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What files and folders do you need to backup the game?

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I'm fixing to try it in Windows 10, and I want to carry over my settings etc. from Win 7 

For the life of me I can't seem to make the right search criteria over on their site to get the answer. 

If I'm going to look dumb for asking I'd rather keep it in the family 😉


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Hi Todd,

Pen and paper job first;

Make a note of your graphics settings,  camera speed settings, custom settings and settings on the launcher box - prefer web distribution, etc. 

Then go into the game files themselves which - if you downloaded normally - will be found at something like;


In the data file you will find a folder marked 'input'. This has all your control settings and should be a copy/paste job to save in a safe place. Once you've re-downloaded the game simply copy/paste back again.

If you've downloaded any skins look in the data folder and find the graphics folder and skins will be in there. Save in the same way.

When you come to re-download the game itself it will offer you Battle of Moscow.  I don't know why but thats the one you want.

Good luck. S!



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Thanks Arthur, I figured the Input bit out,  And was about to gin in a sharpen a pencil last night but got tired, and was hoping for a copy paste before bed. 

The game keeps crashing on my Win 7 install, since I'm duel boot, I figured I try and it in Windows 10. I know my Mobo doesn't fully support anything older than Win 10, but all my other stuff works fine. 

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