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Ex-pat(ish) working in the U.K. ?

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I'm on a forum on facebook for Airframe and Powerplant mechanics.  A&P is a U.S. certification/license (not sure which) allowing one to work on the mechanics of aircraft, at least in the U.S., and apparently also accepted by a lot of U.S. companies overseas.  There's a guy who has his A&P, and 7 years experience, just moved to Germany, and is having difficulty with making things work in Germany.  There's mention elsewhere about problems with EASA (the European version of the U.S. FAA?) and another guy, assumedly also from the U.S. who was working in Switzerland, but ended up getting out of that country. 

There's mention of people having all kinds of trouble being allowed to work in the U.K. (as in 'they're not allowed, at all to work in the U.K.), particularly with the A&P rather than EASA certification/licensure.  Also stated was that U.S. companies like Delta and American DO accept A&P, rather than EASA.

Any thoughts?

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Nice to know.  Unfortunately, I've lost track of the specific post/person.  Oh well.



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