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Arras Session 5 - Battle Report

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Another grinder of a mission with the bridges again causing us problems, however the valiant efforts of both air and ground units, working together enabled us to again achieve our objective for this session.

We are now knocking on the door of a major regional capital of Cambrai.

Although we are behind on points, we hold the moral ground of gaining the most ground in the campaign so far and have pushed deep into Allied held territory with not a single town once held by us being lost to enemy action.

Great work from everyone who took part FT, Crash, Ben, Mosquito, Sid, Funflack, Fenrir, Beagle, Perfesser and Delta.

The next session will be the last one for Arras Campaign. It would be really "The Dogz Bollockz" (English slang for something of that has or presents outstanding attributes and the best in class) if we could put out a really good show with pilots to assist the hard working Fenrir and his regular air crews plus to present a strong showing on the ground.

Come on lads - tell the partner you are going to busy for the next one (date will be announced soon) and book out a couple of hours to show those 352nd dudes what the DangerDogz can do!

Arras S6.JPG

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