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might be worth a look

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This will be for registered Squadrons only no single players. All squadrons will have to contact TWC in order to register.

Sounds like fun

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4 hours ago, Perfesser said:

So were there any plans for the Dogz to register for this?

May I register the squad?

I think there would be no problem with you doing that. :)

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So we're registered, you'll need a password and mum is the word on that one.

It can be pretty intense and always unpredictable. I didn't survive my first number of sorties, flying alone and set upon by 4 enemies at a time.  I was doing OK with the Spit, staying above the 109's till I took AAA damage.   Don't fly here alone.

Another day there were 4 of us and we never saw a fighter - known as the Somme Turkey Shoot. 

Another thing. I've been helping a newer pilot with some basics of combat and since we're in this squad server I've asked him to put on the DangerDogz tags, sort of a field promotion as it were.

Should I ask him how he feels about sheep??....  DD_Jorge_S if you see him.

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