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New player looking for help and a group to play with

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hi guys my name is brian guardia im 30 years old and i was looking to get some fly time in il2 great battles. im new to the game and i was hoping some of you guys could show me the ropes and help me on this new journey im going to have playing this great game. i would really appreciate some help from someone and i look forward to hearing from some of you guys soon.

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Hi Stella!

Very nice to make your acquaintance. Rest assured that someone will be along in the near future to help you along; it's just bad luck that you join us on one of our big event days! We'll be in touch shortly to square you away a bit more thoroughly.

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Hi and welcome, as the guys have said we fly predominantly Tuesday and Sunday 1900 to 2000  GMT  start for BoX but there are others in USA hosting  in their time zone.

Most of us have all the addons and mostly fly bodenplatte missions. You should have dual engine controls mapped to allow you to fly some missions.

For X-45

I have mode 1 for engine management

                           mode 2 flying 

                           mode 3 bombing 

I have made a spreadsheet here you can copy if you wish, some keystrokes are diferent from game default so you will have to ensure x-45 and game match

If you want some info to study then I collected all my notes here you can pick through at your leasure 

If you want help on specific items then best time to meet online  would be before tuesday and sunday sessions as that is when majority are available but some of the USA guys may be avaiilable at other times, just post on forum and see if someone can help.


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