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Battle of the Bulge - Panzer IV or V


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The Panzer Lehr (the unit we are representing) had a mixture of Panzer IV and V's.

In order to reflect this I am going to assign everyone a tank, otherwise I can see us all in Panthers!

I am going to do this by taking a dice and rolling it for each player.

If it lands on 1,2 or 3 you will be given a Panzer IV

If it lands on 4,5 or 6 you will be given a Panzer V

This is for the start of the series.

If you really do not like your given tank you can change at the first activated spawn point but I would hope you do stick with your issued ride.

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Here are the assignments

Tank #   Player     Type

1. APHill - Panzer V

2. Sweeper - Panzer V

3. Sid - Panzer V (Multi Crew with Painless and Parts)

4. Friar - Panzer IV (Multi Crew with FT and Perfesser)

5. Flack - Panzer IV

6. FT - Panzer IV (Multi Crew with Friar and Perfesser)

7. Artie - Panzer V

9. Painless - Panzer V (Multi Crew with Sid and Parts)

10. Wingflyer - Panzer IV

11. Perfesser - Panzer IV (Multi Crew with Friar and FT)

12. Squawk - Panzer IV

13. Parts - Panzer V (Multi Crew with Sid and Painless)

Tanks 8,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 are all free at the time of writing.

If all of the above play this will give us 8 tanks for the event.

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So it seems we can have a new ID system. Numbers and letters in black or white as well as yellow and red. 

Rather than think what number is what player how about just using our names? For example I could be PRF

Can you guess who are the players below?











Squad leaders use red or yellow instead of white/black.


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Don't tell Sid that his weeks of hard work doing the skins have come to nothing.....

I dont think the numbers are an issue a simple list by the side of your screen as a reference works and the numbers look more realistic, but a nice idea going forward

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Yep, you will be fine with the new numbering system so no skins required.

Just need to select stock white skin and add your number it is very easy.

I am just about to test being able to pre load these as well.

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