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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Tuesday 2nd February 2021 21:00 BST

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ok so after our Co-op session last night, i decided to look at a few DF servers, can anyone recommend some good ones?

the issue I had was I couldnt find any at all with any sort of icons. so as a VR player I was at a serious disadvantage, and basically had my ass handed to me pretty much exclusively, I spent half my time flying round trying to identify anything I came across.
and anyone who does VR will know, that trying to track a target that is camoflaged by snow, or forests etc... is extremely difficult on VR due to the resolution.

I had hoped to find at least 1 decent WW2 and one decent WW1. while the servers I tried were good, I do seriously need those icons.

Just wondered if anyone knew of any so I dont need to spend half an evening jumping in and out of servers. of course it also doesnt help that you cant actually add any servers as favourites, at least no that I know of.

thanks in advance.

Also, apologies my flying totally sucked ass last night. just couldnt get into the groove.


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The two most popular are tactical air war and finnishpilots but both have no speedbar and no icons but good missions. I started on the finnishpilots but had to give up as I just cant spot dots without icons. The most popular with icons is DEDs official this has icons , speedbar and engine management assist and while ok does develop into air-quake mass furballs very quickly.

I havnt found any popular ones with our settings which is a pity.

Remember you have to switch off mods and any graphic editors to play on most servers

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yes I turned off my mods, and I saw loads of servers listed.

truth is my eyesight and the limits of VR really dont make it viable for me to fly with no icons. on DD games I just have a simple dot, I dont need the HUD or speed bar, or any other info, just a dot is good enough to keep track of my target and make spotting a little easier.
Ive run this game with no VR on the res my comp can handle and the difference in resolution etc is extreme.

so i can see how a Track-IR player will boss that kind of scenario any day of the week.

The main issue I fin on VR is other planes at a certain distance appear as a black dot, and the shape shifts as well, so to identify anything you need to be about 300 metres away, and thats no good for gaining an advantageous position as you just advertise yourself by getting too close.

I dont mind mass Furballs, I actually quite enjoy them, I actually perform better in mass battles than 1 on 1.  im better at picking targets I can beat rather than manouvering to gain an advantage and to outsmart my opponent.

I use DF servers mainly to hone my combat skills, rather than get immersion out of a mission.
I have the 1p campaigns and Dogz nights for that.

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Hell, I can never ID a plane until I'm ready to shoot and check the crosses or roundels on the wings.  Turn off the icons and you will improve quickly. Your brain gets lazy with icons on all the time.

Try Unprofessionals server or Tuttavola (?)Both have AI.   Finnish will show where the action is by the icons on the map, almost always near ground targets. Watch the AAA or A to A gunfire to pick out the enemy.

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Finnish pilots is great, if only they had historical plane choices though, and not P-38s on Kuban.

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