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For some reason I keep having to reset my password to log in to DD'z forum

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So it always states your password is incorrect when trying to logon, and the only way to get in is to request a password reset?

Had a look at your account, all looks good - but maybe I do not know where to look  :)


Could be there's some weird keyboard/language setting issue?

Where you think you enter a password,  but either during that reset or during normal login the keyboard does something different than you think it does? Special characters like ^ and o that at one time it does ^o and the next time it does ô ?

I can only think of one tip: Type your new password in notepad, select it, copy/paste it in the password reset box, save the notepad file, and during next login, if it still does not accept the password, open Notepad and that file, copy/paste the password in? 


One other suggestion: PM me your password, so I can try  :)  

but that'd basically be only useful for me if you use the same password for like paypal and stuff... so...


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It's a weird issue because my log on will eventually run out too, after some time logged in I get automatically logged out and I'm back to having to reset my password. Keyboard and language settings have never been changed AFAIK.

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I may have fixed it, never stayed logged on for this long before so something has changed.

I think it might have been something to do with the google chrome stored passwords function, I noticed I had one for this site so deleted it.

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Sorry Craig, missed the PM for some reason.

I did check and there is nothing awry with your account.

Have you tried logging on in a private mode session in Chrome?
That would rule out any funky stored data at your end.

If that does the same I can try setting a password for you and PM you the password.

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