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When I'm in cockpit there is a marked blue-ish cast to everything like the glass was tinted.  The view outside the plane is normal, if spectacular is a definition of normal.

Darker I could understand or greenish as that would be a color one might expect as a sunshade or anti glare tint added to the glass in the time period.

Is this intrinsic to the game?  Can it be changed either through some setting or mod?

I can live with it, it's not like it's really distracting but if it can be modified I'd like that.

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No blue tint here so I don't think it is generic to the game, but then again I have been tweaking and seeking on mine for so long and am on my second different monitor, so I am probably not a good resource. Someone will pipe up with more I'm sure!

BTW, good to "meet" you.

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Thanks for the reply Gypsy.

I have been flying tons of Quick Missions to hone my skills (at least that's what I tell myself) and to refine my key mapping, head views and control sensitivities. Being as I'm so new to the game and am finally getting an in-depth look at how it looks, perhaps it's just the gunmetal blue of the cockpit surfaces and the subdued light.  I almost always go for Average clouds or worse.  Makes the war seem a bit more gloomy as I'm sure it felt to many of the participants.  Plus I like the raindrops when I get into the clouds.

So maybe it's just me.

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