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DDZ DCS Server now hosting SRS!

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Evening all!

"What is SRS and why should we care?!" I hear you cry.

SRS stands for Simple Radio Standalone. It was originally developed as a plug-in for TeamSpeak but now runs completely separate - hence the name.

Imagine TeamSpeak tied directly to the virtual radio systems in your DCS aircraft. You select a specific channel, on a specific radio and you will only be able to communicate with others on that specific frequency. Change the channel in you virtual cockpit and you change who you can communicate with. Clever, eh? 

Add to this moves towards making comms sound more realistic, and the ability to simulate various real-world limitations such as line-of-sight only function for certain types, degradation of signal strength over distance, and you can see it's an impressive and immersive little package.

Why should you care? Well, for our run-of-the-mill nights it'd be overkill, sure, however as we get a bit more cosy in our various a/c I'd like to move towards some slightly more realistic co-op style missions, with multiple mission types occurring at once - in these cases having everyone on a single comms channel could well prove a bit overwhelming and the ability to at a key juncture be able to filter out some irrelevant chatter about a dogfight 80 miles away could save your ass when your wingman's SAM launch warning isn't squashed by some loud bugger yelling about the bandit he just splashed!

Add to this the increasing number of interesting dynamic-theatre based servers other than our own that are out there that almost all use SRS, having it installed and being familiar with how to use it will allow us as a group to descend en-masse into a server other than our own for some away action, or for you yourself to investigate and participate a little more fully on these servers if you fancy moonlighting on your own if no other Dog is around.

By no means is this mandatory, and will not replace our Teamspeak comms but I recommend you at least check it out.



If you get far enough to set-up your own favourites list, our SRS is running on:

I would recommend getting familiar with the in virtual cockpit mic switch button bindings for your particular rides, and have a spare key/button binding to make TeamSpeak Push-to-Talk activated, else it kinda negates the point! ;)


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I found this today and is well worth a look when setting SRS up.I have added a few extra bits since setting it up last night.



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Will be getting this downloaded hopefully tomorrow..."realistic" comms can really add to the immersion factor. Plus I can put my mike inside my filter mask, get me some realistic looking hose cover to put over my oxygen tubing and be one step closer to the "Danger Zone" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!

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