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So, them nasty 109G-10 Cockpit hoods!

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Did me some testing, regarding the 109's that fly around without their cockpit hoods. I've seen them open the hood at take off, so that's where they fall off.

It's a bug in the 'Taxi To Take Off' code, combined with the extra opening hoods we get with Expert Mode.

Built a rather simple mission on the Ardennes map. 4 109's take off, player in #4 plane. Mission file itself is also attached.

Here's what I did, mission loaded in FMB, and choosing File, Play to launch it.

1. 4.12.2m, (no Mods, so History Off, Expert Off:)
Taxi to Take Off works fine, no opening hoods all the way.

2. History Mod:
Same as 1.

3. History Mod and Expert:
a. Player on Autopilot opens the hood during Taxi to Take Off.
b. AI do a flip Open Hood/Close hood, the moment they arrive at the Take Off point

4. History Mod, Expert and Lancaster: 
Same as 1. and 2.

5. History and Lancaster:
Same as 1, 2 and 4.
(Same results when adding a Home Base and running it as a dogfight map...)

When running it in 4.13.1m, using A6M5 instead of 109-G10, AI open the hood during Taxi To Take Off.
Now as this is not the real issue we've seen (No hoods on flying 109's), it ís related, as I have watched 109's open their hood later than the Take Off point, namely when at a speed where an open hood will depart from the airframe.

Still, concluding, the error is in the combination of 4.12's Taxi To Take Off and Expert mode.

And somehow, the Lancaster mod fixes that, as in AI do no longer try and open their hood.

All very weird.

Next, we still have smokin' 109's for some, and F6F flying around with their wings folded.:rolleyes:

So, from now on, I will host with Expert Mode OFF, and with difficulty 'Bomb Fuzes' set to Off, as Alpha did some testing on the bomb-drop-no-explosion issue for IL2's and PE-2's (and who knows what other aircraft) and with the old fuzes, the issue did not occur. Aint that cool?

What a mess... what a pile of sheep... 


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Switches back to the old pre 4.12 (4.11?) bomb fuses, where we have limited choices in fuses.

I can't remember really whether it will hurt us, but if we have less surprises on the bomb runs where either bombs do not go off at all, or immediately, I'd be inclined to think it's a positive change... :)  

I.o.w.: Lesser fuses, lesser fussessss ...


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Just to add something here.


After extensive testing under HSFX expert mode with new bomb fusing.


Russian bomb arming is different from GB/USA/JPN/etc


Fusing and delay are critical to arming the bombs especially at low level.


Tested all RU bombs and most have an arming delay so they need altitude to arm correctly.


Low level the cassette is recommended as it kills everything including tanks.


I recommend you personally test the configurations under HSFX 703 expert or HSFX 703 and see your results

with arming and delay settings.


With realistic bombing unchecked bombs revert to old system where they are still armed via delay.


Sorry if it sounds confusing but you need to test for yourselves and see the results.

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