A new patch is live and should be getting to your installation folder.
The patch addresses the following:
1.- Server lag.
This is the fix that has been running on the ATAG server for a week now.

2.- Driving wheel crashes.
This was identified as a bug on the microsoft side when trying to apply joystick axes force feedback to the wheels. As a workaround this issue, the device is being identified now by any of the following two things:
a.- If the USB device informs windows that it is a "driving" device.
b.- If the device description text contains "wheel" (this is a safety measure in case the device is not properly reported as a "driving device".
If any of those two are true, the device will be skipped when selecting a FF device. Note that there might be wheels out there that do not match any of the two conditions which would make the test fail and the issue to happen.