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Combined Arms Event Run By Another Group Against AI - Interested?

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Please see the post below I found over on the IL2 Forums;

Okay.....skeptics, I challenge you to join us this coming Sunday 2:00 PM EST,  for one of our closed server combined arms missions.  Set in mid July 1941, for ground combat we will go up against all AI Soviet resistance, and I can assure you, you will have immersion and the fastest 3 hours you've experienced in a long time.  For air combat, SCG_TeRReF will head up a para drop mission to capture a Soviet air base and hold it.  In addition, our air assets will assist with our panzers moving forward to their objectives.  Stiff resistance, artillery strikes, AT in the woods and gullies, and plenty of enemy formations determined to stop our offensive.  Can't forget those damn IL-2's and that threat from above... We have room for both panzers and pilots.  Just PM me for more information if you are interested.    

14:00 EST is 19:00 UK time.

I have PM'ed the organiser to say that I am interested, asking how many slots are available and that and may have some pilots and tankers from the Dogz interested and waiting to hear back from him.

Its tomorrow so a bit short notice but is anyone else interested in having a go?




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Our Sunday Combined Arms mission is coming up this Sunday with a continuation of the above map...with the exception our last mission fell short of relieving the encircled 1st Parachute Division at the Kuniya Airbase.  We did manage a supply drop so they could hold out a little longer and our panzers have made it closer having captured Pershkovo and Begunovo, but fell short and have regrouped within Assembly Areas 1 and 2 marked below.  Fuel, Ammunition and those nasty panzer maintenance chores were required anyways.   This week we have a goal of relieving the 1st, capturing the Village of Kuniya and moving west towards our final objectives.  


The goal is pvp in the skies above, with the VVS numbers around the 9 or so numbers...so we need some OKL flyers to help protect our ground units from those darn IL-2's.  Anyone interested in joining us for an approximate 3 hour mission on Sunday at 1:45 PM EST..with a server start of 2:00PM can PM me, or join our website and contact me through those channels.

FYI- Their start time is 19:00 UTC, 2 hrs earlier than the normal P38 campaign launch.  I could do this .... anyone else?


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