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Battle Of The Bulge - Start Date Saturday 24th April

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Save the Date!

After much work and excellent contributions from @Perfesser and @Sweper I am pleased to announce that I will be running the first mission in my "Battle Of The Bulge" series on Saturday 24th April.

It would be great if we could get as many of the regular "Tankies" on parade as possible.

Now, start time?. Usually I would have said that I would have started the mission around 20:15 to 20:30 uk time but as we have just put our clocks forward I appreciate that this may be causing folks who do not live in the centre of the universe (also known as the UK) some issues?

Could you please give me some indication below as to what start time would suit you, I will then do my best to find the best solution.

Battle Of The Bulge

Operation Wacht am Rhein
You are part of a section within "Panzer Lehr". This was formed from several elite training and demonstration units. The training and demonstration units were some of the most experienced and highly trained troops in the Panzerwaffe, with almost all having seen combat in the East, North Africa, Scilly or Italy.
Panzer Lehr is made up of Panzer IV and Panther tank units.
Wacht am Rhein opened on 16 December 1944, and Panzer Lehr moved out from the start positions in the centre of the German line. It's objectives were to push West as far as it could capturing the towns of Viaden, Dasberg, Wiltz and the lynch pin in the operation, the transport hub of Bastogne, thus contributing to the main objective of pushing right through to the bridges over the River Meuse and on to the port of Antwerp, thus severing the Allied supply lines. 

The attack has been planned with the utmost secrecy, with the details of the advance only released to the units on the front line at the very last minute.

Mission 1
Your unit will arrive at the front line under cover of darkness on the night of the 15th December, having been transported via road trailers to what you believe to be a front line reinforcement camp.
Mission 2
Takes place during the next day in camp, on the 15th, it is here that you are briefed that you are not here as reinforcements but as a spearhead to take the fight back to the Allied forces. You are to familiarize yourself with the layout of the camp and to locate the starting position in readiness for the advance in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Because of the secrecy about the mission only limited information on routes through the difficult terrain is available and you may find yourself picking a route through dense forest and traversing steep incline and descents. Supplies of ammunition, fuel and food will be important the further West you advance.
Mission 3
The Attack begins. In the early hours of Saturday 16th December your unit will assemble waiting for the signal to advance.

What events and missions come next, only time will tell...

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Muti-Crew for this event.

If you are wanting to take part in this event as part of a multi-crew please could you let me know your crew please, or put yourself forward as a willing crew member and we can then make some crews up. There are up to 3 positions available for each tank, driver, gunner and commander. 

If you want to fight on your own, no problem.

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Myself and FT are going to crew and Perf has agreed to start out as out Commander (we will see how long it takes for him to run screaming to the hills saying "never again with those two"!)

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