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Syn_Vander Missions Ending Once Objective Was Achieved


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For those of you that were playing on Saturday evening you are aware of the issue that once the objective was achieved the mission rotated.

I have been investigating this and can confirm that it is not a feature built into the mission.

It is controlled by a server setting for mission end time out.

Syn_Vander is using the Mission Objective trigger to show the objective on the map. When this is achieved a signal is sent to the server and the timer kicks in.

We could get round this by setting this time to a silly long time, however I think the same time is used if we wanted to roll a mission due to re-start etc, so has to be thought about what we do in such a circumstance.




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From my point of view it wasn't an issue because I knew we were up for 4 generated missions so expected them to be of a relatively short duration. If we are having an evening of short missions I don't think anything needs to be changed, it didn't take away any fun or sense of involvement at all.


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I like the format and time taken, think it’s a great way to learn with all the different scenarios. Think it might be good to go again on a mission we fail, I know they will be few and far between, but we could discuss and change tactics to give us another go at completing the objective?


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