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Upgrading - The fool's way

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So, as my I5-2500K / 12GB combo, bought in 2011 is getting old, I decided it's upgrade time!

But then, I quickly got tired of all the options to choose from, and simply looked at what would fit my case,  and Power supply. Which will remain. As will my 970GTX.

And, I ran across a kit! Motherboard, CPU (I7-8700K) and memory DDR4-3200 16GB, and a big CPU cooler too. The stuff should arrive tomorrow... 

As it's a kit, it should all fit together nicely :)


Then I remembered a site where you can enter your Pc's components, and thus determine it's bottleneck (theoretically) : http://thebottlenecker.com

Had used it before on my current system, and I had forgotten the result, as I was not looking to upgrade at time: 12% bottleneck on the 970GTX. (Anything over 10% is considered to be a bottleneck)

So, now with the new stuff: 29% bottleneck on the 970GTX. lol. The suggest I get me a 1080ti. Brilliant!

Oh well, I hope I can get it to run quickly and nicely, and will be able to transfer my W10 license :)

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Got a link to that kit FT?

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So, it kinda is all running good. Managed to get the water cooler set over from the old board to the new one. Nice! But, now I got a screaming big cooler lying around ... 

Sure, the two game controllers have swapped position ... oh well. As I reinstalled W10 from scratch, a lot of things need re-assigning. No worries there.

Regularly, some tick-tock-clicking sounds come from the system, as if an old style HDD is going to go bad, and as I got two of 'm in there ...

Currently running with one of 'm disconnected. Weird thing though is that the contents of the disks are available  just fine while the clicking is happening. Already discovered it also clicks when my 2TB disk is disconnected, so it looks like that's not the one in trouble. 

Hm. It's all good. I think.

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Bottleneck or not all my IL2 games are maxing out during game play of 60 fps due to verticle sync.

I don't have DCS reinstalled yet, not sure wich way to go with it yet.

I hade 2.0 with Nevada and WW2 but there has been a new release and I haven't read up yet.


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