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Graphics Card Dead

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Hi all

Tonight my 2gig 560ti phantom blew after @ 5 years great service

I'm looking for a sub £200 card

I've been building office systems for too long so have not been paying attention to the gaming side of things.

I have a good idea on what I thinks a good bang for buck type thingy, just wanted some input on any

one else's opinions.

So far tonight had a quick look at the GTX 960's 4gb not Palit or other cheap branding though :)

Also welcome second hand or free to tide me over :)


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Don't think you can get a 960 for under £200 unless you go for Palit or similar - the ones I've seen are only 1 or 2GB too. What have you found?

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I use Novatech theres a few 960's there plus i get 10% discount with them as a business user.






It gets worse now........


PSU ..... my old faithful Enermax didnt like a 9800gtx I had lying around  that I forgot I had,

theres a good reason it was lying around, I must remember to throw away old cpu ram and gpu's !!


I just blew the Enermax trying it out :(

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