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Hello All


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Hi gentlemen,

Hope this is the right place for a small 'get in touch' from Belgium.
I've be in milsim for some time, mainly offline, but surely no experienced or even a good pilot.
I am looking for some company for online simming on a not too formal level. Been reading through the forum for some days and it encouraged me to reach out
and explore if there's a possibility to get to know each others.

I am doing some things on DCS, IL2 , not too picky on which A/C and not too fixed on one era (i.e., like to fly from Spitfire to F-86 to F-16 to...)
which also makes that I am not proficient at any given plane....
As an example, I just learn to handle the Spitfire, my level of competence in taxy-ing, take off is of the drunken duck type, and landing is, well same duck shot twice...

Currently trying out some DCS free trials, not sure what you guys would recommend if flying with you would be an option.

looking forward hearing from you and happy holidays, Marc

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Hey Marc! Most of us fly IL-2 Great Battles co-ops on some evenings and also mornings twice a week. We also do a P-38 campaign about once every 10 days. Right now a few of us fly DCS casually about twice a week in the evenings (this is all Europe time, more US-based members fly at other times). This is all done on our servers and is mostly relaxed casual play, with plenty of members ready to help out and give advice.

Fenrir and FT built us a nice DCS server with lots of air and ground targets, and a dedicated WW2 area of the map. What you want to fly in DCS is entirely up to you, we've been mostly doing F14/16/18 lately but also jump into warbirds every so often, and I know I'll be happy to jump into any other module any time to break it up a little. I suggest you get a DCS module that most fits what you're after. Mirage is probably the best entry-level full-fidelity jet as it's simple, fast and fun, but there's nothing wrong with starting in the deep end if you so desire.


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3 hours ago, Racal said:

As an example, I just learn to handle the Spitfire, my level of competence in taxy-ing, take off is of the drunken duck type, and landing is, well same duck shot twice...

Hi Marc, just from this comment I know you’ll fit in with us. Welcome to the DangerDogz, nice to have you here and merry Christmas 👍

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Howdy Marc!

I'm of a different opinion from a lot of the guys here in that I think DCS is best suited for jets.  My go-to is the F-14, though I love the F-86 as well just for bopping around.  Currently hammering tankers with the M2000, which is a nice jet, but... not really my thing.  Never did get the hang of air refueling/formation flying/anything more than flailing around, especially when precision is what's needed (refueling).

As for what's recommended, I'd say it's 'whatever suits you.  It's your money you're spending after all.

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Hi All,

many thanks to you all for the warm welcome and suggestions!

@ Painless: Yes, I have currently CoD, BoM and BoBP, happy to fly/learn both GBS and DCS, didn't find the BDSM 'sub'forum yet though...🤔

@ Rox, thanks for the suggestion, I'll wait to get more server access details to give it a go.

I did fly the Metal2mesh M2000 (tacpacked) in P3D, flies really nice indeed, but I found the avionics a bit confusing, partly because of the French labels, partly because it was too 'different' from US planes I guess..
DCS modules I have are F-16, F-86, A-10C, Spitfire, Nevada-map, Normandy+WWII assets
Also considering F-18 (and carrier), as I have spent many pleasant hours on the F-18E Superbug (tacpack) in P3D (VRsimulations)

I did find and read the P-38 campaign thread on the forum, really impressive!, but above my competence level at the moment... 🙂

@ Kira, 🙂 A/A refueling is my nightmare in any plane...spent hours in Falcon BMS behind, below and above many tankers without getting a drop of fuel...(sorry to say mostly ending the exercise by shooting the tanker on my last pound of fuel...) ..so much to learn 🙂




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Hi Racal,

Welcome aboard! You'll find that the conversations here range from informal to completely informal, so you should be right at home. Our regular nights are;

Sundays - GBS
Mondays - DCS
Tuesdays - GBS
Thursdays - DCS
Saturdays - GBS (Tanks)

We normally start around 20:00 (UK time) and if you're wanting to join in with our GBS P-38 campaign you'll need to be online and ready to go by 20:50 as we have a hard cut-off for those missions.

I'll send you a PM with our Teamspeak server details. We can talk through getting you set up when you're able to join in.



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Hey Marc, access to the BDSM forum requires a minimum of two verifiable  “shock horror scoop” stories featuring either you or a “version” of you being printed in one of our fine tabloid rags between 2010 and now. Doesn’t have to be front page but no less than a 200 word column is needed. Something to aspire to ?

Still want to be a Dog ? 😂🤣😂😳

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Hi Racal, welcome to the pound!

I'm the resident DCS acolyte round these parts, having been waving the flag for the sim since the A-10C first arrived. I have long been trying to lure the Dogz into DCS's dark and tortuous systems through it's seductive graphics and sense of realism. I have managed to ensnare a few unfortunate souls en route but more victims enthusiasts are most welcome.

I have a reasonable knowledge of most (though not all, I hasten to add) of the modules available so am happy to help with any you choose; or I can at least point you to another DD or some online content that may be more knowledgeable or applicable to the module of your choosing.

As to where to start? This is always a difficult question. Each module has it's plus points and limitations. For example: the F-14 Tomcat is an awesome machine for A2A and in some regard for bombing but is not so friendly to neophyte jet users with edge of the envelope handling that can be tricky and the lack of a HUD that some jet users rely on to provide feedback. Then the Spitfire; it is a fabulous dogfighter but a pain to get in the air or back on the ground until you've got a lot of practice in. On top of this it is the slowest of the late-WW2 era aircraft so careless use of the stick can leave you stuck grinding holes in the sky as your enemies Boom and Zoom around you. The A-10C is an incredible payload carrying death machine to ground forces, yet it's slow and requires a lot of practice and learning to employ the many systems - just getting an AGM-65 Maverick off the rail can require a 10-step process if you're using other sensors to find targets. The F/A-18C is an amazing all rounder but with slightly under-powered and slow spooling engines can be tricky to carrier land and as the pilot you're always worrying about fuel as it' s at something of a premium in the Hornet.

In short, all of the modules have a capacity to frustrate or provide a significant hurdle that requires some measure of stoicism or sheer bloody mindedness to overcome. However, the sense of reward is commensurately edifying when you do finally nail it.

Because of this it is best to choose an airframe you already have some emotional investment in - something you have admired since child-hood, or have been seduced by the appearance or mystique of before you even discovered DCS, as this will tend to drive your motivation to overcome the challenges inherent to your chosen module.

Choose a module that calls to you.

I can't recommend a single module, because all of them are incredible on some level!


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Hi Fenrir,

many thanks for the elaborate list of suggestions. I'll drop by and see where I fit in with what's in the hangar...

You nailed the "emotional investment" point 🙂  That would be the F-16, (me coming from Falcon 4.0 -> Falcon BMS -> DCS) for modern age jet and Spitfire for warbird sexy-ness...

Given this week is somewhat special with new years eve and family things, I'll probably connect next week,

again thanks and best regards, Marc

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  • 1 year later...
as a reaction to your mail asking for more pikots/commitment...I have to admit I am sorry.... 😉 
At a certain point in time (duh, 29/12/2020) , I was on the verge of joining you all but than things at work went south and I didn't have time nor energy to keep on flying.
However, at this moment I have more time again to pick up online flying. (mostly p3d, some dcs). 
I would like to join your IL2 flight movements, but I'm not sure where to start..... as IL2 is somewhat undiscovered territory for me.
What would I need? Clifs of Dover? BoS?
Are there addons/mods required/available? (I see some awesome pictures of IL and IL1946, which are way better than I can achieve....)
Please keep in mind I have to learn a lot to get into IL2 (and MP flying) , so what would be minimal skill requirements to join, without being too much of a burden for your team (e.g., crashing, crashing into yous, shooting the wrong planes,......) 
kind regards from Belgium, Marc/Racal
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Salute Racal and thank you for responding to my email.

One of the major ethos of the Dogz is that we realize that life v1.0 very often gets in the way of our hobby.

We fly Great Battles now and DCS.

We fly with mods enabled but the only one we "request" you use is one we have for icons, but we can explain more.

Our flying schedule is as follows (UK times)

Sunday and Tuesdays IL2 GBS from about 19:45 onwards. We start with a dog fight map kill or be killed, then move to co-ops around 20:30

Monday and Thursday DCS from about 20:00

Saturday we have Tank Crew nights.

There are lots of people that will be willing to help on any number of subjects.

We use TeamSpeak for our comms. If you are still interested we can ping you the details.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by again.


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Hi DD_Friar, 


thanks for the info.

What Great battles maps/versions are you flying, I have Moscow and Bodenplatte, so probably you'll be flying the other ones 🙂 

best, Racal

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We fly them all, so start filling your shoppin' cart!  Well, truth is you do not need to.

Whilst hosting, the hoster needs to keep an eye on what a/c types you do have, so there will at least be a seat for you to take.

It is a challenge, but it can be done: Friar is a star in making things like that happen!

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🙂 sounds good! This afternoon managed to get my setup up and running again, need some (! 🙄) days to get to hang of everything again and then I'll jump into the deep water...


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Think I have to open it tomorrow, the pinky switch on the left is very wobly, as in "damaged by a fall"...

Anyway, using the saitek throttle quadrant, so we're good for the moment. Now exploring p-38 to get minimum flying experience (p-38 not being a tail dragger... 😉 )

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