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Advance And Secure PvP gamemode


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This thread on IL2 forums. Page 1 has a couple missions, page 2 tips for adding tanks into missions. The server is a great one to join for some action(or grab the mission to use with Dogz icons).   Capture the next flag along a line and your spawn points move up all the while fending off waves of enemy tanks while an air battle rages (sometimes being bombed by them).



New combined arms PvP gamemode: Advance And Secure


following a concept that was popular in the arma series, I developed a PvP mission where you need to progress along a line by taking flags.
The Tanks role is to advance and take the flags. If a team takes the last flag of the line, it wins.
The planes role is:
- CAS: destroy the ennemy tanks or defense lines
- Level bombing: destroy the ennemy factory to stop heavy tank reinforcements
- Cover the bombers


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