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DCS Mosquito - Pre-order Available


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I expected the elevator trim here:


Is my memory failing me, or was 1946 incorrect? Or does DCS have it wrong.

Some observations:

- It's gonna be very interesting to fly a night time mission in this, the number of controls to assign regarding cockpit lights is mind boggling.

- It does a repair, though it fails to repair my left hand engine after it over heated.

- haven't taken off yet. Still exploring stuff... there's lots... lol


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Rudder Trim: My Bad! :)


Well, she flies. Sounds awesome. Kinda like two Spitties in close formation. With you sitting in between the two.

Tricky to fly, when you have elevator trim inverted... lol

Did manage one take off and one weird messy landing, (without damage though)

Do not forget to switch off them Special settings = Take off assistance and shift.


Have Fun!

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12 hours ago, Bremspropeller said:



Has anybody been successful in feathering a prop yet? I shut down the port engine and pressed the feather-button. This would get the engine down to 0 RPM for an instant, but it would spin up again. Seems like the prop is unfeathering by itself, despite the button being pushed.

Are you sure there's not an additional 'TIT' you have to pull Brems? 

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Great stuff!

I finally took the Mossie up for a spin yesterday afternoon, after spending some time adjusting throttle curves etc. to get both axis working more or less in unison (no asymmetric thrust please).

Managed to keep her straight-ish down the runway and took off nicely enough - although I haven't checked if any aids were on, must do that.
Flew around for a bit, did some aeros, some low flying and landed surprisingly well first time. Then a bit of instant action on the Channel map, shooting at trains and dogfighting an A8 with my port engine on the blink. First impressions, she dogfights better than I expected, like a heavy Spitfire and a real stick and rudder experience - quite a contrast to dogfighting in the P-38, but then these are different sims so perhaps not an entirely fair comparison. This aircraft will prove to be a very enjoyable addition to the sim for sure.

Going to try a cold start next for the immersions, then swat up on weapons and systems.

PS. thanks @DD_Fenrir for the tip on curves, I've basically copied over my (your) Spitfire curves and it feels natural already.

PPS. Everyone should get the Mossie 😁


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8 hours ago, BluBear said:

although I haven't checked if any aids were on, must do that.

Just checked, take off assistance was indeed on. However, I turned it off and took off again no problem; didn't even seem to make a difference!
Either years of DCS Spitfire have paid off preparing me for hair-raising take offs, or the Mosquito is a lot tamer than expected.


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