option so the players will be on equal terms in multiplayer. Our engineering department improved the FM and systems modeling for a number of planes, including Yak-7 and Bf-110. Tank Crew assault guns will be able to fire indirectly at a heading and distance set by the gun or platoon commander. In the graphics department, we're adding an alternative antialiasing method, FXAA, which trades some AA quality for a noticeable performance boost. It also has a side effect of somewhat improving the visibility of the contacts against the ground, especially when used in conjunction with the "Sharpen" graphics option. Several planes from already released modules will get the 4K quality external textures and the rivers and sea will get the updated water surface visualization. As usual, the full list of the changes and improvements will be available at the update launch and it is already close to 70 items total. We're hoping that the next update will be another step forward in the development of the project and you, our customers, will enjoy it. And to finish today's Dev Blog, here are a couple of Yak-9 and Yak-9T Collector Planes screenshots from our Producer:
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    00000.MTS Marc decided to drag all of his train stuff out yesterday so that I could spend the next day fixing it and getting it to run without derails and power problems. The lounge is now domin8ted ! The vid clip should play ok with windows media player.
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    Oh my, time flies... (Edit: Mind you, apart from the last one which I am sure is mine - I have no idea who took them pictures!)
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    WP_20170527_20_30_41_Pro.mp4 Here's my train set! Powered by a 9V battery pressed against the tracks, to make it move the other direction, rotate battery
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    'Cruise' is something of a misnomer here - and not Siddly's fault either I should add. The fact is it is better to generally interpret WW2 engines to have these discrete power bands: War Emergency Power - Max everything! Generally a very tight limit of time use. In the P-38J this is 3,000 RPM and 60" with a 5 minute limit Combat - a sustained high power output that even in best circumstances generates more heat than the cooling system will be able to dissipate but has been calculated to provide sufficient for typical time periods of combat. In the P-38J this is 3,000 RPM and 54" with a 15 minute limit Max Continuous - the maximal power that you can run the engines at for indefinitely - or as long as you have fuel. In the P-38J this is 2,700 RPM and 46" with no time limit Cruise - a power setting reduced from the above that combines the best compromise between fuel consumption and airspeed. In the P-38J this is around 2,200-2,400 RPM and 35" with no time limit Economy Cruise - a power setting much reduced that priorities fuel economy above all other considerations. In the P-38J this is around 1,800-2,000 RPM and 30" with no time limit The setting Sid quotes of 2,600 @ 44" is more a maximum continuous setting (As an aside you will find you can actually run the P-38 at 2,700 and 46" and not break into combat power, hence the figures I give you above). Now, as single players (non-fomating) that's fine you can cruise at that setting as long as you like. No one to follow, no-one following you. Easy! However, as a flight lead or formation pilot, if you stayed at that no bugger could catch you unless they went to Combat Power. And then, when you eventually did find some trouble, all your wingmen would be buggering off with damaged engines because those time limits are hard in GBS. What this means is, if you use your engine in Combat mode for 14 minutes catching up to your leader, even if you throttle back, you do not get any recovery on that engine. You will therefore have only 1 whole minute using it in actual combat before you suffer some engine damage and are forced to withdraw. Leaders, when cruising to or from target in flight you MUST avoid going to full cruise mode - you NEED to give your wingmen some RPM and Throttle "headroom" to make adjustments without having to resort to combat power. Wingmen, avoid going into Combat Power to catch your leaders at all costs. Use Max Continuous (2,700RPM @46") at the most.
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    Indeed good show over all. Our coms do need attention, setup the use of whispers... Have created to sub channels on our TS server for this Campaign: 402nd and 485th. (Would still need to set up individual whispers, and not to a channel me thinks? Hm, should be able to assign a channel-leader? Oh well, let's keep it simple) And a bit radio discipline: For this campaign, once you're out of the cockpit, one should not talk on radio, as one is not close enough to it (Not too sure whether it did occur this session, but it's an immersion killer for me to hear a dead/crashed/landed pilot on the radio, using external views to tell another pilot 'he's on your six' .... ) It is a good idea to do this as a regular on a Sunday, was funny to see everybody dragged into the Red channel Well, except for Artie who left TS. Still, I'm always gonna be a bit concerned we are leaving people out, who then have to fly a coop on their own... Now should we make this a regular or semi regular event, do we need to set a start time to go for? Not sure if that is possible, but would be good.
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    My green car is friendly to its environment ... here's the proof, I discovered this when I put the (now charged) battery back in. Still, decided to remove them, they may grow and grow up to a point where I may not be able to open the hood anymore, and well, as it's a French car from the previous century, that might become a problem. I do hope I got them all! (Yeah, it has been two years since it's been washed and polished, it shows!)
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    I can't let you do that Dave....
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    Welcome, no need for credentials, you sort of let the cat out of the bag when you spelled Sturmovik correctly, obviously your overqualified, Please leave now LOL
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    GUI background mute? I haven't got that but I'm not aware of any background noises when reading the brief - apart from the sound of people coughing, farting, laughing, etc......
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    Wait a minute! Why am I putting up the freakin' pool? FullSizeRender (1).mov
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    They are in ChkSkins now as well - three of them were already, two have been added just now. 11-05-20 17:40:00 Added to upload list: >P38J25\P38J25_401st_FS.dds< 11-05-20 17:40:00 Added to upload list: >P38J25\P38J25_485th_FS.dds<
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    Did the mission AAR run ok? I really must not fly into the ground at a great rate of knots. My new pilot will be Joe Walsh, and when he is dead I will be James Hendrix, followed by John Mayer
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    Full Moon Fever.
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    So the new toy has arrived... Now to sort out a way of attaching it to the car and trackday footage beckons! Assuming my hand gets fixed and we ever get out of lockdown that is
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    Engine management in GBS has been a learning process since it came out and I think we are now getting the hang of it. What has been happening for some months now is that when asked for engine settings the reply has been to use the 'Cruise' figures quoted in the Pilot's Notes found here. The figures contained in the Notes have been replicated on the crib sheet mod found in the cockpit (the one that replaces the tottie picture). An example of this would be 2,600 RPM and 44 inches on the Manifold pressure dial on the P38, these dials being found on the right of the instrument panel at the top on this aircraft. Whilst on some aircraft this may work out as what we knew as '80 - 80' in the '46 days unfortunately this no longer applies for optimum performance at cruise settings. I know these RPM and Manifold pressure figures as the 'Standard' settings. The majority of German aircraft have only the 'ata' pressure gauge that needs to be monitored...this is usually running at 1.15 for cruise but does differ. What has been happening recently is that, as the P38 is being used more intimately, these standard cruise settings aren't always used. I have noticed that when climbing out and awaiting the formation to assemble over the airfield these settings are reduced to 2,300 RPM and 30 inches to allow for a gentle steady climb and to give pilots towards the rear the opportunity to use the standard settings, or a little bit more in accordance with the crib sheet, to catch up. Fen and Painless are used to these settings and call them out when making changes so in conjunction with Fen's method of cutting the corner he mentioned above hopefully we can all pick up on this and adjust our settings for catching up. With the P38, for optimal setting, mixture can be set at 70% when on the ground and generally left there. Hope that helps.
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    Update 3: another test run last night with Rox and Painless to test the new segregated squadrons and... Success!!! We are ready to fly gentlemen! In order to save me a great deal of tedious admin we will continue from the mission that Rox, Painless and I flew last night - also it means that the scores Painless and Rox accrued will be saved - a small reward for their help in the test process. For now I will host on my computer but it would be wise to run a stress test mission one eve to establish what kind of numbers my PC and connection can handle. I will attempt to get on Sunday evening and if we can perhaps substitute one of the co-ops for the campaign stress test at round 2100BST for a max attendance attempt that would be great. Cheers!
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    Hi chaps, in light of some of the misconceptions regards propeller pitch and RPMs I've been hearing on comms lately, here is a video that helped me understand the difference between fixed, variable and constant speed propellers and the various effects these have on RPM. Though it is for an FSX module, these characteristics apply to all the planes we fly in any of the simulators.
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    Morning! I've done an update on the A20 skin 'La Patrona', it has a better finish on it I think. It is based on the F7F Tigercat 'La Patrona' that graces the skies over Reno in the Unlimited Class Air Racing Competition.....the 'Lucky 4' of us saw it when we went although she unfortunately suffered an oil leak and had to withdraw. I think it suits the A20 beautifully so I tend to use it as my 'Go To' skin when flying it. For those that would like it please place the .dds file in your 'IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/skins/A20B' folder or alternatively it will be downloaded when you use FT's great 'Checkskins' utility. Cheerzen Sid 1 A20B_La_Patrona.dds
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    I got it! Totally ran my phone data limit to throttled back, but I got the bloody thang
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    We getting close there Crash, but for now it's still 'We are talking all over the World'
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    dd_ChkSkins - v0.96 - 2020/05/22 - 4K is now checked at startup - A log file is being created - If a skin is in the list of excluded skins, it will be deleted, and not uploaded. This to prevent bad skins (ie. in the wrong a/c type folder) from spreading. Currently, these skins are being excluded: TempestMkVs2\P51D15NA_LAZY DAISY.dds TempestMkVs2\P51D15NA_RIDGE RUNNER.dds If you have any to add, let me know, I will make sure they will be removed ...
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    Pat posted this. It looks very interesting I'm going to need some help in a little while. I am in the process of making a pretty big change to PWCG. It should both simplify the mission creation process and create better missions, PWCG Now: Flight centric. PWCG makes flights. If it needs ground targets then PWCG makes those for the flight. Because there are limits AI flights are limited to tiny ground targets - usually an AA. MG. The process is very complex as it requires an analysis of available target types, then the creation of one of those target types during flight creation specific to the flight. PWCG Next: Battlefront centric. PWCG makes the ground activity first. If a flight needs a ground target one is selected from the activity in the mission. No more availability analysis, just assignments to attack what's there. What I hope to achieve: Organic funneling. In real life attack planes went to where the action was and fighter planes went to where the attack planes were. This new model will exactly emulate that. Easier time modeling historical action tempo. Give you the feeling of intense activity during battles and less activity during quieter times. Better overall feel for what you and the planes around you are doing. AI only flights will now attack real targets on the battlefield. Better software. This implementation is both simpler than what exists today and should produce more enjoyable missions. Easier maintenance, reduced risk of bugs, easier to expand, etc. Worst case there should be minimal difference. If you are a fighter jock then you're mostly interested in killing other planes. You might notice that the planes are attacking real targets. I think this will really make the ground attack experience light up ... or it will look pretty much the same as today. I should have a beta out in a few days.
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    Hey, that works. Cool. Thanks. A lot!
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    Our upcoming desert war expansion will feature a number of new ship classes, including capital ships! Here are the WIP images of the Leander and Leipzig class light cruisers. https://ibb.co/album/XxPfY9 The level of detail going into these ships is incredible, not just visually. They will feature a huge array of firepower of varying sizes and types, multiple damage areas and damage modelling, armour plating of various thickness. All designed to be as realistic, and difficult to attack and sink, as they were in reality. Players will also be able to set up sea battles, along with naval gun support of land based operations/missions. For those looking forward to attacking the these ships flying solo, and getting in close, will most likely result in your virtual death or taking a swim in the warm med waters. Their collective firepower is intense, terrifying and awesome to watch. Study real life tactics and employ them, if you want to get home. In the near future we will showcase these new ships in action. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the screenshots of our Leander and Leipzig class Cruisers. Images by Larry. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our social media channels, so you don't miss our updates! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamFusionMod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamfusionmod Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/team.fusion.simulations Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamFusionSim
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    Now we need to see: - at night, with camera flash light off! - derailment - crash!
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    Daytime..... NIGHTTIME ! (with Pullman lights) 00011.MTS 00007.MTS 00005.MTS Including: Clickety clack and rumble soundtrack Now only £99.99 per download (while stocks last).
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    Some interesting footage from the real P-38s of the 370th FG:
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    Play your video's at half speed!
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    This is the train se... I mean model railway, that I used to play wi... I mean operate regularly:
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    Hey wait, the RAF and USAF bombed my Mum ánd Dad... no Germans ever did that ... !
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    They bombed my mum too. What a bunch of gits! I wonder if they flew naked.....?
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    I simply wave it around vaguely and hey presto Thats one smart light meter working away here. Not to mention the colour balance. To do this with my Canon requires tripod and some rather clumsy third party software but even then it would be obvious it's several piccies stitched together. I recently took some shots of the latest 'supermoon'. I had to read the manual for ten minutes to remember how to step the exposure down and then I needed to use my software to try and tease out the detail. My mate merely held his phone up and ........
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    Hey Crasheroni.....I fixed my Realteus problem and it is working again !!! At some point I ran over the usb cable with my chair wheel and unbeknown to me I had severed all of the little eight cables inside the sheathing. I found this after I was inspecting it and it felt a little odd.... Opened up the cable and soldered them together again. All works....chuffed because they are colour coded and I got them right
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    ....and what a “view” that was 😳🤣
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    As a rule I orbit the field at much reduced power settings - 2700 RPM, 35-40" Manifold Pressure - in a VERY gentle left hand turn to assist with forming up; this does however rely on those joining to cut the corner properly to rejoin - and I mean properly! You chaps joining up need to put your leader at your 2 to half-past 2 o'clock, not stick your gun-sight on him and try and overhaul him! Otherwise all that happens is you end up with an extended conga line merry-go rounding home base for 20 minutes! Done effectively and with people getting off the ground in good order this can be done in a maximum of two orbits. This should allow everyone to get into a reasonable group before setting off to mission. I agree with Sid on the Whispers. Have the Squadron Leaders certainly but perhaps have the Flight Commanders too for redundancy in case the CO's buy the farm! If they both go down then the individual squadron members just have to do the best they can and/or scoot home.
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    Thanks all who joined in the stress test last night. Both a success and... not so much! For reasons as yet unclear none of the events last night logged - so whilst I was able to generate the next day's mission, no kills or deaths actually were recorded. I have a feeling I know what caused this but need to run another test. Noted issues 1. Need to increase the idle kick timeout - well done to all for managing to dodge this issue without ground collisions last night! 2. Radio saturation - probably best to segregate the squadrons to separate channels 3.Skins - 402nd squadron: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n8pc4a0ggyon99g/P38J25_402nd_Gen.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/z15z4hnirnp7wrf/P38J25_402nd_E6_T.zip/file 485th squadron: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2am3npm7ftbszm5/P38J25_MY_LITTLE_PIG_V2.dds/file and the official skins: "Les Vin, Les Femmes, et Les Chansons" "San Dot" With a lot more coming soon: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56052-370th-p-38-skins/ 4. Icon mods for those who asked: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13451-gbs-icon-mod/ http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13517-mod-that-removes-all-aircraft-on-maps-except-own/
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    Cool, but I bet Siobhan's 'chuffed'.
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    Wow, if someone had said at that table... “ in ten years time we will all be under house arrest because of a virus” we would all have ordered more drinks and picked a fight with the Germans while we had the chance ! 🤣🤪
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    Ten years ago.....ah, the infamous trip to Normandy....in my 7 seat Isuzu Trooper. JP and the lovely french lady on the ferry....French Mirage fighters over Pointe du Hoc looking for JP.....walking around the museum at Caen trying to avoid JP .....I'm sure there were others there
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