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I am looking in the Dogz mods to see if they can be changed. Currently, Dogz icon mod v.1 allows pilots to see aircraft and ground target markers whilst flying and on the maps. I am testing it to see if the removal of ground markers still allows the map markers to be seen. Dogz Tank icons mod v.2 removes all markers from view and maps except for aircraft. I am looking to see if the map markers can be returned.

Are either of these options what you are after?

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The reason I am asking is I am finding that with the Syn_Vander tank missions the location of the enemy is not always obvious.

When we played last week a couple of the guys had not put the icon set on and were playing with icons on both on the map and in game and we needed them to give us a heads up where the enemy were located.

For these missions I think it would help but what I do not want is when you get eye ball on the enemy to still have the icons in game giving range etc.

A blob on the map would be good but not through a gunsight.

Thanks for your time and efforts.

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