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    We might soon be able to do campaign coops quote from Pat Wilson That is in development right now. PWCG currently supports coop with one squadron. Unfortunately PWCG is a desktop application, so users other than the host have no UI. They can only fly the missions. First step (in progress) is to create a web based code that the host can run. Players in the campaign will be able to access the servers on the hosts machine and interact with it to see the campaign in a view that will replicate the information available in the PWCG desktop app. After that comes the more challenging part: extending PWCG coop capability such that any number of players can play for any side. In 5.0 PWCG added the ability to handle ore than one human player, so that is already out there. That concept has to be extended to human players in any squadron. Some of the uses are obvious: a continuous campaign being played by multiple users. It is not MMO - participation will be controlled by the host. But once this is in place a group of fliers will be able to play either side. Squads can use PWCG for online wars. I'm sure that there will be any number of uses.
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    Received my "used - like new" 16gb of matching ram yesterday and installed it today. It was recognized and a quick verification in the bios, system booted and so far all is good. Of course, I really don't see much difference, but DCS & GB still work. Don't know that I will ever "need" 32gb, but what the heck, it's there if I do.
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    The North Poles were .......
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    Not all Poles were that cold!
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    It's not the plane that matters its the pilot. Sometimes you have no or limited choice A good pilot can make the most of a plane. A bad pilot can make best plane look useless. Seriously 90% of your questions are answered in In Persuit, in the download folder I mentioned before or download from here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwif4ryw5c7fAhWfThUIHQSSBE4QFjAJegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw1SoicuTRqjZ_d4jgZ7fzdU Then you need to practice as Sid said
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    In all seriousness crashesnfails, come and fly with us. All your questions can be answered in practical terms and demos rather than the guys trying to explain in a post. Look at the calendar for BoS sessions and the Teamspeak window to see who's on the Dogz server....Dogz fly at all times mate. Cheerzen Sid
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    To all DCS's from DD-Redtail. Happy Christmas and thank you for making the steep learning curve begin to flatten out.
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    No problem, there is a lot of info there but if you want to survive online it boils down to Speed, Altitude, Surprise, know your aircraft relative strengths and plan your attack by Observe, Orientate ,Decide, Attack. As painless says flying on comms and with wingmen helps a LOT We all still do common mistakes and sometimes its good just flying for fun and going into a furball and turning and burning but you wont last long. S Dave
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    Weeeeell, the cabling from the PSU to the board, cpu, drives and gpu are all the same ones that were working flawlessly on my old setup (and have been tested again since), all the sata cables to the drives are new and high spec and all the fans were reported as working correctly and PWM was working on the board when I originally installed it so I think I have that covered.
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    Personally I think it's poor form, but mainly it's a waste of ammunition on the attacker's part. You'll find that when you're flying 'full switch' with limited ammo, people will generally break off an attack when they think their target is done. Doesn't apply to everyone though.
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    Nope... none whatsoever... (D-Day? In July? Silly peeps them Brittons... )
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    Count me in Christof - finding a cheaper alternative to the holiday inn has appeal (I have booked a room with free cancellation though - just in case)
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    Yeah, I know..... Thats why I'm flying a '190 - an aircraft with a similar armament to a frigate. My engine failed as I'd exceeded safe engine limits for too long a time.
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    I very much doubt it, why would anyone want to do such drastic manouvers ? If your aircraft was damaged you would place great strain on it, you also risk stalls or overshoots, I would think that the vast majority of landings were as part of a squadron formation and in a controlled path and rate of descent. If you want to find out standard approach then go here https://www.av8n.com/how/ section 12 deals with landings section 6 deals with angle of attack
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    Off the top of my head......... fly a fighter ? Lol
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    Good stuff FT Right at the end, theres a little bump, I look around and.....yep, I've chopped Sid's propellor off, Doh!
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    Are we still thinking of doing the D Day anniversary parachute thing?
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    Thanks, FT. Flight video here: The landing gear are plug-in struts for display only, removed for flying.