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Dog Fight / "Tank Fest" Scenario - Final Briefing - Everything You Need To Know (I think) - PLEASE READ!

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When: This Sunday, 22nd November 2020.

Where: DangerDogz Dog Fight Server.

What Time: The event will start at approximately 20:00 UK time

For How Long: The server will be set for a maximum of 2 hours however the event itself has a built in timer for 90 minutes. The game will announce when there is 30 minutes remaining of the 90 minutes. A decision can be made at this point to extend if required.

Scenario: Capture The Flag. By driving a tank to within 75 meters of the flag it will change to your sides colours (German for Axis, Russian for Allies). You do not have to leave a tank by the flag pole to retain ownership. The game will announce ownership of the flag so that everyone is aware of the current state. The side in control of the flag at then end of the mission (designed for 90 minutes but could be extended if we are all having fun and sooner if not!) will win the day.

Is there AI?: There are no moving AI either on the ground or in the air. There are a number of static AI light armour units dotted around the town however that will attack you and can be attacked from the air.

AAA: There is aggressive AAA at the airfields but none over the town. This will enable the planes to concentrate on the ground targets, providing they have air superiority of course!  

Map: Rhineland and the town of Veghel (1315 np 7/8, 4/5). All other towns have had their buildings and infrastructure removed.

Weather: Medium clouds at 1200 meters, no wind.

Allied Airfields: Ground start, on runway with engines running at Volkel (1316 np8) approximate flight time to town 2 minutes. Air start at 1416 np6.

Allied Tank Spawn: 1315 bottom left corner of np8 (North East corner Veghel).

Axis Airfields: Ground start, on runway with engines running at Heesh (1215 np5) approximate flight time to town 2 minutes. Air start at 1214 np7.

Axis Tank Spawn: 1315 mid bottom of np7 (North West corner of Veghel)

Equipment: Allies: Planes: Yak 1-69, Sturmovik43 Tanks: T34-76stz(free), T34-76uvz(Tank Crew Only), M42a Sherman (Tank Crew Only)

Equipment Axis: Planes: BF109-F2, BF-110E2 Tanks: Panzer III L (free), Panzer III M (Tank Crew Only), Panzer IV G (Tank Crew Only)

Note: Planes have a limited loadout of a maximum of 250kg bombs. No limitations for what the tanks can take.

Are Plane Numbers Limited:  No. Players are requested not to "throw away" their units. Please make an effort to get back to your airfield. There is a Repair/Rearm/Refuel station if you want to use it but if you would rather re-spawn after landing, that is allowed. Having started on the ground at the start, from your second mission onwards you may air start if you wish.

Are Tank Numbers Limited: No. If you get killed, re spawn. If you run out of ammo, you are as good as dead so you may re-spawn. I know this is different from the planes but I did think about adding a repair/rearm/refuel point for the tanks but for this scenario we will go with re-spawning. 

Important Note: Players may change from tank to plane or plane to tank as often as they wish. You are not locked into one or the other.

Server Settings: The event will be run with no icons and no external views (excluding open hatch views in the tanks). There has been a number of discussions about this and it is felt that these settings will give the event the right level of challenge for both pilots and tank drivers. There have been some concerns raised about these settings but I want to re-assure everyone that the area of conflict is quite small. Flight times are short (you can even see each others airfields from take off). The runways are pointing at the town. The flight time from one side of the town to the other is about a minute. There are only 4 plane types, each with its own look so easy to pick out. Granted, the ground units may have to watch out from above! There are also number of Allied and Axis light armour units dotted around the town.

TeamSpeak: We will be using separate channels for Allied and Axis. I will set a whisper up to both channels so can communicate if required. I will not be able to listen in to the Allied channel.

Event Start:  The dogfight map will be loaded up at approximately 20:00 uk time. The map itself has a mission start time of 08:25. Players will have 5 minutes to spawn in before the game will announce "Let Battle Commence Go Go Go" at 08:30 at which point planes may take off and tanks may move into the town. Planes should wait on the runway (NO AIRSTARTS at the start please) for this announcement. Tanks may start their engines and may re-position slightly to enable everyone to spawn in if required but not move off until the announcement.

Fair Play Rules: Planes should not go over to the enemy airfields. I have tried to protect them with aggressive flak, but please do not go there. Your battle is over the town protecting your bombers and assisting your ground units. Tanks should also not attempt to visit the enemy spawn point. I am going to say at this point that planes can attack the tank spawn point as I do not think it will be that easy with the aircraft available. It will not be like strafing a plane on the ground at an airfield. If during the event this proves to be a "Spoiler" I will make a call. Lets leave it at that for now. Remember the aim of this event is to have fun!

The Teams Allied: Sid, Painless, Crash, Jabo, Wingflyer, Fenrir, Arthur,Perfesser, Zukker, Funflack

The Teams Axis: Friar, FT, (Pooka), (Delta), BlueBear, APHill, Fruitbat,Ovy, Artie,Swepper, Tbone

Players in brackets are possible no shows so we have 10 v 9

If I have missed you off please let me know, if you have not registered for this, it is not too late, also give me a shout.

I hope that everyone has fun at this event. It is the first time we have done anything like it so please approach it with an open mind. 

We will learn from it and hopefully take the good and the bad forward into other Dogz events.



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Myself and FT ran a technical test last night and was good.

One thing to note that with no icons you will not get an icon of where you are in the town so I suggest you have a compass to hand!

Please also see a "lighter" town map you might want to print. Probably no go for navigation but may help orientate your self and what headings you need.TownMap.JPG

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That was great fun Colin!!  Very well done.:salute:

'Fraid I arrived late and couldn't get my mike to work so my call sign was "Who's that in the Sherman?" but managed to join the action, navigate to the bridge, shoot someone in a Panzer IV who was lying in ambush, get destroyed by Artie (didn't we all), drive round the flag, get destroyed by Artie again and actually knock bits off a Bf110.


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Thanks Col, that was a great deal of fun! The ground/air coordination added a challenging element and I think the capture the flag objective worked just right. 

You evidently put a lot of effort into this and it paid off, kudos to you sir. I look forward to the next one. 

I just wish I'd recorded the moment I flew under the bridge in a 110 as a Sherman crossed overhead. 😄

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