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Exciting New Dogfight Scenario Coming Soon!

Plane / Tank Scenario  

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  1. 1. Please let me know your thoughts below (vote for all that apply)

    • I have Tank Crew
    • I would probably like to take a tank (free or paid for)
    • I think this could be a fun evening
    • I don't think this would work
    • I would defiantly like to take part

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Having just started playing with the 2 free tanks that come with GBS (liked them so much I have now purchased Tank Crew) and with a bit more free time on hands at the moment, I got to thinking.......

I am considering working on a Special Dogfight Scenario (run on a single night) where players will be able to pick a tank or fly a plane (as usual) and take sides Axis or Allies (and possibly split off to separate TeamSpeak rooms).

Being a Dogfight you could if you wanted change from tank to plane or plane to tank if you are killed.

There will be a scenario, for example capture a town (still thinking about this).

Will your side get air superiority? Can you support your tanks? Can your tanks stop the advice of the enemy?

For this to work we would need a good turn out.

Please  let me know if you think this has some validity/ chance of working?






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Capture... a bridge?

- The bridge gots loads of guns. Artillery + AAA. Tanks? Why not?

- Attackers need to take out them guns. 

- Defenders must stop them... and maybe ... try and bomb their own bridge ... depending on success of attackers  :)


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We've done "tank nights" a few times - some observations.

Spawn points need to be close to each other -10 min driving is little fun when you get killed right away.

Spawn points need to be out of direct sight of the enemy- protected either by buildings or over a ridge

I suspect you will want to limit aircraft participation ... at least till you can spawn in your own mobile AAA gun


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OK - Thanks to Vanders Mission Generator (which I have now learnt to modify) - WE ARE ON! (if people sign up of course!)

I have a dogfight map with 3 objectives for each side to win the map.

There are AI fighter patrols and bombing missions against the objectives for both sides.

The map is Velikieluki (which everyone will have) and is not too big.

Its  October, 1942 (ish......)

Both sides have tank spawn points as well as primary and secondary airfields.

I have included the free tanks plus a couple from each side for those that have Tank Crew.

The plane sets give a good spread of popular flyable fighter and bombers for both sides (no P38!)


This may fall flat on its face but I feel it is a throw back to the good old days of the Dogz and worth having a go at again.


@Perf - "Check" on points 2 and 3 :)

All we need now is sign ups.... this needs quite a few on both sides to make it work I think. Message your buddies, round up the stragglers.... 

I would like to fly / fight for the Allies (10)

Sid, Painless, Crash, Jabo, Wingflyer, Fenrir, Arthur,Perfesser, Zukker, Funflack

I would like to fly / fight for the Axis (11)

Friar, FT, Pooka, Delta, BlueBear, APHill, Fruitbat,Ovy, Artie,Swepper, Tbone

If you are unable to edit this post just make a new post in this thread with your choice and I will update.

Note: In the attached images ignore the padlocked items, its just that I do not own them.

Russian Air Planes.JPG

German Tanks.JPG

German Air Planes.JPG

Russian Tanks.JPG

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Just read this on the Tank Crew forum

On 10/15/2020 at 4:35 AM, [KG]Destaex said:

If you love single player, probably. See what happens when infantry arrive. Unless its like star citizen that should be soon.


As for air cover being great. I actually think that constantly having aircraft over your head specifically looking to kill a very limited number of tanks and even more limited flak is a mite unrealistic. I doubt much air ground cooperation even went on in ww2? I mean did the troops talk regularly with the aircraft as they were overhead?

Not on the German side per se, but having preplanned objectives with air cap over the land battle is a no brainer for either side.  Targets of opportunity, such as artillery, AT, enemy tanks and other vehicles.  For our combined arms missions we allow a Luftwaffe Liaison Officer to communicate with Luftwaffe Leader within the battle.  What would be unrealistic is to allow free roaming aircraft to pick off ground vehicles with no consequences, so aircraft, and in particular extremely well modeled aircraft that GB offers being overhead is such an exciting addition to the combat.  Every pilot that participates in our combined arms comments about how immersive it is to have the ground war raging under them and being a part of it.


In our missions there is an extreme amount of artillery.....which aircraft can help take out, in addition to those pesky AT positions...woodlines and farms, mainly....That is, they can try to take out as they are fighting off enemy fighters at the same time...or looking over their shoulders for the enemy.  We usually don't have enough pilots for our missions is the only drawback.


As a side note it's just wrong to think the Germans had this perfect air and ground blitzkrieg harmony ongoing throughout the war.  On all sides there were a lot of friendly fire kills, and the Luftwaffe was no different and they didn't cooperate well between the branches.


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