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Crew positions and related actions and views...also default keys

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Maybe some of you will find these useful...

I have attached a Word document sheet and a downloadable jpeg each for Allied and Axis that shows, by type, the actions and default key mappings for each crew position. I found it really useful to go through the positions and try the mappings available to see what occurred. I found some interesting stuff eg.

How to get the Su122 gunsight working Topic here

KV1 commander operates the rearward firing machine gun from within the turret

Lots of visor views

The Sherman visors are height and horizontally adjustable so they fit your field of vision

Some of the views from the gunner’s visor positions in some of the tanks would in real-life be from the loader’s position. This position isn’t modelled hence the view from the opposite side of the main gun when cycling through the gunner’s visor views

Russian gunsights have extra zoom....German don't

If you have a look and find something on them that may not be right or have found something else please let me know 🙂 Download as jpegs here




Allied TC positions and associated actions etc.jpg

Axis TC positions and associated actions etc.jpg

Tank Crew positions, actions, views and keys - Axis.docx Tank Crew positions, actions, views and keys - Allied.docx

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Bit more of an explanation - 'Arc view'.

On the Su tank destroyers it appears that the sight view available for the commander enables him to direct fire within the gun's arc of fire up to 56 degrees in any direction. Could be used for direct fire ie. against visible targets or indirect fire ie. as an artillery piece.

In game the reticule is movable using the visor adjust controls. In co operation with the driver and gunner the commander can place the reticule over the target and adjust the fall of shot accordingly. Brilliant.

This game is really Tank Crew....the more I look into it the more I can see the work put it into it to make it accurate and workable with a human crew...

Su commander sight.jpg

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