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Solo flight over at Atag#1 ... lol

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So, as ATAG server #1 was having a test session after a fix for lag, I decided to jump in there. On my own. Not on TS.

Spawned in at Wilmington, headed out west, as the enemy had already invaded the Isle of Wight.

First followed a Hurribomber that had taken off in front of me, quickly lost sight of it... A Beaufighter was seen... shortly.

Climbed ... then there were some white tracers zipping past my cockpit, and a dot disappearing behind me. Oh well. It did not really come back. At that time.

Got close to the NE tip of IoW, and the enemy flak started firing at me, I was at 19K ft-ish. So, I knew what would be next, and as I saw no other dots, nothing to attack, I headed back N, and E. Next, tracers again. Right hand flat turn, and something zipping past and up up up. 109, me thinks, so, diving a bit, trying to keep an eye out behind me, yes, there he comes... he got some hits on me. No damage.

I kept loosing alt, and kept turning and banking, hoping he would be a mature pilot, and would not follow me down - stoopid thinkin', as a mature/experienced 109 pilot would  have killed me already, or at least would have caused damage. So, more swoops at me and at one of his climbs out, I kinda followed him - has some good speed left out of a dive - he went over the top, it was a head on and I may have hit him ... Then there was another a/c, luckily a friendly one as it was shooting at it. So, the 109 made one more pass at me, some more hits, still no damage. Headed out east, at low level. Navigated all the way back to Wilmington, did a circuit, did a nice landing, and at the roll out to the hangers the AA started firing. Oh dear.

More white tracers zipping past, next a big explosion on the field, well that 109 just went in to the ground!

I survived this all somehow, without any damage to my a/c. Kind of a miracle, lucky me did not encounter any good enemy pilots  :)

The no-white-plane-map-no-externals brought me back to the SOW missions, cool. We really should venture over there as a group!

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Sold! I'm in arjen. Mainly seems to be breather fighter action there but happy to wing up and take the fight to the wily Hun!

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