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Battle of The Bulge Tank Event - Are you wanting to / thinking of taking part?

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Apologies for posting this in the general GBS forum but I wanted to catch all of the Dogz that may not read the Tank Crew threads.

I am now starting to think about building the mechanics and guts of the "Battle of The Bulge" missions and although the first mission is still a good number of weeks away, I wanted to get an idea of the numbers that may / could consider wanting to take part.

Outside of the people listed below (who I am already including) who have been regular "Saturday Tankies", do YOU think you may want to take part? The missions will run on a Saturday evening UK time (start time approx 20:00 - 20:30hrs) and should run for a couple of hours. I am not sure for how many weeks yet but would think it will be at least 4 or 5.

Even if you do not have Tank Crew, if I know you are wanting to take part and are willing to commit to leaning the controls BEFORE the actual event, (come and join us on a regular Saturday night, we will be glad to help you get set up, or message one of the guys below in your time zone, I am sure they would help) I am more than happy to plan in the free German Panzer Mk III-L for you to use.

I am certainly hoping to do this tremendous moment in history justice so should be (fingers crossed) an event not to be missed (ok, I am biased, I am building it!)

If you want more information or have questions to ask, check out the BOTB thread in the Tank Crew section.

At the moment these are the regulars (this is not saying I EXPECT them to take part, but odds are they will be there);

APHill, Sweeper, Sid, Friar, FunFlack, FT, Artie, Painless, Perfessor, Parts

So if you think you are interested please post below and state if you will be wanting a free tank or have / are going to buy TANK CREW (you should by the way, it is a huge amount of fun)




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I have to say that with all of the snow covered tree slopes plus foggy blizzard weather it will be very immersive chaps. 👍🏻🤗

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Question: I do have Tank Crew, but can I still use the 'Free Tank' option you mentioned for this event? And if so, do I get a temporary refund? Or some compensation at least?

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